With over 30 miles of shoreline, several museums with different focuses, a handful of marinas and yacht clubs, several breweries, and many historic landmarks, the entire family is sure to have an amazing time in Richmond, California.

1. Rosie the Riveter/ World War II Home Front National Historical Park

Rosie the Riveter/ World War II Home Front National Historical Park
© Rosie the Riveter/ World War II Home Front National Historical Park

Recognized on the U.S. National Register of Historic Places and as a U.S. National Historical Park, Rosie the Riveter/ World War II Home Front National Historical Park can be found in the heart of Richmond, California. The park preserves the legacy of the United States home front during World War II, in particular, the role of African Americans and women during the tumultuous times. Park attractions include the Ford Richmond Plant, Richmond Shipyards, SS Red Oak Victory, the Atchison Village Housing Project, the Kaiser Richmond Field Hospital, and Rosie Memorial which honors ‘Rosies; or the women who made up much of the workforce in the shipyards.

Visitor Center: 1414 Harbour Way South, Suite #3000/ Oil House, Richmond, CA 94804, Phone: 510-232-5050

2. Marina Bay Trail

Marina Bay Trail
© Courtesy of leszekglasner - Fotolia.com

The Marina Bay Trail gives visitors the opportunity to explore the scenery, wildlife, and history of Richmond’s dynamic southeastern shore. Walk by the water’s edge and visit all eight historical sites, where you can learn about the area’s history from the many markers that are filled with information. Some of the sites you’ll come across include the Ford Assembly Building, Lucretia Edwards Park, Marina Bay Park, Barbara & Jay Vincent Park, Shimada Peace Park, and the Rosie the Riveter Memorial. If you’re a passionate bird watcher be sure to bring your binoculars or if you’re an angler, you can go fishing at high tide with the locals.

3. The Craneway Pavilion

The Craneway Pavilion
© The Craneway Pavilion

The Craneway Pavilion is one of Richmond’s iconic event venues and has been the site of many of the area’s most prominent concerts, productions, and other festivities. The renowned world-class space spans over 45,000 square feet and is sustainably designed in a central location. While attending events at the pavilion, you’ll find yourself right on the waterfront surrounded by breathtaking views of the San Francisco skyline and the Bay. In addition to concerts and productions, the Craneway Pavilion also hosts a number of expos, art shows, and public festivals for people to enjoy. Just visit their website prior to your holiday there to see what’s on the schedule.

1414 Harbour Way S, Richmond, CA 94804, Phone: 510-215-6000

4. Point Pinole

Point Pinole
© Courtesy of Bert Folsom - Fotolia.com

Point Pinole is a regional park that was created in 1973 and includes the Point Pinole Lagoon and the Dotson Family Marsh. Spanning at 2,315 acres, the park is a scenic destination that is popular with the residents and visitors of Richmond. You can spend your time walking the trails through aromatic woods filled with eucalyptus or breezy meadows overflowing with wildflowers. Visitors love the amazing views they’ll come across of the Marin shoreline, Mount Tamalpais, and the San Pablo Bay which is busy with sailboat and shipping traffic. Other features include a visitor center, designated parking area, several picnic sites, restrooms, and more.

5551 Giant Hwy, Richmond, CA 94806, Phone: 888-327-2757

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5. SS Red Oak Victory

SS Red Oak Victory
© SS Red Oak Victory

SS Red Oak Victory is a U.S. military cargo ship that was used during World War II. The ship was built by the Permanente Metals Corporation and is the last surviving ship that was built in the Kaiser Richmond Shipyards during that time. It was saved from the Naval Reserve Fleet and is now a monument dedicated to the people who worked in war-related industries. There are so many amazing aspects of the ship which you can explore including working cranes, the Captain’s quarters, the bridge, a theatre, a great dance floor, a fascinating engine room, and a working 1944 Morse tube radio which can still receive emails and text messages.

1337 Canal Blvd, Richmond, CA 94804, Phone: 510-237-2933

6. Wildcat Canyon Regional Park

Wildcat Canyon Regional Park
© Courtesy of anghinet - Fotolia.com

Open throughout the year, the Wildcat Canyon Regional Park is one of Richmond’s most stunning natural attractions. The park encompasses 2,427 acres and can be found amidst breathtaking hills, ridges, and the Wildcat Creek watershed. It’s a wonderful place to have a quiet evening outdoors and attracts hikers, mountain bikers, and horseback riders. While there, you can also visit the historic Alvarado Park within it which has historic stonework to explore, a wonderful play area for children, designated picnic areas, and access to Wildcat Creek. Hiking and biking along Nimitz Way will let you see picturesque views of the East Bay hills while getting in your exercise.

5755 McBryde Ave, Richmond, CA 94805, Phone: 888-327-2757

7. Riggers Loft Wine Company

Riggers Loft Wine Company
© Riggers Loft Wine Company

Urban winemaking at its best, the Riggers Loft Wine Company is one of Richmond’s most renowned wineries, cideries, tasting rooms, and collective wine bars. It is one of the most beautiful places on the bay to enjoy wine and food; you’ll be able to see dream-like views of San Francisco as drifting sailboats and sea lions pass you by. Enjoy flights or glasses of award-winning wines and ciders by the Far West Cider Co., Irish Monkey Cellars, Carica Wines, and R&B Cellars. Live music featuring Bay Area musicians can be enjoyed on Fridays and Saturdays, while events such as Paint Night, Trivia Night, Game Night, and Oyster Sunday can be enjoyed the rest of the week.

1325 Canal Blvd, Richmond, CA 94804, Phone: 510-233-2065

8. Miller Knox Regional Shoreline

Miller Knox Regional Shoreline
© Courtesy of Jeremy - Fotolia.com

Miller Knox Regional Shoreline is a 307-acre picnic area that can be found right along Richmond’s shoreline. The park offers visitors an array of features and amenities such as a fishing pier, a secluded cove with swimming beach, a model railroad museum, and a historic hilltop which, once you’re there, will give you panoramic views of the north Bay Area. You’ll love having a peaceful picnic on the tree-shaded lawn overlooking the saltwater lagoon, taking a walk through the mile-long trail loop, or seeing the local flora and fauna. Anglers can try to catch popular species such as perch, striped bass, sand dab, and flounder from the park’s fishing pier.

900 Dornan Dr, Richmond, CA 94801, Phone: 888-327-2757

9. Keller Beach Park

Keller Beach Park
© Courtesy of butus - Fotolia.com

Located within Miller Knox Regional Shoreline, Keller Beach Park is an excellent destination for visitors looking to spend the day outdoors enjoying the lovely weather of Richmond. The wide sandy beach is a popular place for families and has numerous amenities to ensure you have a great visit. Facilities include several designated picnic areas, BBQ pits, drinking fountains, shower tower, boat washing area, restrooms, and benches. While there, you’ll come across an array of flora and fauna and may even be able to see one of the largest harbor seal pupping sites in the area just a few miles off the beach.

900 Dornan Dr, Richmond, CA 94801, Phone: 888-327-2757

10. Assemble

© Assemble

While dining at Assemble you’ll also be able to take in one of the most beautiful panoramic views of the Bay Area right from your table. The unique setting, combined with the delicious food, make Assemble a favorite with the residents and visitors of Richmond. They’ve been wowing their patrons since they opened in 2013 and their menu features an array of classic American dishes that diners with varying palates will love. The weekend brunch is a particularly popular menu and includes delicious culinary concoctions such as lobster mac and cheese, jalapeno mussels in white wine butter sauce, chicken and waffles, and a crowd favorite, their buttermilk fried chicken breast.

1414 Harbour Way South, Richmond, CA 94804, Phone: 510-215-6025

11. Huong Tra Restaurant

Huong Tra Restaurant
© Courtesy of alexey_arz - Fotolia.com

Huong Tra is a Vietnamese restaurant and deli that is somewhat of a hidden treasure in the neighborhood. The delicious and authentic delicacies have drawn diners back time and again, and rightly so as the flavors and the portion sizes are incomparable. One of their most popular offerings are their eight different kinds of pho - if you get the time, be sure to try them all. Other delicacies such as the sour catfish soup, crispy prawns with ginger, stir fried squid, and the fried quail display the quality and passion of the kitchen team in their attention to every little detail.

12221 San Pablo Ave #8, Richmond, CA 94805, Phone: 510-234-7428

12. Catahoula Coffee Company

Catahoula Coffee Company
© Catahoula Coffee Company

No visit to Richmond is complete without stopping by the Bay Area’s award-winning roastery, the Catahoula Coffee Company. Local and independent, the cozy cafe is a wonderful place to get together with friends and family for good coffee and good conversation. They only work with local farmers and you can taste the unique flavor of Richmond-style coffee in every sip. The cafe is constantly hosting community events which everyone can participate in; these include art fairs, free java tastings, farmers’ markets, car shows, and musical performances. The premier artisan coffee roaster will have you going back for more throughout your stay in Richmond.

12472 San Pablo Ave, Richmond, CA 94805, Phone: 510-235-0525

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