Beautiful beaches can be found all around the United States of America, but when we think of American beaches, our minds tend to inevitably drift towards the coastal states and cities. Places like Myrtle Beach in South Carolina, Miami Beach in Florida, or Malibu Beach in California stand out as some of the nation's finest shoreline spots. There are also the famously charming and traditional beaches of New England or the paradisiacal postcard sands of Hawaii. It’s easy to forget that many of America’s inland states also benefit from their own beautiful beaches too. They might not look out on the Pacific Ocean or Gulf of Mexico, but beaches can be found in the most unlikely of places.

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Kentucky, for example, is one state that is rarely associated with beaches. The reality, however, is very different. There are plenty of gorgeous beaches for Kentucky residents and visitors to enjoy without even needing to leave the state. The Bluegrass State is home to a lot of vast lakes, many of which have their own gorgeous beaches for people of all ages to enjoy. Another great advantage of Kentucky lakes is that they offer a lot of variety. Whether you're looking to swim, sunbathe, play games, watch the sunset, fish, hike, cycle, camp, or more, you'll find what you're looking for in the beaches of Kentucky.

Best Beaches in Kentucky

It’s easy to wrongly assume that people in landlocked states can’t enjoy the same beach fun as those in coastal locations, but many inland areas have their own unique stretches of sand and water to enjoy, and Kentucky is a prime example. There are plenty of super beach spots to spend a sunny day in the Bluegrass State, and this guide will tell you all about them. Read on to learn all about Kentucky’s best beaches.

Cherokee State Park

Kentucky Lake is the site of many of Kentucky's best beaches. One of the state's top recreation areas, Kentucky Lake is ideally suited for all kinds of activities, including hiking, cycling, and fishing, and is a wonderful place for people to get away from the cities and feel at one with nature. Cherokee State Park, over in Aurora, is a great place to enjoy the lake. There are various sandy expanses to be found around the park and you can enjoy some gorgeous views of the surrounding scenery here, as well as having more than enough space for picnics and beach games.

Barren River Lake

Kentucky has a lot of large lakes that stand out as some of the state's finest recreational areas, and Barren River Lake is one of the best. Situated in the southern part of Kentucky, this lake provides the perfect conditions for a myriad of fun activities. On a warm day, the waters here are just right for swimming and splashing around with the kids. Barren River Lake is also a great fishing spot and if you'd like to spend a full weekend or longer here, various camping facilities can be found right nearby, along with private cabins available to rent.

Carr Creek State Park

If you're looking for a good beach in east Kentucky, Carr Creek State Park is the one for you. Covering several hundred acres of land, this state park is built around a huge lake with several soft sandy areas for people of all ages to enjoy. Some excellent swimming can be enjoyed at this Kentucky beach, making it a nice spot for families and friends to hang out together, and the lake is home to many different species of prize fish too, so it's a fine spot to do some fishing.

Buckhorn State Park

Also in the eastern side of Kentucky, Buckhorn State Park is another of the state's best beach locations. Buckhorn Lake is a real natural wonder and a must-visit location for any kind of outdoor or nature enthusiast. The beach here is even equipped with some nice, clean amenities like restrooms and changing rooms. Buckhorn State Park is one of the best beaches in Kentucky for couples, offering a really romantic atmosphere at any time of day, especially in the evenings when you can sit on the sand and watch the sun go down.

The Moors Resort and Marina

Since Kentucky Lake is the biggest artificial lake in terms of surface area on the eastern side of the Mississippi River, it's no surprise to see it popping up again in our list. The Moors Resort, over in Gilbertsville, is another excellent Kentucky beach spot from which to admire the beauty of this lake and the surrounding landscapes. Lots of scenic trails can be enjoyed nearby, and the beaches here provide soft sands and lots of sunshine all through the summer, with some good swimming spots too. This is one of the best family-friendly beaches in Kentucky.

Pennyrile State Park

Located near the town of Dawson Springs, Pennyrile State Park is another beautiful beach area in the Bluegrass State. There's a lot of nice scenery here and it's an excellent place for people of all ages to gather together and have fun of all kinds. Whether you're looking to stay active with activities like hiking and swimming or simply enjoy the peace and quiet, Pennyrile State Park is a great Kentucky beach to visit. It's also a nice camping spot and there are several pretty cabins available to rent in the area.