In a perfect world, we’d all be able to have perfect skin, free of wrinkles and blemishes, totally unharmed by the elements and the world around us. Unfortunately, the real world is very different. A lucky few are born in the right location and with the right genetics to have great skin without needing to make too much effort, but others struggle with skin issues all through their lives.

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There are many factors to consider when thinking about skin health and skincare. One of the biggest contributing factors to your skin health is actually where you live. The climate, elevation, pollution levels, and lifestyle of your home environment can have a huge impact on your skin over the course of your life.

For a prime example, we can look to Colorado. A state with a very high average elevation and a lot of beautiful outdoor locations to enjoy and explore, Colorado is a wonderful place to live, with many of its residents and visitors spending lots of time outdoors enjoying the state's mountains, forests, ski resorts, and more.

However, those living in Colorado also often have to contend with skin problems brought on by their outdoor lifestyle and the quite cold and windy weather experienced around the state for large parts of the year. If you spend a lot of time outdoors or have to deal with cold weather, you can struggle with dry skin, inflammation, signs of ageing appearing more rapidly, and more. Fortunately, Colorado Aromatics can help.

Colorado Aromatics - Natural Skincare Solutions

Designed with the Colorado climate and lifestyle in mind, Colorado Aromatics is a natural skincare brand offering safe and effective skincare solutions made from only the finest and purest ingredients every single time. Appearing every weekend at the farmers markets in both Boulder and Longmont, as well as selling its products from a brick and mortar store in Longmont, Colorado Aromatics can easily become your go-to skincare brand.

- The Power of Nature - Take a look at most skincare products in a typical store and you’ll see that so many of them are simply filled with strange ingredients, chemicals, additives, fake fragrances, and more. More and more people are turning away from these kinds of products, which can actually be quite harmful to the skin, especially to people with pre-existing skin problems or sensitive skin. Fortunately, natural alternatives do exist, and Colorado Aromatics harnesses the power of plants, herbs, and oils in its products to create fully natural skincare solutions, free of any harmful toxins or additives. Not only that, but these skincare solutions are never tested on animals, so they’re much kinder to your skin and the world around you.

- Proven Science - Some people hesitate when deciding whether to try out a natural skincare alternative, worrying that it might not be quite as effective as the chemical products they’re used to. With Colorado Aromatics, this concern is inexistant. This brand was founded by Dr. Cindy Jones, a leader of the farm-to-skin movement and an experienced biochemist with education and experience in fields including cancer research, cosmetic science, physiology, and toxicology. Dr. Jones understands exactly how the skin works and knows the right ways to harness powerful natural ingredients in order to make skincare solutions that truly get results.

- Made for Colorado - As the name of the company indicates, Colorado Aromatics was made with the state of Colorado and its people in mind. That’s not to say that these products can’t work perfectly well for those living in other states and locations, but they’re especially effective for those who live in Colorado and contend with the Centennial State’s unique climate on a daily basis. Colorado natives tend to spend a lot of time outdoors, experiencing and enjoying areas like the Rocky Mountains, and their skin can easily dry out or struggle with inflammation due to the high elevation, the cold winds, the snow, and other aspects of Colorado life. These natural skincare solutions are designed to fight back against the Colorado elements, replenishing and rejuvenating the skin.

- Perfect for Travelers - If you’re the sort of person who does a lot of hiking, camping, biking, and other outdoor activities, you’ll know how much your skin can suffer at the end of an adventurous day out, but you don’t want to give up this active and exciting lifestyle just to keep your skin safe. Colorado Aromatics can help. These products are perfect for travelers and people who love to spend as much time as possible outdoors, with each serum, cleanser, lotion, and mask containing natural ingredients that actively work to protect the skin from cold winds, rain, snow, and frosty conditions at high elevation in places like Colorado. So whether you’re out on a white water rafting expedition, a mountain climb, or a scenic forest hike, Colorado Aromatics can keep your skin safe. website