San Diego is one of California’s biggest and most beautiful cities. Whether you’re roaming around admiring the scenery and museums of Balboa Park, visiting the beautiful beaches of the local area, strolling around the harbor, or taking a walk around the inner city streets and visiting the various shops, bars, restaurants, and entertainment venues, it's a city with a lot to offer.

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San Diego is especially well known as one of California’s premier dining destinations, with a lot of great bars, cafés, and restaurants to be found all over the city, and plenty of amazing chefs and purveyors offering all kinds of sweet treats, savory sensations, and high quality craft drinks too. If you really want the very best food and drink experiences in San Diego, choose Epicurean San Diego.

Epicurean San Diego - Top Culinary Tours in San Diego

Whether you're a visitor to the city of San Diego or a long term resident, you can enjoy some amazing experiences and forge some magical memories with Epicurean San Diego, one of the city's leading lights in the world of culinary tours and events. Whether you're looking for North County, South Bay, or Central food and drink tours of San Diego, Epicurean San Diego can meet your needs.

This company got started in 2015 by culinary experiences and professional tour guides, Stephanie and Dan. The couple had always loved and appreciated delicious food and drinks, but also cared a lot about eating and drinking sustainable and local produce whenever possible.

They realized that their own city of San Diego had so much to offer in terms of culinary delights, and wanted to share all of that with as many people as possible, so decided to launch Epicurean San Diego. With over 15 years of hospitality experience, Stephanie was well-equipped to start such a business, and Dan, as a real estate agent and passionate home cook, also had the love of food and drink essential to creating the best experiences for all.

The Advantages of Epicurean San Diego

So what makes Epicurean San Diego stand out from other culinary tours of this Southern California city?

- The Very Best Customer Service - The first thing that really stands out about Epicurean San Diego is just how friendly, professional, and invested the team really is. While some food tours can be dull or lacking in enthusiasm, every event and experience with Epicurean San Diego is fun and exciting as the team truly cares about giving every single tour participant the best possible time. In short, when you enjoy a culinary tour with Epicurean San Diego, you’ll be guaranteed a great experience.

- The VIP Experience - Some people might hesitate about the idea of a culinary tour in San Diego. Perhaps you think you could simply visit the city's various restaurants, farms, and breweries all by yourself and get the same experience, but Epicurean San Diego actually provides VIP, behind the scenes access to many of these locations, having a strong and established network of contacts among San Diego's best artisanal food locations and producers.

- Expert Guides - No matter what kind of tour or event you choose with Epicurean San Diego, you'll be meeting up with guides who are highly knowledgeable about the city of San Diego, highly passionate about the city's food and drink, and super friendly too. They're the best possible people to take you and your friends or family around the city, answering any questions along the way and teaching you a lot in a fun and laid-back way.

- Preset or Private Experiences - Whether you're looking to just head out on a public tour with some like-minded people and see what the city of San Diego has to offer or choosing to reserve a custom, tailor made experience just for you, Epicurean San Diego can arrange absolutely everything. This company runs plenty of preset tours and events at farms and breweries around the San Diego area, but is also open to the possibility of crafting bespoke tours and events just for you too.

Epicurean San Diego offers the very best food tours and culinary experiences you could hope to find in San Diego. Public tours are held throughout the year, and Epicurean San Diego is able to cater to private groups ranging from a small group of friends or family to larger groups of up to 100 people in size. Whatever you have planned, Epicurean San Diego can bring it to life in the best way. Get in touch with the company by emailing to find out more. website