One of the most wonderful things about traveling across the United States of America is seeing how much things can change from one state to the next. There are plenty of similarities between many states, but each one has its own culture and personality, and nowhere is this better represented than in the restaurants, bars, and cafes of each state.

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Food is something every state loves to boast about, with each one having its own specialities and delicacies. From the salmon of Alaska to the BBQs of Texas, the Latin American flavors of Florida and the fried chicken of Kentucky, the states of America all play home to many different culinary delights for both residents and visitors to enjoy.

Going on food tours of different states can be a wonderful way to enjoy all of those great flavors and really experience the rich culinary traditions of your chosen location. Indiana is a prime example. Perhaps most commonly associated with the classic Sugar Cream Pie, the Hoosier State is a is a super place for foodies of all ages, with some great burgers, BBQ, farm-to-table meals, fish, desserts, and much more to be found here.

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2.Indiana Culinary Trails - Food Tours of Indiana

Indiana Culinary Trails - Food Tours of Indiana
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The Indiana Culinary Trails provided by the Indiana Foodways Alliance are a wonderful way to experience your own personal food tours of the state. The Indiana Foodways Alliance has carefully drawn up 19 different culinary trails for Indiana natives and food-loving visitors to try out. Each one has its own theme, ranging from classics like BBQ and Italian food to drink-specific options and more. Here are some great examples of the best culinary trails to take all around Indiana:

- Hoosier Pie Trail - The Sugar Cream Pie is generally the number one food people tend to associate with the state of Indiana, but the truth is that many delicious pies of all kinds can be found throughout the state. Hoosiers adore pies of all shapes and sizes, from timeless classics like apple pie or chocolate pie to more unique varieties like coconut pie. This tour includes 25 different stops at key pie locations all around the state including Mrs Wick's Pies in Winchester and Lisa's Pie Shop in Atlanta.

- A Cut Above - Those looking for some fine dining and gourmet meals in Indiana should check out the 'A Cut Above' trail. This trail focuses exclusively on deluxe restaurants and fine dining locations all around the Hoosier State, with a lot of emphasis on places that serve up sumptuous steaks, French-inspired dishes, lobster tail, and more. Ideal for romantic date nights and elegant meals for special occasions, this trail includes over 30 stops in total, with examples including the LaSalle Grill in South Bend and the Kopper Kettle Inn in Morristown.

- Wine, Wine Anytime - Most people associate wine production in the United States with areas like California, but believe it or not, Indiana was actually the home of the first ever wine-making facility in the entire country. The wine-growing scene in Indiana died down a little in the prohibition era, but is rising back up again now, and you can call at some of Indiana's best vineyards and wineries on the Wine, Wine Anytime trail. It includes 17 unique stops like the Blue Heron Winery in Cannelton and the Patoka Lake Winery in Birdseye.

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3.More Tours

More Tours
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- Soup, Salad, & Sandwich - Soups, salads, and sandwiches are those classic 'light bites' that make up a big part of daily American cuisine. Despite their simplicity, we couldn't live without these staples, and a well made sandwich or salad can be just as good as a fancy steak or European-style meal at a gourmet restaurant. The Soup, Salad, & Sandwich trail takes you around over 60 different stops all over the state for some of Indian's best casual restaurants and family eateries. Examples include Legends of Notre Dame in Notre Dame and Muldoon's in Carmel.

- Farm to Table - There's a big 'farm to table' movement going on at the moment, with more and more people interested in eating freshly grown, organic ingredients and well-raised meats right from the farm, without any nasty additives or interference between the farm and your dinner plate. The 'Farm to Table' trail for Indiana takes you around some of the best farms of the state, many of which allow you to pick your own fruits and veggies, as well as enjoying home-baked goods like pies and ciders. A lot of these farms also have their own restaurants, serving up delicious dishes with fresh ingredients. Examples include Fair Oaks Farm in Fair Oaks and The Farmhouse in Metamora.

The Indiana Culinary Trails really let you experience the many tastes and flavors of the great state of Indiana, which each trail having been neatly mapped out and featuring some of the best restaurants in Indiana, as well as cafes, orchards, dessert shops, and more.

All of the trails can be found via the Indiana Foodways Alliance, with each one featuring a full list of stops to check out. Most of the trails contain over 20 stops, with some even featuring more than 60, so you’ll have a lot of places to check out along the way.

They’re all delicious and exciting, perfect for food lovers of all ages, so if you’re looking for food tours of Indiana or just want to stop off at some of Indiana’s best restaurants and diners, these trails can become your go-to source. website

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Exciting Vacations for Food Lovers with Indiana Culinary Trails

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