Art has shaped and changed the world as we know it for so many years. Since the dawn of civilization, mankind has had an insatiable and innate for personal expression through creative means, and it's fascinating to look back through history and see how artistic forms and styles and evolved and changed over time.

Art in the United States is a particular subject of interest for many art enthusiasts, and the San Francisco Bay Area has famously been one of the country's key artistic hubs for many decades now.

Huge strides have been made in contemporary art in the San Francisco Bay Area, with the likes of Bruce Conner and Peter Voulkos doing some of their best work in the Bay Area, and many other artists from far and wide being drawn to this location for its unique charms, culture, history, and beauty. Fittingly, there are many galleries and art centers to be found in the cities and towns of the Bay Area, and one of the most fascinating contemporary art galleries in Oakland is Johansson Projects.

Johansson Projects - Contemporary Art Gallery in Oakland

Johansson Projects is a contemporary art gallery located in Oakland and housing a rotating array of exhibitions from local and regional aspiring artists, as well as internationally renowned creators working in a variety of mediums. The gallery is well-known for offering a truly one of a kind space for the display of visual arts and innovative exhibitions due to the unique design and architecture of the gallery itself.

Exhibitions here are typically displayed and organized in inventive, out of the box ways so as to provide visitors with unparalleled experiences that cannot be found anywhere else in the Bay Area. A true curatorial laboratory, Johansson Projects is a premier destination for curators, artists, collectors, and general art enthusiasts to appreciate, connect, reflect, and discuss great works, while also engaging with the wider art community on both a local and national level.

- Quality Exhibitions - Craig Dorety, Benjamin Terry, Matthew F Fisher, Blaise Rosenthal, Alexander Kori Girard, and Rachel Kaye are just some of the featured artists at the Johansson Projects gallery. All through the year, the gallery organizes unique, original exhibitions of quality work from both established and aspiring artists from around the Bay Area and beyond. Attending these exhibitions is a terrific way to engage with the Bay Area art scene, uncovering some stars of the future and also appreciating the work of established artists.

- Exciting Events - In addition to various exhibitions all through the year, Johansson Projects and its featured artists participate in various events like Art Fairs in key locations like Miami, New York, and more. Always seeking to push the boundaries and stretch the limits of contemporary art appreciation and curation, Johansson Projects always has exciting events and exhibitions on the horizon, constantly offering bold new experiences and fascinating glimpses into the world of contemporary art through the unique lens of its Telegraph Ave gallery. Even for those with just a passing interest in contemporary art, this is an unmissable location.

Visit Johansson Projects

Johansson Projects stands out among the many Bay Area galleries for its unique use of space and its fascinating fusion of works from globally known names and little known locals. It's a wonderful place to engage with contemporary art on an intimate and personal level, and here's all you need to know about visiting this unique Oakland gallery:

- Location - The Johansson Projects contemporary art gallery is located at 2300 Telegraph Ave, Oakland, CA 94612. The gallery is located in the Uptown neighborhood, easily accessed off I-980. If you're traveling to the gallery by public transport, there are several bus stops in the local area, only a few minutes away from the gallery entrance.

- Opening Times - This Oakland art gallery opens its doors at 1pm and closes at 5pm on Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays. It can also open at other times and days of the week, but by appointment only. The hours can vary depending on what's happening at the gallery at any one time, so it's always wise to check the official site for the latest information or get in touch with Johansson Projects to learn more.

- Contact - You can contact this gallery by emailing or calling 510 444 9140. You can also fill out an online form on the official Johansson Projects site with comments or queries, and you can subscribe to the official mailing list to receive email updates with news and exhibition information. website