Fayetteville, AR is the third largest city in the state and home to the University of Arkansas. Watch a game at Donald W. Reynolds Razorback Stadium or Baum Stadium, stroll through the Botanical Garden of the Ozarks, visit the Arkansas Air & Military Museum, shop at the farmers' market or go on a Fayetteville Ale Trail tour.

Here are the best things to do in Fayetteville, Arkansas.

1. Donald W. Reynolds Razorback Stadium

Donald W. Reynolds Razorback Stadium
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Donald W. Reynolds Razorback Stadium is a football stadium and a home field of the University of Arkansas Razorbacks and one of the top Fayetteville attractions. Opened in 1938, the stadium was known as University Stadium, Bailey Stadium, and Razorback Stadium until 2001, when it was renamed to honor American philanthropist Donald W. Reynolds.

The original capacity of the Razorback Stadium was increased in 2001 from 50,019 to 72,000. With temporary bleachers atop the south end, it can accommodate up to 80,000 fans. Record attendance was 76,808 in September 2010, Arkansas vs. Alabama. The enormous 30 by 107 foot LED display called PigScreen was installed in 2000, and it was upgraded in 2012 to 38 by 167 feet.

350 N Razorback Road, Corner of Maple and Razorback, Fayetteville, Arkansas, Phone: 800-982-4647

2. Fayetteville Farmers' Market

Fayetteville Farmers' Market
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The Fayetteville Farmers' Market is a community market that has been running for over 40 years, providing the local residents with fresh produce, local goods, and handcrafted items. Located in the Historic Downtown Fayetteville Square during the week and the Jefferson Center Playground on South College Avenue on Sundays, the market offers an excellent selection of fresh fruit and vegetables, flowers, herbs and plants, charcuterie, dairy products, and baked goods, as well as curated crafts, fine art, and jewelry.

Known as the “Crown Jewel of Fayetteville,” the Saturday market features up to 70 vendors set up around the magnificent historic square gardens, and it bustles with local musicians, street performers, and community organizations.

Historic Downtown Fayetteville Square, 101 W. Mountain Street, Fayetteville, Arkansas, Phone: 479-236-2910

3. Wilson Park

Wilson Park
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Resting in the heart of the city, Wilson Park is Fayetteville's first and oldest park, and it offers a beautiful urban space for locals to enjoy. Established in 1906 and spanning 22.75 acres, the park features a range of amenities, including a swimming pool, tennis courts, a softball field, and a basketball court. A playground, swings, and castle area are ideal for children, while green lawns and picnic areas are perfect for relaxing with the family.

A short walking trail winds through the park offering lovely views and leads to The Castle, a sculpture with seven points and a footbridge designed and built by artist Frank Williams.

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4. Botanical Garden of the Ozarks

Botanical Garden of the Ozarks
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The Botanical Garden of the Ozarks is home to an impressive collection of twelve themed gardens and a modern butterfly house. The gardens were established in 1994 with the aim of providing a beautiful location for recreation and relaxation. The garden also aspires to offer an educational resource for children and adults alike and inspire people to take an interest in the natural ecosystem of the Ozarks.

A variety of educational programs, workshops, and classes on horticulture and conservation are offered to children of all ages, as well as hands-on nature and science learning experiences, such as Earth Day, Butterfly Days, and Firefly Fling.

4703 N. Crossover Road, Fayetteville, Arkansas, Phone: 479-750-2620

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5. Fayetteville Ale Trail

Fayetteville Ale Trail
© Fayetteville Ale Trail

Take a self-guided Fayetteville Ale Trail tour to experience the thriving craft brewery culture of the city. The Ale Trail currently includes eight breweries: Bike Rack Brewing Co., Apple Blossom Brewing Co., Core Brewing and Distilling Co., Columbus House Brewery, Fossil Cove Brewing Co., Saddlebock Brewery, Ozark Beer Company, and West Mountain Brewing Co.

There are two guided tours as well: Hogshead Tours, a three-hour tour of three breweries in a VW van, and a Pinnacle Car Services tour, which guests take in their comfortable limo. You will have fun talking to the master brewers, learning about what makes each beer different, and tasting them along the way.

21 South Block Avenue, Fayetteville, Arkansas, Phone: 479-521-5776

6. Baum Stadium

Baum Stadium
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Baum Stadium, located at George Cole Field, is the home field of the Arkansas Razorbacks, a baseball team of the NCAA Division I, Southeastern Conference. Owned by the University of Arkansas, Baum Stadium was officially opened in 1996. It can accommodate more than 10,000 spectators.

Baum Stadium is one of the best college baseball stadiums in the country. In 1998, it was named by Baseball America the country's number one college baseball facility. Since its opening, the stadium has undergone several major improvements. In 2003, 2,600 seats were added, the pitching and hitting cages were enclosed, coaches’ offices as well as eight luxury boxes were added, and a new scoreboard was built in right field.

1255 S Razorback Road, Corner of Razorback and 15th Street, Fayetteville, Arkansas, Phone: 800-982-4647

7. The Arkansas Air & Military Museum

The Arkansas Air & Military Museum
© Courtesy of Fayetteville Visitors Bureau

The Arkansas Air & Military Museum showcases the colorful history of aviation in Arkansas and American military through an impressive collection of aviation memorabilia, artifacts, and historical items related to aviation.

The museum has both static and mobile exhibits and displays, many of which are still in operation. Stroll through the vast wooden hangar that was once a World War II aviator training post and explore the magnificent displays of airplanes that include Vietnam-era Army helicopters, a Stinson S Junior, and a Douglass A-4 Skyhawk. More info

4290 South School Avenue, Fayetteville, Arkansas, Phone: 479-521-4947

8. Clinton House Museum

Clinton House Museum
© Courtesy of Fayetteville Visitors Bureau

The Clinton House Museum was the first home of William Jefferson Clinton and Hillary Diane Rodham Clinton, and it is the place where they were married. Today, it is open as a museum to the public. Visitors can explore the museum, which displays the lives of the 42nd President of the United States and the 67th Secretary of State before they headed to the White House.

Located on Clinton Drive, the museum features a variety of photographs, political campaign videos, early political speeches, and other documents that take visitors back in time and provide an insight into their lives.

930 West Clinton Drive, Fayetteville, Arkansas, Phone: 479-444-0066

9. The Farmer's Table Cafe

The Farmer's Table Cafe
© The Farmer's Table Cafe

The Farmer's Table Cafe is a casual eatery that serves organic, homemade breakfast and lunch from Tuesday to Sunday. Owned by Rob and Adrienne Shaunfield, The Farmer's Table Cafe supports local farmers and producers by using fresh, locally sourced produce to create delicious, organic dishes for their menu of breakfast and lunch items.

Menus feature griddle pancakes, omelets, granola, and free-range eggs for breakfast, and sandwiches, burgers, soups, and salads, as well as a range of beverages for lunch.

1079 S. School Avenue, Fayetteville, Arkansas, Phone: 479-966-4125

10. Walton Arts Center

Walton Arts Center
© Courtesy of Fayetteville Visitors Bureau

The Walton Arts Center is a performing arts center based in two locations in Arkansas that showcases world-renowned performing artists to the local communities through a range of art experiences and shows. Established in 1992, the Center features a full season of dance, music, and theatrical performances, Broadway shows, spring and summer performing arts-based camps, a popular jazz series, and a host of community-based events and educational outreach programs for both adults and children.

The Symphony of Northwest Arkansas has also joined the center to add classical music to the program. The Fayetteville campus consists of the Starr Theater, McBride Studi, Baum Walker Hall, and the Joy Pratt Markham Gallery, all located on Dickson Street, as well as the Nadine Baum Studios located on West Spring Street.

495 W Dickson St, Fayetteville, AR 72701, Phone: 479-443-5600

11. Hammontree's Grilled Cheese

Hammontree's Grilled Cheese
© Hammontree's Grilled Cheese

Hammontree’s Grilled Cheese naturally makes grilled cheese sandwiches, and they are the Ferraris of grilled cheese sandwiches. This fun, cheerful, spacious and whimsically decorated diner is very popular for a very good reason. Try to imagine what an imaginative cook can do with 26 kinds of cheese, eight kinds of meat, six veggies, and seven spreads and sauces.

Don’t forget the fabulous breads from the local Ozark Natural Family Bakery and sausages from James at the Mill Sausages. You’ll enjoy reading through the fun sandwich names while trying to decide what to order. Maybe you’ll go with Cheebacca, which has white cheddar, house cheese, pulled pork, bacon, grilled onions, and cilantro garlic sauce loaded on fresh sourdough bread. The portions are huge, sides are delicious, and soups are freshly made every day.

326 N West Ave #8, Fayetteville, Arkansas, Phone: 479-521-1669

12. Arsaga's Coffee Roasters

Arsaga's Coffee Roasters
© Arsaga's Coffee Roasters

Arsaga's Coffee Roasters is one of northwest Arkansas' favorite coffee shop chains, opening its first location in Fayetteville in 1992. The coffee shop, which is helmed by married duo Cindy and Cary Arsaga, operates six locations today, including a location within the Fayetteville Public Library that is open to the public seven days a week during library hours. A variety of delicious coffee shop beverages are crafted from the finest organic, fair trade, and high-quality regional coffee roasts, ranging from classic Americanos, Cubanos, and cappuccinos to unique Japanese nitro coffees and mint-infused grasshopper lattes. Blended and frozen drinks are also available, along with a variety of creative tea and non-caffeinated beverages.

401 W Mountain St, Fayetteville, AR 72701, Phone: 479-521-1993

13. Hugo's

© Hugo's

Just a bit off the Historic Fayetteville Square lies a casual little basement eatery where, for the last 40 years, locals have been going for their burgers and home-made fries and a variety of other comfort foods we all crave from time to time. The place looks very much like a family dining room.

It is cozy and well used, and all the more comfortable for that. The food tastes as though it has been cooking the whole, just as it is at home. Dishes are full of fresh veggies and meats from the local butcher.

Locals love that about Hugo’s – if you like something on their menu, you will be sure to find it on the menu the next time you come. Try their delicious grasshopper crepes. They have a nice selection of beer to complete your dining experience.

25 1/2 North Block Avenue, Fayetteville, Arkansas, Phone: 479-521-7585

14. TheatreSquared

© TheatreSquared

TheatreSquared is a professional theater company based in Fayetteville that produces more than 200 local and nationally acclaimed productions throughout the year. Entertaining audiences from an intimate 175-seat theater at Walton Arts Center’s Nadine Baum Studios, the company was recognized as “one of the nation’s ten most promising emerging theaters” by the American Theatre Wing.

In addition to producing and performing theater shows, the theater also offers educational programs to students and teachers, as well as access to arts-based learning tools. The Theater is also home to a number of professional playwrights who develop scripts for the popular Arkansas New Play Festival held in Fayetteville and Little Rock each year.

477 W Spring St, Fayetteville, AR 72701, 479-777-7477

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15. Doe's Eat Place

Doe's Eat Place
© Courtesy of jaholcombe - Fotolia.com

Established in 1941 by Dominick "Doe" Signa and his wife Mamie, Doe's Eat Place is an acclaimed Arkansas institution. Still housed in the original building, Doe’s has maintained the authenticity and atmosphere of the 1940's grocery and restaurant, and it has a menu of delicious comfort food and drinks. The menu features hot tamales and homemade chili, rib eye, porterhouse, sirloin, and filet mignon steaks, fried shrimp, garlic bread, and fresh salads.

Sticking to the home-style feel, dining tables are scattered haphazardly throughout the space, with some even in the kitchen, surrounded by stoves, counters, and big iron skillets. Doe’s Eat Place is vibrant and noisy and ever so welcoming.

316 W. Dickson Street, Fayetteville, Arkansas, Phone: 479-443-DOES

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16. Walker Park

Walker Park
© heshixin/stock.adobe.com

Everyone in Fayetteville loves Walker Park. The park was established in 1949 and has been providing a treasured outdoor recreational facility for locals and visitors every since. The park has moved with the times and now offers a great selection of activities for visitors of all ages. You will find a paved 1.2mile trail running around the perimeter of the park which is ideal for walking, jogging and running. Children will love cooling down at the Splash Pad, skating at Grinders Skate Park and working off some energy at one of the 3 playgrounds. The park has 3 pavilions which you can use for birthday parties and other gatherings. There are also facilities for baseball, soccer, tennis, volleyball and basketball.

10 W. 15th Street, Fayetteville, AR 72701, 479-444-3471

17. Crisis Brewing Company

Crisis Brewing Company
© Crisis Brewing Company

A mid-live crisis and a longing to return to their roots in Fayetteville led Liz and Sean Slape to turn a love of home-brewing into a sustainable community based business. Noting that there was nowhere in the city where you could enjoy a quiet pint while drinking in the beautiful landscape, they decided to build their brewery, tap room and roof-top terrace from scratch. Crisis Brewing invites visitors to stop by and be introduced to their excellent range of small-batch craft brews which include cream ale, pale ale, a handful of IPA’s, a stout and plenty of other rotating beers. When hunger strikes, Crisis Brewing have a direct line to Penguin Ed’s BBQ, located just a few steps away.

210 S. Archibald Yell Blvd, Fayetteville, AR 72701, 479-582-2337

18. Ozark Escape Fayetteville

Ozark Escape Fayetteville
© Ozark Escape Fayetteville

In case you have not noticed, escape rooms have taken America by storm, offering visitors the chance to totally transport themselves into an exciting and challenging reality. Ozark Escape in Fayetteville is no exception, presenting 4 totally immersive and interactive escape experiences. Filled with mystery and challenge, the rooms will require your team to work together to unravel a set of clues to enable you to solve the puzzle before your time is up. The rooms are graded according to difficulty and there is an exciting adventure lined up for every visitor. An escape room experience is ideal for date night, birthday parties and team-building events.

509 W. Spring Street, Fayetteville, AR 72701, 479-841-0013

19. Gator Golf at Fayetteville

Gator Golf at Fayetteville
© Gator Golf at Fayetteville

Gator Golf offers an exciting outdoor recreational facility for all ages to enjoy. The mini-golf course has an exciting African Safari theme and features gushing waterfalls, lush landscaping and fun challenges. There are two 18-hole courses to choose from which means that you can play 36 holes if you care to. Ideal for team-building events and children’s birthday parties, the venue has a party pavilion and excellent lighting for after-dark golfing fun. There is also ample parking and a snack bar on site. Gator Golf is open all year round (weather permitting) and you can get a special Unlimited Day Pass which enables your team to play as much as you like all day.

2692 N. College Avenue, Fayetteville, AR 72703, 479 443 0833

20. Lokomotion Family Fun Park

Lokomotion Family Fun Park
© Lokomotion Family Fun Park

The Lokomotion Family Fun Park certainly lives up to its name, offering fun activities for all members of the family. You can start your visit by playing a round of mini-golf on one of the two 18-hole courses, before turning your attention to all the other fun activities. The park is home to the only Go-Karts in northwest Arkansas; there are various tracks to suit racers of all ages (minimum height requirement applies). On hot days, the bumper boats are hard to beat. When the weather puts paid to outdoor activities you can still have fun playing Laser Tag or visiting the expansive Games Arcade. The park also has an on-site restaurant serving pizza, wings and more.

4520 N. College Avenue, Fayetteville, AR 72703, 479-582-5656

21. Modern Mission

Modern Mission
© Modern Mission

Modern Mission is on a mission to provide hours of fun and entertainment for children over the age of 7. The facility offers a range of fun activities including indoor and outdoor laser tag, outdoor Airsoft (ages 10+), axe throwing and virtual reality games. Ideal for parties and team-building events, Modern Mission offers a variety of party packages which include at least 4 outdoor laser tag missions, all the necessary gear you will need and a 30 minute party room. You can also arrange for a package which includes pizza, cupcakes and soda. Modern Mission also hosts 5-day fun Summer Camps for children from 7 to 13.

3484 E. Joyce Blvd, Fayetteville, AR 72703, 479-595-0055

22. Penguin Ed’s BBQ

Penguin Ed’s BBQ
© Penguin Ed’s BBQ

The name of this popular family eatery is derived from founder/owner Ed Knight’s penchant for penguins. Along with building his BBQ business, Ed started making a fleet of paper Mache emperor penguins; soon these penguins were popping up all the place and Ed became known as Penguin Ed. Look out for them when you visit Penguin Ed’s today. Using a very special family recipe, Penguin Ed’s still serves up some of the best BBQ in the state. The eatery has won several awards for their delicious food and the regulars keep returning time after time to savor it. Although the delicious BBQ meat heads the menu, Penguin Ed’s also has great choices for vegetarians.

2773 E. Mission Blvd, Fayetteville, AR 72703, 479-587-8646

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