The Palace of the Fine Arts, situated in the Marina District of San Francisco, has to be one of the most beautiful exhibition spaces in the world. The monument and the adjoining theatre are a vibrant cultural hub, offering visitors and local San Franciscans a vibrant and varied schedule of talented musicians, players, film, art, and theatre. It has built upon the heritage and prestige of the original site and has defied its original plan, which was for it to be merely a temporary structure.

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The original construction was undertaken in 1915 and the theatre was to be part of the Panama-Pacific International Exposition. This was a way for San Francisco to show the rest of the world a brighter future by championing beautiful architecture, culture, and the arts in all their various forms. The world at the time was in a period of uncertainty, with Europe on the brink of World War 1, and San Francisco itself was recovering from the great fire and earthquake of 1906. Architect Bernard R. Maybeck headed up this particular project and the design for the Palace of the Fine Arts is primarily of Roman influence. Drawing on the grand pillars, rotunda, and beautifully serene pond, it was designed to elicit a sense of spectacle and somber solemnity that could open the heart of the visitor to whatever exhibition was taking place within its confines. Maybeck drew inspiration from Hungarian artist István Csók and Arnold Böcklin, two painters who created works of art that also instill a great sense of sadness in the viewer.

The monument, as with the others built as part of the exposition, was not intended to be a permanent fixture and was actually intentionally designed to gradually fall into disrepair. In the end, this was not to be its fate, however, and it is one of the few objects still standing from the exposition. It had found a home in the hearts of the local citizenry and was deemed too beautiful to be demolished or left to rot, and so rebuilding and preservation work began and by 1959 it had been completely restored. It has had a number of different roles in the interim years, from military storage depot to telephone book distribution centre, and it has now returned to its role within the arts and, together with the adjoining theatre, which opened in 1970, hosts artists from across all disciplines all year round.

The site itself is open for visitation throughout the year and is also available for rental and has become a popular spot for weddings and wedding photography due to its distinct and breathtaking appeal.

Theatre Program

Whilst the Palace of the Fine Arts is a draw by itself, the theatre on the grounds has become a venue with a long list of accolades and heritage in its own right. The events schedule is available to browse on the website and, offering anything from plays to prose, classical opera to comedy, there is sure to be something to take your fancy and you could not ask for a more picturesque setting or venue to soak in the creativity of the beautifully talented world we live in.


3301 Lyon Street, San Francisco, CA 94123, Phone: 415-563-6504

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