With lifestyles becoming more hectic and stressful, we all need to take some time to get away, far from the hustle and bustle of city life, and relax. Yoga retreats by Body Flows are the perfect solution, offering a superb range of activities and exercises to improve both physical and mental conditioning. Body Flows is one of Sonoma County’s most precious gems and the perfect place to turn for yoga, massage, and more.

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The Story of Body Flows

Body Flows was founded back in 2010 by Sally Mitchell, who wanted to share her passion and knowledge with a wider audience. Sally moved to the United States from Scotland at the turn of the millennium. Initially working in the technical sector, Sally enjoyed a highly successful professional life and was exceptionally active outside of work, even competing in the Boston Marathon and World Triathlon Championships.

However, as it inevitably does for so many people, the hectic lifestyle Sally had chosen began to take its toll. In order to regain control of her mind and body and recover a sense of peace and purpose in her life, she turned to yoga and meditation, going on to seek wellness education in order to share the inimitable benefits of yoga and relaxation techniques to people who need them. Thus, Body Flows was born and has swiftly developed into a leading name in the California yoga and wellness scene.

Body Flows Yoga Featured Retreats

Each year, the Body Flows calendar fills up with an exciting list of featured yoga retreats. Each retreat is different, offering a myriad of wonderful ways for you to relax and give your mind and body a little tender loving care. Retreats are held all through the year, particularly around special occasions like Thanksgiving, President's Day, and the Summer Solstice.

Many of the retreats are held in California at locations like Wilbur Hot Springs and Westerbeke Ranch, but others set off for foreign lands like the AHKi Retreat Center in Costa Rica, the Lumeria Retreat in Hawaii, or even a spell in the Scottish Highlands. Each retreat is customized with unique activities and experiences. In Scotland, for example, participants will be able to tour medieval castles and taste world class whiskeys, while those who head to Hawaii will be able to enjoy some soothing yoga sessions on sugary, white sand beaches.

Services Provided by Body Flows

Body Flows offers a range of services to cater to everyone, from individuals in need of relaxation to company groups or even bachelorette parties. Each and every service provided by Body Flows can be fully customized as needed, ensuring that each individual feel valued and cared for.

Yoga with Body Flows

Yoga is the main focus of Body Flows. With a range of stretches, poses, and routines to focus on different muscle groups throughout the body, Body Flows' yoga sessions can help you improve physical strength, flexibility, and balance, as well as helping to focus your mind and liberate you of stresses, doubts, and pains. Sally Mitchell, Body Flows' founder, is an experienced and certified yoga teacher who can tailor-make a yoga plan to suit anyone, designing the right program of poses and movements to give your body and mind the best results every single time.

Massage with Body Flows

Sally Mitchell is fully certified in the art of Raynor Therapeutic Massage and Sports Massage. Focused on relieving any lingering tensions, aches, or pains throughout the body, Body Flows' therapeutic massage sessions can be truly life-changing in more ways than one. Sally Mitchell makes use of multiple techniques including Thai, Swedish, Shiatsu, Ayurvedic, and Acupressure massage to find any tension in your body and gently soothe it away. The benefits of this kind of massage are numerous, including improved blood circulation, increased flexibility, and reduced stress levels.

Chi Walking and Chi Running with Body Flows

Sally Mitchell is a certified Chi Walking and Chi Running instructor. These activities are low-impact and highly enjoyable, offering a fun way to focus one's mind, maintain good levels of physical fitness, and feel at one with nature. Chi Walking is the gentler option, using biomechanics and smart walking techniques to promote good joint health, core strength, and posture. Chi Running, meanwhile, offers a more active option and is far superior to standard running, with better levels of safety and unique health advantages. Inspired by the principles of Tai Chi, Body Flows' Chi Walking and Chi Running sessions can make. website