One of the major reasons so many people visit the United States of America each year is to appreciate the admire the country’s immense variety of landscapes. All around the nation, the scenery can shift and change into every form imaginable, from dry sandy desserts to towering mountain ranges and colossal canyons. The same can be said of the nation’s beaches, which can change dramatically in appearance as one moves down the eastern coast, along the southern shores that separate the mainland from the Gulf of Mexico, and round onto the Pacific Coast. The beaches of America are all different and unique, with many of the prettiest spots being found in California.

1. Laguna Beach

Laguna Beach
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If you're looking for a quiet and calm beach experience near Anaheim, Laguna Beach might be your best option. It's not too far from the city along the Pacific Highway and is easily accessible, but not as popular or crowded as other nearby locations. This extensive beach is broken up by rocky formations that can be a lot of fun to explore, and Laguna Beach is simply perfect for families with kids of any age who like to climb around and discover secret spaces.

There are plenty of secluded spots to be found along this beach and the conditions are just right for all kinds of activities, from simple strolls along the sand to surfing and diving. If you want to make the most of the local town’s amenities, it makes sense to stick to the central area of the beach, but if you’ve brought your own gear and food, you can feel free to explore the beach at your leisure as it runs for several miles in both directions.

2. Huntington Beach Near Anaheim

Huntington Beach Near Anaheim
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One of the closest beaches to the city of Anaheim is Huntington Beach. It's about 20 miles away, so you can get to this beach in half an hour when the traffic is good, and it's definitely worth the trip. Huntington Beach is huge, stretching out for over three miles in length. It's an exceptionally popular beach due to its beauty and amenities, but there's always a lot of room for everyone to spread out due to the beach's enormous size.

Many surfers and water sports enthusiasts gather here, and the beach has even earned the nickname 'Surf City' due to the excellent wave-riding conditions that can be found here. Huntington Beach always has a lively atmosphere with a lot going on, and various special events and live entertainment shows are organized here throughout the year. There's a long fishing pier to stroll along and some beautiful views all around.

3. Seal Beach Near Anaheim

Seal Beach Near Anaheim
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Only a half hour drive from Anaheim, Seal Beach is the exact opposite of a built-up, touristic area so it's a good stop for backpackers looking for a comfortable beach with an 'off the beaten track' vibe. It’s actually only a couple of miles down the road from Huntington Beach but offers a very different kind of atmosphere, perfect for couples to sit and watch the sunset or families to play in the sand without feeling crowded.

This beach is perhaps best known for its huge fishing pier, which is actually the second longest of its kind in all of California. Right at the end of the pier, you'll be able to find a retro diner offering some tasty meals and stunning ocean views. The local town is also a real delight to explore, with a lot of charming antique shops and fine dining locations.

4. Mothers Beach Near Anaheim

Mothers Beach Near Anaheim
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Less than half an hour from Anaheim, Mothers Beach is another top coastal location for people in need of some fun in the sun. It's part of the Long Beach area, which features a couple of different beaches to explore, but Mothers Beach is actually situated in a little sheltered cove with very warm, gentle waters and a lot of useful amenities. This is a really family-friendly beach, with picnic tables, play areas, volleyball courts, and other useful features to provide a full day of activities for people of all ages.

Kayaking and stand-up paddleboarding can be enjoyed here, with classes and guided tours being held on a regular basis. Concession stands are found here too and the waters are totally peaceful, just right for swimming. One thing to note about Mothers Beach, however, is that this is a very popular spot and can quickly get busy on weekends or special occasions, so it pays to get here early and claim your spot before the crowds build up.

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5. More Info About Beaches Near Anaheim

More Info About Beaches Near Anaheim
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Home to several major attractions like the Disneyland Resort theme parks and Anaheim Convention Center, Anaheim is one of the most popular touristic cities in the Golden State. Situated in Orange County, Anaheim isn't actually on the coast but is only a short drive away from some top class Californian beaches. Less than 30 miles from the city, several terrific beaches can be found, all offering their own unique sights, sounds, and opportunities. Whether you're looking to swim, surf, sunbathe, or have fun with water sports, you'll find a beach to meet your needs near Anaheim.

Best Beaches Near Anaheim

As previously stated, Anaheim isn’t a coastal city, but it’s only a couple of dozen miles inland, so getting to the beach from Anaheim is very easy. The city is close to a lot of super beaches that are perfect for day trips or weekends away, and it only takes about half an hour to get to the closest beach. Read through our guide below to learn all about the best beaches near Anaheim.