25 Things to Do in Calistoga

Beautiful Calistoga sits serenely on the northern end of California’s verdant Napa Valley wine country. Peppered with hot springs and wineries, the popular area also features its own Old Faithful geyser and Petrified Forest – Wyoming and Arizona have nothing on Calistoga! Locals embrace a storied past where the town’s founder was the state’s first millionaire and also founder of its first English newspaper and first natural hot springs spa. Mother Nature graces visitors with Mt. St. Helena, Palisade Cliffs, a petrified redwood forest, hot springs, geysers, vineyards, and tranquil rolling hills. Visitors can stroll through charming downtown Calistoga, bike Napa Valley, take wine-tasting tours, view the area from a hot air balloon, visit a brewery or a speed raceway, with these 25 things to do in Calistoga. Photo: Sunil Singh/Fotolia

»Old Faithful Geyser of California

Old Faithful Geyser of California

Old Faithful Geyser of California is situated in Old Faithful Park and Gardens and is, of course, the crown jewel of the park. It’s one of only three geysers in the world with “faithful” status, meaning it predictably erupts with regularity. Visitors should expect eruptions every 20 to 30 minutes. If not, it means an earthquake is likely in the area within a few weeks. Be sure to bring a camera to capture the geyser in different light throughout the day – it’s one of the most photographed scenes in California. The park also includes gardens, a goat farm, an upscale picnic area with bocce courts, a geology museum, and a gift shop. Contact: 1299 Tubbs Lane, Calistoga, CA, Phone: 707-942-6463 Photo: Old Faithful Geyser of California

»Petrified Forest

Petrified Forest

The Petrified Forest outside Calistoga has been the subject of countless scientific researchers since its discovery by Charles Evans, aka Petrified Forest Charley, in 1870. The 3.4 million-year-old forest was petrified as a result of a massive volcanic eruption by now extinct Mt. St. Helena. Thousands of years of permineralization created the detailed petrified wood visitors see today. Besides numerous academic papers, details of the forest appear in Robert Louis Stevenson’s book The Silverado Squatters, a good pre-visit read (free on Kindle). The Bockee family has managed the property for over 100 years. Visitors can take a docent-led 1.5-hour walk on the two half-mile trails or choose a self-guided walking experience. Contact: 4100 Petrified Forest Road, Calistoga, CA, Phone: 707-942-6667 Photo: Charles/Fotolia

»Bale Grist Mill State Historic Park

Bale Grist Mill State Historic Park

The Bale Grist Mill State Historic Park (BGMSHP) was once the social activity center for Napa Valley settlers due to its water-powered grist mill. The original mill and 36-foot wheel was built to grind their wheat and corn into flour and mea; it has been partially restored since 1846 and has been declared a State Historic Landmark. The park features Pioneer Cemetery, the first church of Napa Valley, and a two-mile hiking trail that connects to Bothe-Napa Valley State Park. Guests are welcome to explore the park and participate in historic tours and milling demonstrations on the weekends. Contact: 3369 St. Helena Highway North, St. Helena, CA, Phone: 707-963-2236 Photo: Bale Grist Mill State Historic Park

»Bothe-Napa State Park

Bothe-Napa State Park

Bothe-Napa State Park sits in the heart of verdant Napa Valley and offers a great place for visitors to camp, swim, picnic, and hike trails. Stunning sets of coastal redwoods, tanoaks, and towering Douglas firs line the hiking trails to create a tranquil setting. Guests are encouraged to take a leisurely stroll of Ritchey Canyon by following the Redwood Trail; they’ll find a natural display of ferns and hear the water trickling down the rugged creek bed. The park also features an on-site swimming pool that’s perfect for warm days and camping options that include historic cabins or funky Yurts. Contact: 3801 St. Helena Highway North, Calistoga, CA, Phone: 707-942-4575 Photo: Bothe-Napa State Park

»Villa Ca'Toga

Villa Ca'Toga

Italian mural artist Carlo Marchiori is one of the top five muralists in the world. Hailing from Venice, Italy, he bought the land where Villa CA’TGOA now sits 30 years after emigrating to the U.S. He promptly began to recreate the aura of Venice and Verona based on Palladian architectural elements with the construction of the villa. Manicured grounds include a sculpture courtyard of statuary, columns, and gates, grotto and Roman theater, Greco-Roman ruins, a Roman pool, hot tub, and fountains. Inside the villa, guests will find a primary salon and six themed rooms. CA’TOGA art gallery houses Marchiori’s world-renowned art at 1206 Cedar Street. Villa tours are seasonal and only take place on Saturday mornings. Contact: 3061 Myrtledale Road, Calistoga, CA, Phone: 707-942-3900 Photo: Villa Ca'Toga

»Castello di Amorosa

Castello di Amorosa

The Castello di Amorosa is inspired by 13th century Tuscan castles and wineries offering wine tasting experiences and guided tours. It features general admission access that allows guests the opportunity to tour its two floors and enjoy a six-wine reserve tasting menu or a five-wine premium tasting menu. For those looking for a more in-depth experience, they can opt for the guided tour and tasting, which includes a walk through the Armory, Grand Barrel Room, and Torture Chamber followed by a private wine tasting. Castello di Amorosa also offers a Royal Food & Wine Pairing Tour, Cheese & Wine Pairing Tour, and Napa Valley Wine Train & Tour. Contact: 4045 Helena Highway, Calistoga, CA, Phone: 707-967-6272 Photo: Melastmohican/Fotolia

»Brian Arden Wines

Brian Arden Wines

Sitting along the Silverado Trail at the edge of Calistoga just below the Palisade Mountains is the vineyard known as Brian Arden Wines. Built on a lifelong dream in 2008, this property opened in 2014, producing a heavenly harvest from well-educated wine lovers. Their state-of-the-art building with hospitality center was opened in 2015 and began offering an extraordinary tasting experience featuring their 2008 Cabernet Franc. Now guests are welcome to come in for a 45-minute wine tasting of five to seven of the winery’s most current releases. Visitors gather in the energetic and upbeat Tasting Room with a knowledgeable guide to walk them through the tasting experience. Contact: 331 Silverado Trail, Calistoga, CA, Phone: 707-942-4767 Photo: Brian Arden Wines

»Calistoga Spa Hot Springs

Calistoga Spa Hot Springs

Calistoga Spa Hot Springs is situated in the heart of charming downtown Calistoga, a great place to relax and feel at ease in the beauty of the Napa Valley. This boutique hotel with an upscale spa is perfect for a romantic getaway or wine tasting excursion. Guests can unwind in their renovated modern rooms with in-room kitchenettes before enjoying one of the hotel’s amazing spa experiences. Visitors are encouraged to rejuvenate their bodies in the geothermal mineral pools, de-stress with a volcanic ash mud massage, or indulge in a covered outdoor mineral whirlpool with temperatures that can reach up to 104 degrees. Contact: 1006 Washington Street, Calistoga, CA, Phone: 707-942-6269 Photo: Calistoga Spa Hot Springs

»Calistoga Speedway

Calistoga Speedway

Calistoga Speedway first opened in 1937 as a car racing venue after promoter “Fancy Pants” persuaded Calistoga residents to turn their one-time horseracing fairgrounds into a horsepower driven track. He got his ingenious idea when the Model A began turning heads and started dominating America’s roadways. His vision never lost its appeal, and it continues to draw racing enthusiasts more than 70 years later. A starting point for legends like Pacheteau, Figone, and Normi, to this day it serves as the speedway for sprint cars who take on the straightaways at more than 120-miles-per-hour competing in annual events like the 10th Annual Louie Vermeil Classic. Contact: 1435 North Oak Street, Calistoga, CA, Phone: 707-942-5111 Photo: Calistoga Speedway

»Davis Estates

Davis Estates

Davis Estates is a family-run winery in the Calistoga area of Napa Valley. They are dedicated to providing a sustainable environment and producing premier wines. Visitors are welcome to sit on their outdoor terrace, which boasts stunning panoramic views of the estate and northern Napa Valley. They also offer an array of intimate tasting experiences including the Terrace Tasting, Terrace Wine & Food Pairing, Historic Tour & Tasting, and Library Tasting. The VIP Experience is the perfect tour for serious wine enthusiasts, with a behind-the-scenes look at the property that ends with a platter of seasonal gourmet bites and private tasting in the VIP Crush Room. Things to Do in Napa Valley Contact: 4060 Silverado Trail, Calistoga, CA, Phone: 707-942-0700 Photo: Davis Estates

»Gourmet Retreats

Gourmet Retreats

Visionary chef Lana Richardson merged her greatest passions when she opened Gourmet Retreats. She left her thriving catering business to open a bed and breakfast where she also teaches cooking classes. Guests visiting the CasaLana bed and breakfast will not only enjoy a relaxing getaway in Napa Valley, but also be able to participate in Gourmet Retreats cooking classes tailored to their timeline, needs, and desires. Classes range in length from five-hour sessions to five-day cooking retreats and are designed for food enthusiasts and avid home cooks. All equipment is provided, and classes take place in the professional kitchen with ingredients that come straight from the onsite gardens. Contact: 1316 South Oak Street, Calistoga, CA, Phone: 707-942-0615 Photo: romablack/Fotolia

»Heibel Ranch Vineyards

Heibel Ranch Vineyards

Heibel Ranch Vineyards is a family-owned-and-operated “old school” Napa Valley winery opened in 2001. They’re as committed to sustainability as they are to serving premier wines like their Cabernet Sauvignon, Zinfandel, and Petite Sirah. They offer wine tastings in a newly opened Tasting Car, a one-of-a-kind tasting experience aboard an actual railcar, with interesting selections like the 2013 Captain Bubba Napa Valley red. Guests are also encouraged to partake in one of their Back Country Tours where they can walk the 185-acre ranch with guide Trent and his dog Chachi while sipping delicious wines and nibbling from a rustic cheese, salami, and olive assortment. Contact: 1458 Lincoln Avenue – Railcar 12, Calistoga, CA, Phone: 707-341-3351 Photo: Heibel Ranch Vineyards

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»Huge Bear at the Bank Tasting Saloon

Huge Bear at the Bank Tasting Saloon

Huge Bear Winery is dedicated to celebrating the spirit of California but most importantly to bringing the history of Sonoma County and Knights Valley to life through their delectable wines. They are known for creating intense, well-balanced wines that feature a seductive fruit concentration. All of their wines are hand-crafted and made in small batches in order to keep the bear’s rugged spirit intact and are meant to be shared with friends and family. Guests are welcome to come into the Bank Tasting Saloon to enjoy a few of their select wines, including Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, and Cabernet Sauvignon. Contact: 1373 Lincoln Avenue, Calistoga, CA, Phone: 707-341-3414 Photo: 5second/Fotolia

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»Indian Springs Art Gallery

Indian Springs Art Gallery

Indian Springs Art Gallery is located in the Indian Springs Resort, but it is open to the public as a free attraction in the Calistoga area. This quaint gallery features contemporary and modern art pieces that include sculptures, paintings, photographs, pottery, and more. It famously rotates contributing artists and exhibitions with regularity, making both artist and art accessible to visitors. Oftentimes, guests will have the chance to speak directly with featured artists and even watch them work inside the artists’ studio in the back. Some of their collections include abstract paintings, intricate sculptures using wire and glass, and semi-nude and nude photographs of the female form. Contact: 1506 Lincoln Avenue, Calistoga, CA, Phone: 707-307-3099 Photo: cascoly2/Fotolia

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»Napa Valley Winery Bike Tour

Napa Valley Winery Bike Tour

The Napa Valley Winery Bike Tour company provides guided, self-guided, private group, and corporate team building biking opportunities to visitors. Many consider biking the best way to explore wine country because it’s such an immersive experience. Riders can join daily guided tours like the Classic Napa Valley Bike Tour where a knowledgeable tour guide leads the way from winery to winery or follow a detailed route with planning guide for a self-paced, self-guided experience. Independent types can also rent bikes and either explore on their own with a map provided by the shop, set off on one of their Top 9 Local Rides, or check out the car-free Napa Valley Vine Trail. Contact: 3259 California Boulevard, Napa, CA, Phone: 707-944-2953 Photo: Napa Valley Winery Bike Tour

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»Palmer House

Palmer House

Three-story French Victorian Judge Palmer House sits distinctively among 100-year-old elm trees along the edge of Pioneer Park in Calistoga. The meticulously refurbished house features exterior details like a French mansard roof, four porch columns with Victorian lattice work, and original window work, but it is the inside that is truly enchanting. The interior décor features a blue and gold color palette, original French vintage framed posters, antique framed European landscapes, and traditional Victorian furnishings. The house has a long reputation of alleged hauntings – Mrs. Palmer in the master bedroom, a servant girl in the third floor hallway, a Madam from its brothel days at the foot of the stairs, and two boys in the yard outside. Contact: 1300 Cedar Street, Calistoga, CA, Phone: 707-942-6333 Photo: Palmer House

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»Sharpsteen Museum

Sharpsteen Museum

Sharpsteen Museum is dedicated to preserving Calistoga and upper Napa Valley history. It specializes in the area’s pre-history era to post World War I. Permanent exhibits highlight area changes during early U.S. emigration and development. Academy-award winning Disney animator Ben Sharpsteen and his wife Bernice built the museum that the family still runs. The technique of using elaborate dioramas of the town’s beginnings, including the 1860s resort built around the area’s hot springs, makes visiting the museum a unique and dynamic experience. The museum’s founder’s room displays Sharpsteen’s career memorabilia and one of his Oscars. A restored cottage from the original 1860s hot springs resort adjoins the museum building. Contact: 1311 Washington Street, Calistoga, CA, Phone: 707-341-2443 Photo: Sharpsteen Museum

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»Sterling Vineyards

Sterling Vineyards

A well-respected Napa Valley winery, Sterling Vineyards boasts an array of distinctive wines that result from their collection of ten single vineyard estates. The historical winery features stunning modern stucco architecture capped by two towers with salvaged bells from St. Dunstan’s Church in East London that ring on the quarter-hour. Guests choose from three tasting levels: general admission with self-guided winery tour and current release tastings, sit-down tastings of limited release wines with artisan cheese and charcuterie, or one-hour food and wine pairing with educational tastings. All tasting experiences begin with a ride from the parking area to the winery on Napa Valley’s only aerial tram. Contact: 1111 Dunaweal Lane, Calistoga, CA, Phone: 800-726-6136 Photo: Sterling Vineyards

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»Tank Garage Winery

Tank Garage Winery

Tank Garage Winery is located in a repurposed gas station from the 1930s. The spirited winery has created a collection of “one-off” wines that reflect the owners’ tastes and lifestyles. Forty-five minute tastings take place in their lubrication bar exploring four of their California wines. There’s also a hush-hush secret back room experience here. The winery hosts private events and large parties with reservations. They also host industry tastings for current owners/employees of local Sonoma and Napa Valley wineries, vineyard farmers, tour drivers, restaurants, and others in the industry. Besides their bottles of new releases, they sell fun winery swag. Contact: 1020 Foothill Boulevard, Calistoga, CA, Phone: 707-942-8265 Photo: Tank Garage Winery

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»T-Vine Winery

T-Vine Winery

T-Vine Winery was founded in 1992 and has built a tradition of small lots of unique wines from old vines that come from seasoned growers. The tradition continues with the winery’s acquisition by vinters Jim Regusci and James Harder in 2009. They retain a passion for the original big, juicy, fruity wines and are always looking for rare vineyards that they find interesting to add to their selections. They describe the wines at T-Vine as “wines the feel like you jumped into a blackberry tangle on a bright summer’s day.” Tastings for their juicy, single-vineyard are relaxed and unpretentious. Contact: 810 Foothill Boulevard, Calistoga, CA, Phone: 707-942-1543 Photo: T-Vine Winery

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»Von Strasser Winery

Von Strasser Winery

Rudy von Strasser began von Strasser Winery in 1990 in the Diamond Mountain District of Napa Valley. The master wine maker was educated at the famed U.C. Davis Enology School, after which he worked at Robert Mondavi Winery and interned at Chateau Lafite-Rothschild in Montpellier, France. Preparation and hard work has resulted in von Strasser Winery being named Wine and Spirits Magazine Winery of the Year an incredible 13 times. The von Strasser label is renowned for its Cabernet. Signature Tastings feature terroir-centric tastings on a vineyard patio. Wine and Chocolate tastings and Reserve Tastings are also available. The von Strassers have recently acquired Lava Vine Winery, which also offers tastings. Contact: 1510 Diamond Mountain Road, Calistoga, CA, Phone: 707-942-0930 Photo: Von Strasser Winery

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»Calistoga Balloons

Calistoga Balloons

Calistoga is a quaint town on the north end of Napa Valley, a place made famous by the multitude of geothermal hot springs, and an area known for healing, relaxation, and beauty. Guests of Calistoga Balloons can view the area in a completely unique way where hot air balloon rides are never the same. These tours set off each morning before dawn and glide visitors over some of the area’s most distinctive geological places. Hot springs, geysers, including Old Faithful Geyser California, Palisade Cliffs, Mount St. Helena, and several vineyards are just a few of the scenic vistas that delight visitors on any given trip. Contact: 1458 Lincoln Avenue, Suite 15, Calistoga, CA, Phone: 707-942-5758 Photo: Calistoga Balloons

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»Calistoga Bike Shop

Calistoga Bike Shop

The Calistoga Bike Shop offers one self-guided wine tour and various customizable guided tours through Calistoga, as well as the opportunity to simply rent bikes. Their Cool Wine Tour is completely self-guided, allowing guests to choose their own check in times and routes without the hassle of a schedule. Upon arrival at the bike shop, each person is completely fitted with bikes, gear, and free wine-tasting wristbands for the select wineries they want to visit and are given a guided map to locate each one. For those looking for a guided biking tour experience, they offer customizable wine, road, and mountain biking tours to fit any wine connoisseur’s preferences. Contact: 1318 Lincoln Avenue, Calistoga, CA, Phone: 707-942-9687 Photo: Calistoga Bike Shop

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»Calistoga Inn Brewery

Calistoga Inn Brewery

The Calistoga Inn Brewery was opened in 1987 and was the first commercial beer brewery after the end of Prohibition. They feature four signature beers, Calistoga Pilsner, Red Ale, Wheat Ale, and Porter, as well as several seasonal beers brewed yearly, including a Dugan Oatmeal Stout and German Kolsch, among others. The brewery produces 450 barrels each year and sells 22-ounce hand-filled bottles made in their seven-barrel, gas-fired brewhouse. They’ve won countless awards for their beers finishing in both the bronze and gold categories, including wins at the Great American Beer Fest in Denver, Colorado. Guests can tour the brewery Monday through Friday year-round. Contact: 1250 Lincoln Avenue, Calistoga, CA, Phone: 707-942-4101 Photo: Calistoga Inn Brewery

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25 Best Things to Do in Calistoga