Known as the unofficial Sports Tournament Capital of California, Rancho Cordova has several sports parks and attractions for beginners and pros alike and is among the best California weekend getaways. Whether you’re visiting for official team business or are stopping by to try your hand at Rancho Cordova’s exciting recreational attractions, there’s no doubt that you’ll have a ton of fun and make life-long memories.

1. Sacramento Children’s Museum

Sacramento Children’s Museum
© Sacramento Children’s Museum

Albert Einstein once said, “Imagination is more important than knowledge. For while knowledge defines all we currently know and understand, imagination points to all we might yet discover and create.” It’s this beautiful quote that the Sacramento Children’s Museum holds on to as they dedicate themselves to sparking life-long learning for children and other visitors of all ages. Each exhibit in the museum is carefully designed to nurture the imagination of a child while building their confidence and competence. At the end of the day, if a child is able to test, tinker, create, wonder, and, best of all, laugh, then the folks at the museum think that’s a job well done. Browse our California weekend getaways guide for more ideas.

2701 Prospect Park, Rancho Cordova, California 95670, Phone: 916-638-7225

2. Red Door Escape Room

Red Door Escape Room
© chainat/

Are you capable of staying cool, calm and collected in any situation? Figure out how well you respond to stress and work your brain power while you’re at it at Red Door Escape Room. Arguably the best all-around escape room experience in the entire state, the Red Door Escape Room features a variety of episodes to try, all of which are exciting, intricate and definitely designed to get you thinking outside of the box. Test your ability to find hidden clues, solve puzzles, and work as a team, all while trying to beat the clock in game episodes like VR: Mission I, Taken, Prison Break, Once Upon a Time, The Gift and Confinement.

12401 Folsom Boulevard, Rancho Cordova, California 95742, Phone: 916-467-7575

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3. Prairie City Dirt Track

Prairie City Dirt Track
© Jan/

Ready to get down and dirty? At the Prairie City Dirt Track, gear heads can get their high-speed fix through off-highway motor vehicle recreation grounds. This recreation area is located right at the base of the Sierra Nevada foothills and offers several kinds of terrain for off-highway vehicle (OHV) enthusiasts to ride around at. Prairie City Dirt Track is open to 4-wheel drive vehicles, motorcycles, and all-terrain vehicles regardless of the driver’s level of expertise. Visitors can look forward to rides through flat, open grasslands, cobbled mine tailings, ancient river beds, rocky mounds and even rolling hills. If you’re lucky, you may even catch some sightings of acorn woodpeckers, golden eagles, kestrels and more birds that call the area home.

1725 23rd Street, Suite 200, Sacramento, California, Phone: 916-324-4442

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4. Granite Arch Climbing Center

Granite Arch Climbing Center
© perpis/

Want to get some monkeying around in while visiting Rancho Cordova? Stop by the Granite Arch Climbing Center for a chance to challenge over 20,000 square feet of climbing wall space. It doesn’t matter if you’re into top roping, lead climbing or bouldering, the Granite Arch Climbing Center has facilities for all kinds of climbers like their 6 awesome auto belay units. You don’t have to restrict yourself to indoor climbing either. At the Granite Arch Climbing Center, there is an outdoor boulder park that boasts of hand-sculpted features for everyone to enjoy. New to the sport? Take a lesson with one of the capable coaches at the center!

11335-G Folsom Boulevard, Rancho Cordova, California 95742, Phone: 916-852-7625, (website link)

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5. Burning Barrel Brewing Company

Burning Barrel Brewing Company
© Burning Barrel Brewing Company

Your journey to an amazing craft beer starts at the Burning Barrel Brewing Company. As the newest brewing company on the block at Rancho Cordova, the team behind Burning Barrel continually works hard to create brews that are nothing short of exceptional. Dedicated to pushing the boundaries of beer and setting a new standard for craft brews, the Burning Barrel offers a vast and diverse selection of home brews straight from their taps. The brewing company has over a dozen crafts available on tap and their tasting room allows you to sample as many as you can handle. Try offerings like the Bitter American, the Golden Daydreams, the A-Salt and Blackberry, Vanilla Kisses and the Hop Gypsy.

11210 Sun Center Dr. Suite B, Rancho Cordova, California 95672, Phone: 916-382-4846

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6. Parkwest Casino

Parkwest Casino
© Parkwest Casino

Parkwest Casino offers visitors a different kind of gaming experience. The casino endeavors to take your casino night-out to a whole new level by offering thrilling gaming in a sophisticated, smoke-free setting. There are purposely no slot machines at this casino – just a selection of innovative and unusual table games including Baccarat, Pai Gow Poker, Blackjack X, 3-Card Poker, Ultimate Texas Hold-Em and Ultimate Texas Hold-Em Poker. Your experience at the Parkwest Casino would not be complete without visiting The Lodge Restaurant for a delicious lunch or dinner accompanied by your favorite cocktails or wine.

2801 Prospect Park Drive, Rancho Cordova, CA 95370, 916 293 7470

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7. Il Forno Classico

Il Forno Classico
© Il Forno Classico

Experience just a slice of Siena, Italy in the middle of Rancho Cordova at the Il Forno Classico. Dedicated to serving you meals that you won’t ever forget, the Il Forno Classico’s menu revolves around fresh seafood, exquisite hand tossed pizzas, juicy Angus stakes and delicious sautéed pastas. Whether you’re visiting Il Forno Classico for a business lunch or a romantic dinner with your special someone, there’s something on the menu for you and your companions. First time visitors ought to pick a dish out of the restaurant’s house specialties. Some options to choose from include the Eggplant Parmigiana, the Chicken Piccata, the Chicken Scaloppini alla Classico, and the Veal Osso Buco. Make sure to stop by the wine room as well to browse and select from one of their hundreds of bottles of wine.

2121 Golden Centre Lane 10, Rancho Cordova, California 95670, Phone: 916-858-0651

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8. Brookfield’s Restaurant, Rancho Cordova

Brookfield’s Restaurant, Rancho Cordova
© Brookfield’s Restaurant

Ready to tuck into a great home cooking-style meal? The Brookfield’s Restaurant on Folsom Boulevard has just what you’re looking for. Founded in 1981 by Lee Manolakas, Brookfields’ Restaurant is built upon a lifetime of experience in hospitality business as well as dozens of outstanding family recipes. Family run and owned, Brookfield’s Restaurant offers breakfast, lunch and dinner to their patrons, and even sells some of their exclusive ingredients, like their gourmet season salt, through their shop. Sample some of their mouthwatering entrees like the French roasted turkey dinner, the wild grilled Alaskan salmon, and the coconut and panko crusted haddock.

Highway 50 11135 Folsom Boulevard, Rancho Cordova, California 95670, Phone: 916-638-2046, (website link)

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9. Cattlemens Steakhouse

Cattlemens Steakhouse
© Cattlemens Steakhouse

Meat lovers, watch out! If you’re looking for the best steak in the West, then you certainly don’t have to look any further than Cattlemens Steakhouse. Located in the Folsom area, Cattlemens Steakhouse boasts fantastic, mouthwatering hand-cut steaks and sizzling prime rib. The secret behind Cattlemens famous steaks boils down to a handful of very important things. For example, steaks at Cattlemens are always fresh. Always! They never freeze their meet. Speaking of meat, Cattlemens sources their steaks from Harris Ranch and every single slab of meet that they procure is of the highest, blue ribbon quality only. To ensure the tenderness of their steaks, Cattlemens ages their cuts onsite and never use any chemicals throughout any of the prep and cooking processes. What are you waiting for? Go sink your teeth into one of their juicy steaks asap!

12409 Folsom Boulevard, Rancho Cordova, California 95742, Phone: 916-985-3030

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10. The Smart Axe

The Smart Axe
© The Smart Axe

The Smart Axe invites Cordova locals and visitors to stop by and learn a whole new hobby, put in some axe throwing practice or meet up with friends for a fun night out. You need not worry if you have never tried axe throwing before – the friendly team at The Smart Axe is on hand to show you the ropes. Once you have discovered how much fun axe throwing can be, you are sure to want to join their fun league evenings. Axe Throwing is ideal for date nights, birthday parties and team-building events and everyone over 12 years is welcome. While you take part in your 75 minute slot you can enjoy some delicious food and drinks.

11151 Trade Center Drive, Rancho Cordoba, CA 95670, 916 389 0178

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