Food and drink festivals are becoming an increasingly popular part of modern culture. Offering up delicious samples of foods and drinks from some of the best creators and providers all over the globe, food and drink festivals let people indulge and enjoy divine sensory experiences with friends and family. Some of these festivals offer a broad range of food or drink styles, while others tend to focus exclusively on one particular style of food or drink.

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In May of 2019, in the beautiful city of Miami, a very special drink festival will be held: the Rum Renaissance Festival. Whether you're a long time rum lover or simply someone looking to learn more about this timeless alcoholic drink and taste some of the finest examples from all over the globe, the Rum Renaissance Festival is a must visit event, bringing all of the best rums from across the globe together under one roof, with tastings, seminars, and more helping to make the event a fully-featured experience you'll never forget.

Important Information and What to Expect at the Rum Renaissance Festival

The Rum Renaissance Festival for 2019 is being held in the city of Coral Gables, located in the Miami area in the great state of Florida. This will be the 11th Annual Miami Rum Festival, and it runs for a two day period from May 17 to May 18. May 17 is a trade-only day, but you can get access to it as a non-trade guest by investing in a VIP pass.

The festival is being held at the Coral Gables Woman's Club, with plenty of great hotels in the local area to accommodate you during your stay like the Hyatt Regency Coral Gables (305 441 1234), Hotel ChateauBleau (305 448 2634), Courtyard by Marriott Coral Gables (305 444 9934), and the Hotel Ponce de Leon (305 444 9934).

The Rum Renaissance Festival is a celebration of one of the world's most historically significant and beloved alcoholic drinks. It will bring together dozens of popular, highly rated rum brands from all over the world to offer tastings of their amazing products to every guest.

Some of the top rum brands you can expect to find at the Rum Renaissance Festival include Koloa Rum, Gubba Rum, Nicks and Bruce Gordian Knot Reserve Rum, Islamorada Distilling, Madi Rum, Trois Rivieres French Plantation Rum, Nine Leaves, Skotlander, and Starr Rum. Food will also be served at the Rum Festival, and seminars will be running to help you learn more about rum, with many talks being run by leading rum experts from Europe, the Caribbean, and the United States.

Buying Tickets for the Rum Renaissance Festival

Of course, if you want to attend the Rum Renaissance Festival, you'll need to buy a ticket, and there are a few different options to choose from, depending on how long you plan on staying at the event and what sort of experience you'd like to have. All tickets can be easily purchased online, or you can choose to call up 877 855 3378 to place a ticket order too.

The standard ticket for the Rum Renaissance Festival costs $50 and is sold under the name 'Saturday General Admission'. This is the cheapest ticket option for the Rum Renaissance Festival and is essentially a one day, general admission ticket. As the name suggests, the Saturday General Admission ticket only lets you enter the Rum Renaissance Festival on Saturday between the hours of 4pm and 10pm the Grand Tasting event.

This ticket lets you enjoy as many rum samples as you like, as well as the freedom to purchase and enjoy any food being sold at the festival too. The general admission ticket is cheap and simple, making it a good option for people who don't have too much free time to spend at the Rum Renaissance Festival, or those who are curious about the event but not too sure whether they need to visit for the whole two-day period or invest the extra cash in a VIP experience.

The VIP Experience at the Rum Renaissance Festival

As well as the general admission tickets for the Rum Renaissance Festival, you can also choose to pay a little extra and get the VIP treatment. The next step up from the Saturday General Admission ticket is the Saturday VIP Admission ticket. This one costs $75 and comes with some very important benefits. Again, as the name indicates, this ticket is only available for the Saturday of the Rum Renaissance Festival, but it lets you enter at the earlier-than-normal time of 2pm.

This means you'll be able to skip out on the crowds and jump the lines, enjoying a full two hours on the festival floor without any of the general admission ticket holders. You'll also be able to enjoy unlimited rum samples and food purchases, as well as the bonus benefit of being given your own custom made tasting glass to take home as a fun souvenir. And you can enjoy those same great benefits with the Two Day VIP Admission ticket, which costs $125.

The Two Day VIP Admission ticket is the same price as the Saturday General Admission and the Saturday VIP Admission tickets put together, but it still offers great value when you see all it includes. This ticket grants you full entry to the Rum Renaissance Festival for both Friday and Saturday, with early access offered on the Saturday. You'll get the custom glass as well, and this ticket is really the best option for true rum enthusiasts who want to make the most of this limited time rum festival while they can. website