Telluride is an amazing vacation destination in the heart of Colorado. It is settled amidst the San Juan mountain range, meaning visitors are privy to a stunning view in this ski town. A significant portion of Telluride is considered the Telluride Historic District and is on the list of National Register of Historic Places. A gondola connects Telluride with the nearby town of Mountain Village, and the ride is complimentary for visitors to enjoy the remarkable views. Here are the best things to do in Telluride, CO.

1. Telluride Ski Resort

Telluride Ski Resort
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Located within the picturesque Mountain Village, Telluride Ski Resort is one of Colorado’s premier attractions. The resort is open all year round and allows guests to get up close and personal with the San Juan Mountain Range, which is a part of the Rocky Mountains.

The location offers a dramatic view and over 2,000 acres of skiable space on the peaks and faces of the mountains. Guests will love exploring the old mining camp town and its old-world charm, taking part in the many winter activities available, or just relaxing and enjoying the view as they shop in the stylish boutiques or dine amidst the mountains.

565 Mountain Village Boulevard, Telluride, Colorado 81435, Phone: 970-728-7414

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2. Bear Creek Falls, Telluride, CO

Bear Creek Falls, Telluride, CO
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Beginning from the Skokomish River, Bear Creek Falls is located within the narrow Bear Creek Canyon surrounded by rugged cliffs. Donated to the citizen of Telluride, the trail starts on South Pine Street and has wide dirt tracks for bikers and horseback riders. It passes through beautiful Aspen forests and rolling meadows.

The waterfall itself is visible across a large open meadow, and the downpour over the rocky cliff is a sight that visitors come from far and wide to see. Break Creek Falls is over a thousand feet high with average annual temperatures of 19.2° C, and it has a warm climate, making it perfect for visitors to hike or have a picnic on the meadow. Browse our Weekend Getaways in Colorado guide for more ideas.

3. Mountain Village

Mountain Village
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Resting on a valley floor nearly 10,000 feet above sea level, Mountain Village is a neat European-style village that was founded in 1987 in the heart of Colorado. The charming 2,000 acres of rolling aspens and spruce covered mountainsides that lead into Uncompahgre National Forest provide the perfect location for Telluride ski resorts.

Attracting bikers and hikers in the summer, skiers in the winter, and nature-lovers all year long, Mountain Village’s exquisite beauty never fails to impress no matter the month. The gondola ride between Mountain Village and Telluride gives visitors a stunning view as well as a great way to travel between the two towns and Gondola Plaza, which is home to restaurants, bars, and boutique shops galore. (website link)

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4. Telluride Historical Museum

Telluride Historical Museum
© Telluride Historical Museum

Located with an 1896 miner’s hospital, the Telluride Historical Museum preserves the regional and geological history of Telluride. Visitors can browse through a vast collection of Ute Native American artifacts and learn of their history and heritage as well as the robust mining history that the town has, including the discovery of gold and silver and the arrival of the town’s railroad.

The museum takes visitors through the lifestyle of early settlers in the San Juan Mountain life. Museum-goers of all ages will enjoy the 3D rotating gallery display that brings the museum to life. There are tons of fun activities for kids such as becoming miners and digging for gems.

201 W. Gregory Ave., Telluride, CO 81435, Phone: 970-728-3344

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5. Jud Wiebe Trail, Telluride, CO

Jud Wiebe Trail, Telluride, CO
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Jud Wiebe Trail is situated in a valley amidst beautiful mountain scenery. This picturesque village is probably the best town hike in Colorado, giving visitors a panoramic view of Ajax Peak and Bear Creek. Near an old gold mining town from the late 1800s, Jud Wiebe Trail offers an amazing view of the canyon bedrocks as well.

Visitors are privy to an amazing sight as they walk through Aspen Forest no matter the season as the reds and greens of spring turn to gold and yellows in autumn. The trail goes on a three-mile loop and usually takes around two hours to complete.

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6. Telluride Mountain Village Gondola

Telluride Mountain Village Gondola
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Open from May to October and then again from November to April, the Telluride Mountain Village Gondola offers a one-of-a-kind way to experience the town and its stunning surroundings. For the past ten years, the town has been offering the service between Telluride and the nearby Mountain Village free of charge to residents, visitors, snowboarders, and skiers.

The gondola ride lasts nearly 13 minutes, during which visitors can enjoy a breathtaking bird’s eye view of the town and 365 degree views of the surrounding San Juan mountain range. The gondola ride starts and stops at Oak Street in Telluride, Gondola Plaza in Mountain Village, the Mountain Village town hall, and San Sophia Station, which has access to slopes and hiking trails. (website link)

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7. Things to Do in Telluride: San Miguel River Trail

Things to Do in Telluride: San Miguel River Trail
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The San Miguel River Trail follows the river through the length of the town of Telluride. Approximately 4 1/2 miles and ascending to a range of 170 feet, the trail is perfect for families with younger children, as it’s an easy climb. Visitors will love the views that they come across, especially that of a panoramic Box Canyon visible midway through the trail.

The San Miguel River Trail connects to Telluride’s Idarado Legacy Trail, where the town’s rich mining heritage is visible, and the Pandora Mill, a well preserved historic mining site. Visitors and their families can enjoy the trail all year long – even pets are allowed. Fishing and swimming are allowed in certain areas throughout the trail.

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8. Black Bear Pass, Telluride, CO

Black Bear Pass, Telluride, CO
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Black Bear Pass, a forest service road that starts up from the 11,000-foot summit of Red Mountain Pass on U.S highway 550, is a picturesque jeep trail. Visitors can get an amazingly scenic view throughout the entire drive, which includes an up close and personal look at many historical mines. Visitors driving through Black Bear Pass will also be able to feel the mist off Bridal Veil Falls at one point as they drive by. Due to safety reasons, the 9.2-mile stretch is only open from late summer to early fall (July to October).

Though the road is winding and a bit difficult to drive, it’s manageable during the months it is open. Visitors should be wary of Kermode bears, glacier bears, and of course, the black bears for which the road is named.

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9. The Telluride Brewing Co

The Telluride Brewing Co
© The Telluride Brewing Co.

One of the biggest microbreweries in the United States, the Telluride Brewing Company has won three gold medals and a bronze medal in the World Beer Cup since its establishment in 2011. Quickly progressing into a successful organization, the microbrewery grew from one artisanal brew to fourteen brews and ales.

They’re renowned for their remarkable and refreshing taste the whole world over, and the brewery is a main attraction for many people who visit Telluride. Visitors can explore the microbrewery, better understand its short history and its future goals, and of course, enjoy a rich, smooth beer accompanied with a wonderfully seasoned steak and other food pairings.

156 Def Society Drive, Telluride, Colorado, 81435, Phone: 970-728-5094

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10. Things to Do in Telluride, CO: Tasting Telluride Food Tour

Things to Do in Telluride, CO: Tasting Telluride Food Tour
© Tasting Telluride Food Tour

The Tasting Telluride Food Tour is a wonderful experience for anyone and everyone visiting Telluride, as it allows them to not only taste the different foods renowned in the town but also lets them meet the people behind it. The walking tour lasts around three hours and takes visitors on a culinary journey of Telluride’s dining and culture, and it has been ongoing since 1972.

The tour is only offered during the summer, when visitors can taste the different flavors in some of the greatest foods Colorado is known for, especially the barbecue! Lucky visitors who are there during festivals get a peek into some of the best food carts, while others can go on a picnic lunch that combines the delicious food with the amazing scenery.

Phone: 970-729-8118

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11. Alta Lakes

Alta Lakes
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Alta Lakes is a beautiful excursion from the town of Telluride with its stunning lakes, magical alpine setting, and plethora of activities. Visitors can hike through the Boomerang Trail, Prospect Trail, or Basin Trail to enter the historic mining town of Alta and visit the lakes.

Activities that are popular in the area include hiking, bicycling, camping, and horseback riding; there are tons of water activities as well such as fly fishing and canoeing. Visitors are invited to camp in the various designated spots, some of which are fitted with cooking grills and restrooms. Families will enjoy the memorable experience that a visit to Alta Lakes provides.

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12. Ah Haa School for the Arts - Day Classes

Ah Haa School for the Arts - Day Classes
© Ah Haa School for the Arts - Day Classes

The Ah Haa School for the Arts has been inspiring the community of Telluride with several programs since 1990s. They focus on promoting learning and culture, and visitors can take a one-time or a short series of classes that delve into the exploration, development, and celebration of creativity in various means – painting, sculpting, etc.

The classes are a means of therapy as well as inspiration to the people who take them and are available throughout the year for people of all ages and skill levels. The building in which the school is housed is grounds for a visit whether visitors take a class or not, as it used to be a turn-of-the-century train depot and is now listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

300 South Townsend St., Telluride, CO 81435, Phone: 970-728-3886

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13. Palm Theatre, Telluride, CO

Palm Theatre, Telluride, CO
© Palm Theatre

Opera. Dance. Plays. Concertos. The Michael D. Palm Theatre has been bringing major national touring companies to Telluride, Colorado for residents and visitors to enjoy for some time now. Due to the high costs of such a performance, this isn’t always an easy task, and the Palm Theatre aims to make it more available to the public in terms of availability and cost.

The theatre itself is the premiere art venue in Telluride, with over 650 seats in the 30,000 square foot facility. Telluride is home to many recurring annual events throughout the year, and many of them are hosted at Palm Theatre, including the much-awaited Telluride Film Festival, the Telluride Jazz Celebration, and the Telluride Chamber Music Festival.

721 West Colorado Avenue, Telluride, CO 81435, Phone: 970-369-5669, (website link)

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14. Telluride Ski School, Telluride, CO

Telluride Ski School, Telluride, CO
© Telluride Ski School

Located within the Telluride Ski Resort, the Telluride Ski School is the perfect option for anyone looking to improve their skills whether they are a beginner or an expert. Instructions start from basics such as getting your skis on to an in-depth lesson in heli-skiing.

Additionally, there is no better learning environment than the natural terrain found in Telluride, as there are easy, long slopes as well as intense, steep ones. Adult visitors can schedule a private lesson or join one of the adult groups and fast track their way onto the slopes. There’s also a dedicated children’s center for kids to learn in a safe environment with professional instructors while parents enjoy their day on the slopes.

565 Mountain Village Boulevard, Telluride, Colorado 81435, Phone: 970-728-7414

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15. Things to Do in Telluride: Town Park

Things to Do in Telluride: Town Park
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Located within San Miguel County, Telluride’s Town Park is a community gathering space within Box Canyon. The San Juan Mountain Range surround the park, and you will also find access to Bridal Veil Falls and many other sites in the area nearby. The onsite campground makes the perfect base for a variety of summer and winter activities and has an outdoor basketball court, two tennis courts, a sand volleyball court, three baseball/kickball fields, a soccer field, and a skate park, ramps and all, to enjoy in warm weather.

During the winter, visitors can enjoy ice skating, skiing, and ice hockey, among other activities. Ensuring that the entire family has a good time, Town Park also offers kid’s fishing pond, a playground, and an imagination station for younger ones to spend time at. Additional and facilities include a Frisbee park, golf course, barbecue pit, dog park, and picnic area.

500 E. Colorado Avenue, Telluride, Colorado 81435, Phone: 970-728-2173

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16. Ajax Peak, Telluride, CO

Ajax Peak, Telluride, CO
© Courtesy of spiritofamerica - Fotolia

Visitors who are looking to go hiking and gain a memorable experience while in Telluride need to head toward Ajax Peak. About two and a half miles away from the town of Telluride, Ajax Peak has an elevation of 2,785 feet and would take about 4 or 5 hours to climb one way for experienced hikers.

The hike is worth the effort though, as visitors will be greeted with a stunning 360-degree view of the surrounding Bridal Veil Basin, Savage Basin, Imogene Pass, Silver Lake, and much more. The hike is non-technical and rock-climbing equipment isn’t necessary, but visitors should go prepared with sturdy shoes and additional layers of clothing to face the cool peaks.

E. Colorado Avenue, Telluride, Colorado, 81435

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17. Allred's Restaurant, Telluride, CO

Allred's Restaurant, Telluride, CO
© Allred's Restaurant

Allred’s Restaurant is Telluride’s flagship restaurant and is sure to offer the most unique and incredible mountaintop dining experience that can be had. Visitors need to ride the free gondola to the top of the mountain to get to the restaurant, and though the view when you are getting there is amazing, the view from the restaurant itself is breathtaking.

Allred’s is a warm, friendly restaurant serving contemporary American cuisine such as steak, lamb, elk, and seafood along with a diverse collection of fine wines. The restaurant is only open for dinner, though visitors are welcome to come a bit earlier or stay later and enjoy one of the delicious hand-crafted cocktails during this memorable dining experience.

Telluride Resort Lodging, Mountain Village, CO 81435, Phone: 970-728-7474

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18. Alpino Vino, Telluride, CO

Alpino Vino, Telluride, CO
© Alpino Vino

A fine dining experience almost 12,000 feet in the air, Alpino Vino offers a dinner experience unlike any other. The quaint European hütte can be found on the top of Gold Hill, and visitors can take an enclosed snow coach to get to the award-winning restaurant.

Not only will diners get an amazing view of the Wilson Mountain Range, but they’ll also get to enjoy an amazing five-course Italian themed menu and some great wine. The atmosphere in Alpino Vino can be described as classy yet comfortable, as guests are invited to relax on the European teak furniture with sheepskin throws and create memories that last a lifetime.

12100 Camels' Garden Rd, Colorado 81320, Phone: 970-728-7560

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19. Telluride Outfitters

Telluride Outfitters
© Telluride Outfitters

Telluride Outfitters is a family-owned business that has been offering visitors guided adventures of Telluride’s beauty for over 25 years. Visitors are invited to choose from one of the pre-created tour programs that combine a range of activities such as snowmobiling, ATV riding, fly fishing, whitewater rafting, and mountain biking.

During the exploration, visitors will not only experience new activities and explore new places, but will also be able to learn the history behind the land and its people, as Telluride Outfitters is one of the oldest and most experienced companies around. The outdoor experiences they offer are fun, educational, safe, and perfect for the whole family.

Town Hall Plaza, 455 Mountain Village Blvd., Telluride, CO 81435, Phone: 970-728-4475

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20. Things to Do Near Me: Telluride Offroad Adventures

Things to Do Near Me: Telluride Offroad Adventures
© Telluride Offroad Adventures

Visitors who are looking for a rugged off road experience of Telluride and all that the stunning mining town offers, they need look no further than Telluride Offroad Adventures. The team from Telluride Offroad Adventures takes visitors on a safe and sturdy journey through the rugged lands surrounding the San Juan Mountains, letting them get up close and personal with everything Mother Nature has to offer.

The 4x4 tours are taken on Swiss Army Pinzgauers, one of the most reliable transport methods to explore Telluride off-road. Visitors can choose from a two-hour tour, a half-day tour, a full-day tour, and customized private tours to view the nearby waterfalls, mountain peaks, and other picturesque sites.

Telluride, CO 81435, Phone: 970-708-5190

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21. Sheridan Opera House, Telluride, CO

Sheridan Opera House, Telluride, CO
© Sheridan Opera House

Your visit to Telluride would be incomplete without catching at least one show at the Historic Sheridan Opera House. The Opera House was built in 1913 and has long been considered to be the Crown Jewel of Telluride. Today the historic building serves as an intimate theatre which can accommodate 238 guests for a variety of shows. The building is owned and operated by the Sheridan Arts Foundation who host at least 70 nights of brilliant entertainment in the theatre each year. It also serves as an educational facility for budding musicians and performers. Please check their website to see what is on during your Telluride visit.

110 N. Oak Street, Telluride, CO 81435, 970 728 6363, (website link)

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22. Himmel Spa, Telluride, CO

Himmel Spa, Telluride, CO
© Grafvision/

There is no better place in Telluride to relax and unwind after a busy day of exploring than the Himmel Spa. The spa is located at the Fairmount Franz Klammer Lodge, where it offers visitors a tranquil haven where they can relax in the outdoor heated pool or indulge in a few bespoke spa treatments. Before or after your massage or other treatment you can enjoy the sauna, steam room, and the 5 hot tubs, all of which offer great views of your beautiful surroundings. A few of their special treatments include their special Kindle Ginger Massage, a nourishing seaweed body wrap and a choice of rejuvenating facials.

567 Mountain Village Blvd, Telluride, CO 81435, 970 729 0455

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23. Brown Dog Pizza, Telluride, CO

Brown Dog Pizza, Telluride, CO
© Brown Dog Pizza

Named for the owner’s two chocolate Labradors, Brown Dog Pizza has won some very impressive accolades over the years including having their pizza named as the Best Pizza in the World at a 2015 pizza competition in Italy, the home of pizza! When you visit the restaurant/take-away today you will find a wide range of delectable pizzas in all shapes and sizes with thick or thin crusts to suit your preference. If you are not a pizza fan you will still surely find something delicious to eat – the menu lists salads, burgers, wings, pastas and daily specialties. Gluten-free pizzas are also available.

110 E. Colorado Ave, Telluride, CO 81435, 970 728 8046

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