Mystic, Connecticut is a charming and magical little place, a must-visit Connecticut location, and has several lovely beaches to offer.

The great thing about Mystic beaches is that they're all conveniently accessible and nicely located near the attractions, eateries, and inns of the village and surrounding area.

Most Mystic beaches are also equipped with useful facilities and amenities, without feeling too built-up or touristic. These beaches find just the right balance between convenience and tranquility, providing peaceful environments and useful services to help all guests have a great time. Read through our Mystic, CT beach guide below to learn more.

1. Misquamicut State Beach

Misquamicut State Beach
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Misquamicut State Beach isn't actually in Mystic, but it's only a 15 minute drive away over towards Westerly, Rhode Island. The first thing that stands out about Misquamicut State Beach is its size. This is a very big beach with more than enough space to handle the large numbers of locals and tourists that love to spend sunny summer days down by the shore. The sand here is white and soft, very comfortable for beach-goers who just want to laze around for a few hours and enjoy an extended sunbathing session.

Many other beach activities can be enjoyed here too, with rental stores offering jet skis and other water sports equipment for affordable prices. There's also a cute little carousel for families with children, and lots of good eateries, bars, and accommodation options can be found just a short walk away from this beach. Saltwater fishing is also popular in the Misquamicut area, and there's a boat launch site at one end of Misquamicut State Beach, with various fishing charters operating nearby as well. More things to explore in Connecticut

2. Ocean Beach Park

Ocean Beach Park
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Ocean Beach Park is more than just a Mystic, CT beach, it's a full family-friendly attraction with a whole host of activities and fun things to do. You can spend a whole day at Ocean Beach Park and still need to come back again because you won't have had enough time to do everything! The park itself covers around 50 acres of land in total and features a long list of attractions including an Olympic-sized freshwater swimming pool, a scenic nature trail, a half-mile boardwalk, and lots of good spaces to sit down, rest, and eat a picnic with friends or family.

Not only that, but Ocean Beach Park is also equipped with rides, games, an arcade, a mini golf course, and a play area for little ones. And we haven't even mentioned the beach itself, which is a long and spacious sandy strip offering superb views of the Atlantic Ocean and surrounding scenery. In short, Ocean Beach Park is one of the must-visit locations in the Mystic area and it's only 10-15 minutes outside of the town. More romantic getaways in CT

3. Williams Beach Park

Williams Beach Park
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If you want to visit a beach without having to jump in the car and drive out of Mystic, Williams Beach Park is the one for you. Located at the end of Harry Austin Drive, this Mystic beach area is fitted out with all the typical amenities and fun attractions of a park, including large grassy spaces for picnics and fames, a play area for children, sporting fields, and a bunch of picnic tables and benches dotted around too.

This Mystic beach is small but enjoyable and offers nice views of the town’s shoreline. The waves can vary here, but swimming is possible on calm days. Be careful, however, as there are no lifeguards on duty at Williams Beach Park, so if you’re traveling with young children then it’s vital to keep an eye on them at all times. More beaches in Connecticut

4. Napatree Point

Napatree Point
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You might also see this beach under the name Half-Mile Beach, and it's over in the Watch Hill area near Westerly. Napatree Point is a unique little sandy spit, which is also a Conservation Area, stretching out into the Sound. The area was originally named due to the many trees that were found in the area, but storms over the years have caused much of the vegetation to be washed away, leaving nothing but sandy and low-lying grasses.

This gives Napatree Point some of the best beach views anywhere in the Mystic area, and it's only a very short drive away from the town. This beach has proven very popular with wildlife and nature enthusiasts and it's not uncommon to spot foxes and deer roaming around, as well as many different seabird species.

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5. More US Beaches

More US Beaches
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One of the reasons why so many people visit the United States of America each year is because the nation is lucky enough to have a very wide spectrum of landscapes. From sunny shoreline spots like Miami or Malibu to unique geological marvels like the Grand Canyon and Yosemite National Park, America is home to forests, mountains, bays, beaches, deserts, canyons, valleys, and so much more. No matter what kind of natural scenery you want to enjoy, you'll be able to find it somewhere in the United States. This exceptional kind of variety is also seen in the nation's beaches.

The United States is home to every kind of beach. Down in the sunniest states, for example, tourists can be seen surfing the waves and heading out on sport fishing boats for all kinds of adventures. Further north, the fun in the sun continues, with the New England region being home to some of the area’s most historic and picturesque coastal locations. The beaches of Connecticut, for example, have a lot of stories to tell and some awe-inspiring views to admire.

The little village of Mystic, CT is a great place to start your Connecticut beach trip, being located on the Mystic River, which flows out into the Long Island Sound. Mystic is one of the top tourist hotspots in New England, home to several unique attractions and landmarks like the Mystic Seaport and Mystic Museum of Art.

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