This lovely small city is located in Palm Beach County, in southeast Florida just up the coast from Miami. Boynton Beach has ample wildlife waiting to be explored on foot or by boat, like Mangrove Nature Park or Boynton Inlet. In the city itself there are plenty of great shops and restaurants for visitors to enjoy.

1. Green Cay Nature Center and Wetlands

Green Cay Nature Center and Wetlands
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The Green Cay Nature Center and Wetlands is one of Boynton county’s newest nature centers. It overlooks approximately 100 acres of wetlands, and is home to ample educational opportunities for children and adults alike. The wetlands have a convenient 1.5 mile long elevated boardwalk feature that has interpretive signs along its course to help explain various animals and habitats to visitors. There is a gift shop, lecture hall, and even live animals on exhibit in the Green Cay Nature Center, and guests can always talk with an interpreter or park ranger if they have any questions. There are many great things to do in West Palm Beach.

12800 Hagen Ranch Rd, Boynton Beach, FL 33437, Phone: 561-966-7000

2. Arthur R. Marshall Loxahatchee National Wildlife Refuge

Arthur R. Marshall Loxahatchee National Wildlife Refuge
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The Arthur R. Marshall Loxahatchee National Wildlife Refuge first began with the Swampland Act of 1845, and subsequently, the 1907 Everglades Drainage Act, both of which spurred the need to protect local wildlife species. The refuge now consists of over 140,000 acres of protected lands, marshes, and swamps. Guests are invited to the refuge to watch and photograph animals at their leisure, and to hunt animals when the specific need arises. The Arthur R. Marshall Loxahatchee National Wildlife Refuge is the last remaining remnant of the Northern Everglades in Palm Beach County, and is supported heavily through visitor donations and entrance fees. Read about the best beaches in Miami.

10216 Lee Rd, Boynton Beach, FL 33472, Phone: 561-732-3684

3. Beaches Near Me: Oceanfront Park Beach

Beaches Near Me: Oceanfront Park Beach
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Oceanfront Park Beach is an ideal location to have a fun, wholesome family day. The beach is open 365 days a year, extreme weather conditions permitting, and operates from sunrise until 9pm at night. There are lifeguards on duty every operating day from 9am until 5pm, and all of the staff is certified as First Responders or EMTs. There are playgrounds, ample parking facilities, and designated areas for different types of fun. One section of the beach is reserved specifically for surfing and skimboards, while other parts of the beach are for sunbathing and sandplay. For the most up-to-date beach condition information contact the front office by telephone. More Florida beaches

6415 N. Ocean Boulevard, Ocean Ridge, FL 33435, Phone: 561-742-6565

4. Bedner's Farm Fresh Market

Bedner's Farm Fresh Market
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For travelers, and locals, seeking fresh farm produce that is locally grown, Bedner’s Farm Fresh Market is the ideal place to shop. Bedner’s focuses on sourcing food from safe and reliable farmers to guarantee their customers are always satisfied. When Arthur and Henrietta Bedner originally opened the store many years ago they knew that giving people a chance to eat fresh, local produce was not only good for business, but good for the community as a whole. The store has since been passed down through generations, and although the owners have changed, the principles have stayed the same. Find out where to go snorkeling in Florida on your getaway.

10066 Lee Rd, Boynton Beach, FL 33473, Phone: 561-733-5490

5. Boynton Inlet

Boynton Inlet
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Originally, the Lake Worth Lagoon was a freshwater lake that had no existing connection to the ocean. However, in 1866 the Lake Worth Inlet was cut, located near the north end of the lagoon, and over time the lagoon became increasingly brackish. As pollution increased with human use, a second channel had to be cut to help cycle the water in what is known today as the Boynton Inlet. In modern times the Boynton Inlet is used primarily as a place to bird watch, enjoy the calm waters, and have easy access for storing boats off the ocean. Guests are invited to visit the Boynton Inlet at their leisure. Browse our things to do in Florida guide for more ideas.

6. Schoolhouse Children's Museum and Learning Center

Schoolhouse Children's Museum and Learning Center
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The Schoolhouse Children’s Museum and Learning Center is a hands on, full experience museum for children of all ages. Children are encouraged to touch, play, and interact with everything in the museum to learn and experience new things. There is an admission charge for children over one year old, and ample parking helps make this an easy day trip for families with strollers. Adults who do not have children with them are not permitted to enter unless they are partaking in a guided tour to learn about the history and various exhibits located within the museum. Read about the best Florida weekend getaways for a relaxing vacation.

129 E. Ocean Avenue, Boynton Beach, FL 33435, Phone: 561-742-6780

7. Pet-N-Parties

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Pet-N-Parties, also known locally as Animal EDventure Park, is open to the public every Saturday and Sunday of the year, holidays excluded. In addition to the main location, Pet-N-Parties focuses on providing mobile petting zoos for events, birthday parties, and more. Pet-N-Parties works hard to rescue and adopt animals who are in trouble, and the majority of the animals they have for guests to pet are either rescued or adopted. Guests can interact with horses, camels, kangaroos, sheep, goats, donkeys, lemurs, anteaters, llamas, teacup pigs, ponies, zebras, and more. For more information on pricing, schedules, and animal petting opportunities contact Pet-N-Parties directly or visit them at Bedner’s Farm Fresh Market on the weekends. Browse our best places to visit in Florida guide for more ideas.

10066 Lee rd, Boynton Beach FL, 33435, 561-350-6948

8. Seacrest Scrub Natural Area

Seacrest Scrub Natural Area
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Bird watchers and wildlife enthusiasts will have a field day at Seacrest Scrub Natural Area, a 54 acre wilderness area surrounded by an urban jungle. Inside Seacrest Scrub Natural Area, visitors may be lucky enough to spot the gopher tortoise, which is a protected species and calls the natural area its habitat, or a green anole lizard with its distinctive red throat. There are two short walking trails within Seacrest Scrub Natural Area: the Gopher Tortoise Trail, which is short and paved, and the Sand Pine Trail, which is slightly longer and has sandy terrain. Check out these Gulf Coast beaches for an inexpensive relaxing day out.

3400 S Seacrest Blvd, Boynton Beach, FL 33435, Phone: 561-233-2400

9. Starfish Scuba

Starfish Scuba
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Scuba diving in Florida is a unique experience because of the Florida Reef, which is a living coral carrier reef—the only one of its kind in the continental US. The Florida Reef runs alongside the shoreline of the Florida coast, and is teeming with marine wildlife. With Starfish Scuba, guests can have an up close and personal look at some of the fish, plants, and other creatures that live beneath the water’s surface. Guests can also opt to go drift diving, in which they will follow the current of the ocean to see even more coral and fish, or wreck diving, where they can get an intimate look at some shipwrecks just offshore. Florida day trips offer a great way to explore nearby.

735 Casa Loma Blvd Slip #11, Boynton Beach, FL 33435, Phone: 561-212-2954

10. Taste History Culinary Tours

Taste History Culinary Tours
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Honestly, there’s no better way to get a sense of a place’s unique local culture than through their food. What nationalities influence the cuisine, and do residents sit down for restaurant meals or prefer to grab street food and eat on the go? With Taste History Culinary Tours, visitors will learn a lot about Boynton Beach and Florida culture based on the food. Tours are offered year round on the third and fourth Saturdays of every month, and the fee (free for kids ages 13 and under) includes all the food you’ll eat along the way. The tour lasts three to four hours and visits three or four family owned restaurants and eateries throughout the day, where guests will have the opportunity to eat and learn about each local establishment, and walk off all those calories on the way to the next stop.

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11. Paddle Away Sports

Paddle Away Sports
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Paddle Away Sports gives its customers the opportunity to make the most out of their trip to Florida by offering specialized adventures to locals and tourists alike. At Paddle Away Sports, guests can enjoy paddle boarding or kayaking on the water with family, friends, or solo, or go snorkeling to see the diverse variety of marine life that lives just beneath the surface of the waves. Guests can also have the opportunity to take a guided tour at sunset or under the moonlight for a unique experience full of amazing views, or visit one of the nearby islands like Peanut Island or Audubon Island, where they can not only paddle but snorkel as well. Another really unique offering from Paddle Away Sports is board yoga, a full body workout done while balancing on a floating board.

2010 N Federal Hwy, Boynton Beach, FL 33435, Phone: 561-541-6784

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12. Chris' Taverna

Chris' Taverna
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The balmy, warm climate in Florida can easily bring to mind that of Greece in the right seasons; the Greek islands and their mediterranean climate are beautiful and warm, just like Boynton Beach. At Chris’ Taverna, customers can get even more of that Mediterranean feel with some authentic greek food. The manu is comprised of many award winning items that come from family recipes like pastitsio, spanakopita, mousaka, and souvlaki. With several Greek wines on the menu to round out the experience, and some traditional Greek desserts like kourampiedes and baklava to really top off the meal, Chris’ Taverna will become a new favorite.

4774 N Congress Ave, Boynton Beach, FL 33426, Phone: 561-223-2868

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13. Mamma Mia

Mamma Mia

The distinctive brick arch in the center of the dining room, as well as the red clay roof tiles over the booths and service stations around the restaurants edges certainly lend a very recognizable Italian air to Mamma Mia, which has been serving delicious Italian food to the region since the 1980s. No matter what you try from the menu, you’ll love Mamma Mia’s homemade sauces, made of course with a secret recipe, and their award winning brick oven pizza. Everything from classic Italian dishes to more modern items is on the menu, and guests of all ages will find something to love.

3841 Woolbright Rd, Boynton Beach, FL 33436, Phone: 561-369-0670

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14. AGLIOLIO Italian Bistro & Bar

AGLIOLIO Italian Bistro & Bar
© AGLIOLIO Italian Bistro & Bar

AGLIOLIO Italian Bistro and Bar serves up outstanding Italian food to the Boynton Beach community. The name comes from the italian words for ‘garlic’ and ‘olive oil’, two integral ingredients to any Italian dish, and the restaurant takes its commitment to fine ingredients seriously, using fresh handmade pasta, farm fresh vegetables, and all natural meats in their dishes. The restaurant is open seven days a week for lunch and dinner, and also features a take out menu, a full bar with an excellent wine list, and outdoor seating. The comfortable ambience, hand crafted cocktails, and of course, delicious entree options come together to make for a lovely and tasty experience.

2258 N Congress Ave, Boynton Beach, FL 33426, Phone: 561-509-6486

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15. Prime Catch

Prime Catch
© Prime Catch

This seafood restaurant in Boynton Beach is aptly named, as it’s a great place to find some delicious fresh caught fish and enjoy a fine gourmet meal. Executive Chef John Bonk has crafted a lunch, dinner, dessert, and Sunday brunch menu that is designed to please, with spectacular options like crab crusted salmon, lobster tails, and glazed mahi. Diners can also enjoy a raw bar for their first course, featuring oysters, chilled lobster, shrimp, and clams. Prime Catch is also located in a prime location, on the waterfront with a lovely private patio overlooking the water. Their wine list is extensive, with options from California as well as imported European bottles, and their food menu features gluten free options.

700 E Woolbright Rd, Boynton Beach, FL 33435, Phone: 561-737-8822

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