Texas is not the first place that comes to mind when you think of Medieval-style castles, but there are scores of these impressive buildings in Dallas, Sulphur Springs, Decatur, Center, and other cities and towns.

Texas castles are not reminiscent of the monoliths in Spain, Wales, or Bavaria; instead they have their own unique architecture and historic flair. Castles cropped up in Texas during the Victorian era since it was popular at the time to hold court in castle-like buildings.

1. Bishop's Palace

Bishop's Palace
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The Bishop's Palace, also known as the Gresham House, is a National Historic Landmark in Galveston, Texas. The mansion was built in 1887 for Colonel Joseph Gresham and his wife Josephine. Colonel Gresham was a prominent entrepreneur in the rail transport industry and a member of the Texas Legislature.

Designed in the Chateauesque style, the Gresham House contains distinctive features like Sienna marble columns, fourteen-foot-tall ceilings, a mahogany stairwell with stained glass inlays, and a stunning wood fireplace. Visitors can take a guided or a self-guided tour of the Gresham House at any time of the year. "Basement to attic" tours are also offered once a month so that guests can get a glimpse at parts of the house that are typically off-limits.

1402 Broadway Street, Galveston, TX 7750, Phone: 409-762-2475

2. Old Red Museum Castle, Texas

Old Red Museum Castle, Texas
© Old Red Museum Castle

The Old Red Museum Castle is the former site of the Old Red Courthouse, a government building that was originally constructed in 1892. The ornate building has undergone many rounds of renovations in subsequent years, but it maintains its classic charm. One of the building's most iconic features is its 90-foot-tall clock tower.

The brightly lit tower is one of the most unique sights along the Dallas skyline. Old Red also features more than 100 stained glass windows and a grand staircase that has been completely restored. The Old Red Museum contains an array of exhibits that are centered on Dallas' history and culture. New exhibits are added to the museum throughout the year to keep its collection fresh and exciting.

100 South Houston Street, Dallas, TX 75202, Phone: 214-745-1100

3. Maverick Carter House

Maverick Carter House
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The Maverick-Carter House is known for being one of the few 19th century buildings left in San Antonio. Alfred Giles, the same architect who drafted up plans for the Schreiner Mansion in Kerrville, designed the building.

The Maverick Carter House was built for real estate investor William H. Maverick. The Carter Family received the home in 1914 and continues to occupy it to this day. The stately castle stands out amid the office buildings and churches that are situated on the same street in downtown Antonio. Occasionally the Carter family uses the home for special events and parties.

119 Taylor Street, San Antonio, TX

4. Falkenstein Castle, Texas

Falkenstein Castle, Texas
© Falkenstein Castle

Texas businessman and developer Terry Young built Falkenstein Castle. He and his wife Kim visited Germany's world-famous Neuschwanstein Castle in the fall of 1995. During a guided tour, they learned all about the design plans for Neuschwanstein as well as the people involved in its construction. As they completed their tour, the couple passed through a gallery where they noticed several sketches of castles on the walls.

Curiously, the sketches did not resemble Neuschwanstein Castle in the slightest. They asked their tour guide about the plans, and she referred them to the Castle Director, who informed the Youngs that they were indeed correct: the plans were for another castle called Falkenstein. Falkenstein was built approximately 20 kilometers from Neuschwanstein. To make a long story short, the Youngs ended up obtaining the floor plans for Falkenstein and building their own version of it in Burnet, Texas. The castle sits on 114 acres in Texas' beautiful Hill Country.

7400 Park Road 4 South, Burnet, TX 78611, Phone: 830-201-4100

5. Newman's Castle, Texas

Newman's Castle, Texas
© Newman's Castle

Just a mere stone’s throw from Bellville’s city boundary is a veritable treasure trove of medieval treats and spectacular eats at Newman’s Castle. This stunning castle, which is undeniably one of Bellville’s premier tourist destinations, features a fully functional 3000-pound behemoth of a drawbridge, a portcullis, and an incredible moat that has been rumored to shelter a gator or two. Newman’s Castle also features five lovely corner turrets, a charming courtyard, a towering perimeter wall, and some of the best views you’ll find of Bellville’s surrounding landscape. The castle offers six tours a week, inclusive of a delectable lunch, which requires reservations to be made ahead of time. Don’t forget to stop by the bakery after your tour to pick up some treats to bring home with you.

504 E Main Street, Bellville, Texas 77418, Phone: 979-865-9804

6. The Castle at Rockwall

The Castle at Rockwall
© The Castle at Rockwall

Whether you’re on the hunt for the perfect fairy tale wedding venue or simply want to explore the grounds of a location straight out of a storybook, The Castle at Rockwall is an exceptional choice. This popular wedding venue has been the gateway to the dream wedding of countless brides with its glorious ten-acre grounds and magnificent castle. Exuding unparalleled royal sophistication, the castle is 8,000 square feet large with luxurious interiors and eye-catching architecture. It is home to six unique suites care of its in-house accommodation known as The Chambers. Each opulent suite is outfitted with comfortable queen-sized beds, a large sitting area, and top-of-the-line multi-head massage showers.

2071 Clem Road Ext, Rockwall, Texas 75087, Phone: 469-702-1222

7. Pemberton Castle

Pemberton Castle
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The upscale Pemberton Heights neighborhood in Austin, Texas was once a quiet farm owned by Attorney General John Woods Harris. Now known as one of America's most posh neighborhoods, Pemberton Heights boasts the Fisher-Gideon House, a castle built in 1926.

Situated at 1415 Wooldridge Drive, the castle used to be the sales office for the Pemberton Heights neighborhood. Now under private ownership, the castle is undergoing some renovations. In addition to its current owners, the Fisher-Gideon House has belonged to several famous Texans in the past. It's also rumored to be home to some famous ghosts.

8. Castles Near Me: Elisabet Ney Museum

Castles Near Me: Elisabet Ney Museum
© Elisabet Ney Museum

The Elisabet Ney Museum is housed in a cream-colored castle in Austin, Texas. The castle, known as Formosa, was purchased by sculptor Elisabet Ney in 1892 and converted into an art studio. At Formosa, Ney rendered sculptures of Texas' most famous men, including Stephen F. Austin and Sam Houston.

She also completed portraits of influential Europeans like Otto Van Bismarck and King Ludwig II of Bavaria. After Elisabet Ney passed away in 1907, her friends worked together to preserve her beautiful workspace. They turned the studio into a museum and founded the Texas Fine Arts Association in her memory. Modern visitors can take a tour of the museum, attend special events, and join workshops and lectures at Formosa throughout the year.

304 East 44th Street, Austin, TX 78751, Phone: 512-974-1625

9. Shelby County Courthouse Castle, Texas

Shelby County Courthouse Castle, Texas
© Shelby County Courthouse Castle

The Shelby County Courthouse was built in 1885. Known best for its 12 red brick towers, the courthouse is the only Irish-style castle in the United States. The building was assembled with more than 2 million bricks that Irish architect J.J.E. Gibson made with his own hands.

Builders added some modern comforts like porcelain toilets and an air conditioning system during renovations in 2000. Some of the Shelby County Courthouse's quirky features include fireplaces in the bathrooms, an escape hatch next to the judge's chair, and a door in the front hallway that can only be opened from the inside.

10. Castles in Texas: Cottonland Castle

Castles in Texas: Cottonland Castle
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Cottonland Castle is arguably one of the most storied castles in Texas. Originally built by a local stone contractor, John Tennant, in the early 1900s as his personal residence, the house later became the home to a cotton broker named Ripley Hanrick before it was abandoned in 1907. By 1913 it was purchased by businessman Afred Abeel as his home until it fell into disrepair. Now, the Cottonland Castle is under the ownership of Chip and Joanna Gaines, owners of Magnolia Farm in Waco, who promise to bring it back to its former glory. Even in its current state, the castle is glorious. This three-story castle has eight fireplaces, a tower, and fantastic interior accents brought in from all over the world. For example, the castle uses mahogany paneling from Honduras, Caen Stone from France, and Carrara Marble from Italy. At the end of the day, the Cottonland Castle is a silent but irreplaceable reminder of the prestige and prosperity that the cotton industry brought to Waco.

3300 Austine Avenue, Waco, Texas 76710

11. General Land Office Castle, Texas

General Land Office Castle, Texas
© General Land Office Castle

The General Land Office Castle was built in 1857. The Austin, Texas building is the oldest standing government office building in the city. It was also the first building to be created by a university-educated architect.

The stately castle sits on the southeast corner of the Texas State Capitol grounds. Although it is known as the General Land Office Castle, the building hasn't housed offices since 1917. Instead, it has been the site of several museums. Now it is the Capitol Visitor's Center. Scores of people pass through the Land Office Castle every day to learn about Texas' history, its role as a state, and the establishment of the state capitol.

112 East 11th Street, Austin, TX 78701, Phone: 512-305-8400

12. Brown County Museum Castle

Brown County Museum Castle
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The four-story Brown County Museum Castle was built in the early 1900s. It took around 18 months to finish, and originally it was a jail and the home of the Brown County Sheriff. At the time of its construction, there were no cars or modern building tools available to simplify the process.

Instead, the 18-by-18-inch sandstone slabs used to assemble the castle were chiseled out of the hillside by builders, heaved out of the earth by cables, pulleys, and wires, and then hauled to the construction site by mules. The building, now listed on the National Register of Historic Places, became a museum in the early 1980s. The museum gives visitors a close look at how the castle was built, its years of use as a jail, and its conversion into a tourist attraction. More ideas: beaches in Texas

212 N. Broadway, Brownwood, TX 76804, Phone: 325-641-1926

13. Austin County Jail Castle

Austin County Jail Castle
© Austin County Jail Castle

The Austin County Jail Castle is an elegant landmark in Bellevue, Texas. The red brick building is open for visitors on certain days.

Following an orientation with a museum volunteer, visitors learn about how the castle was built and what it was like to be an inmate at the old Austin County Jail. The museum is filled with fun and educational exhibits for guests of all ages. More day trips in Texas

36 South Bell Street, Bellville, TX 77418, Phone: 979-877-8814

14. Texas Castle Near Me Today: Capt. Charles Schreiner Mansion

Texas Castle Near Me Today: Capt. Charles Schreiner Mansion
© Capt. Charles Schreiner Mansion

Located in Kerrville, Texas, the Captain Charles Schreiner Mansion is on the list of Recorded Historic Texas Landmarks due to its stunning design and beautiful location. Captain Schreiner, a Texas Ranger and Confederate States Army Veteran, built the castle in 1879. Schreiner, a descendant of French nobles, commissioned the castle after making a fortune as a merchant and a rancher.

Although a local architect planned the castle, German and Italian design elements are displayed in the castle's columns and exterior. Schreiner imported his labor force from Europe to ensure the authenticity of these elements. The six-bedroom, two-story castle is now home to Schreiner University's Hill Country Museum. More ideas: TX caves

216 Earl Garrett, St. Kerrville, TX 78028

15. Castles in Texas: Parsons Castle

Castles in Texas: Parsons Castle
© Parsons Castle

There’s nothing simple or plain about Parsons Castle. Opened in 2018, this stand-out castle took over a decade to design, plan, and build. The result is a majestic and elegant venue that is popular and much loved for special occasions like weddings, corporate parties, and other unique events. Parsons Castle has five gorgeous stories, each with lovely balconies that not only serve as great photo locations but also as perches to take in the breathtaking views of Lake Whitney. Events are made memorable at the castle’s 3,000 square-foot ballroom, its several gazebos, the sprawling front lawn, and private pool. While you’re at it, why not snag some photos by the castle’s moat and draw bridge or enjoy its other amenities like a private hot tub. More ideas: day trips from San Antonio

395 County Road 1812, Clifton, Texas 76634, Phone: 254-640-6167

16. 290 Wine Castle

290 Wine Castle
© 290 Wine Castle

A glistening stone castle stands like a shining beacon to the west of Hye, and this castle is called the 290 Wine Castle. Overlooking the spectacular Hill Country as well as acre upon acre of peaceful vineyards, the castle is home to a delightful selection of wines made on premises by seasoned wine craftsmen from Europe. The result? An incredible secret cellar selection that people come from all over Texas, and the country, for. Visitors to the winery can book special wine tasting experiences, many of which are themed and have special food pairings to look forward to. While these kinds of events need to be booked in advance, that doesn’t mean that you can’t simply drop by to enjoy the grounds and sample 290 Wine Castle offerings like the 2019 Ambrosia, the 2018 Bischofsleite, or the 2017 Castillo Tinto. Be sure to try the castle’s delightful food offerings like their wood-fired, hand-tossed pizzas. More day trips from Austin

101 Durango, Johnson City, Texas 78636, Phone: 512-790-2654

17. Castles in Texas: Greystone Castle

Castles in Texas: Greystone Castle
© Greystone Castle

Feel the thrill of the hunt at the 6,000-acre ranch and castle known as Greystone Castle, a beloved bird and big game hunting destination in Texas. Home to some of the best hunting that the United States has to offer, the Greystone Castle offers more than just their hunting grounds for recreational shooting. The castle also offers sporting clays for people who prefer not to hunt, as well as long-range rifle, tactical, and pistol shooting instruction, while individuals who like to fish can try Greystone’s trophy bass fishing. Visitors coming with their families can capitalize on family activities like safari-style tours, gorgeous nature trails, cowboy cooking classes, ATV trail rides, mountain biking, and water sports. The best part? Greystone Castle is a short drive from the Dallas-Fort Worth metropolitan area. More ideas: lake in Texas

65756 Interstate 20, Mingus, Texas 76463, Phone: 254-672-5927

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