With centuries of history behind it, Lake Erie, Ohio is a must-visit location for nature lovers and outdoor enthusiasts. It's home to all kinds of wildlife and surrounded by majestic scenery that never gets old.

Admiring that scenery from one of Lake Erie's many beaches is a wonderful way to spend some time, and there are lots of great shoreline locations spread out along the lake. Let's take a closer look at some of the best beaches at Lake Erie.

1. Fairport Harbor

Fairport Harbor
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Not far from Cleveland, Ohio, Fairport Harbor Lakefront Park is another beautiful beach location at Lake Erie.

The full park covers 20 acres of land, offering a lot of space for everyone to enjoy. As well as the soft sands and inviting waters of the lake itself, this beach also features a lighthouse and marine museum.

Concessions can be found offering a range of tasty snacks and drinks, and there are also kayak and canoe rental operators in this area proposing various guided tours of Lake Erie.

2. Crystal Beach

Crystal Beach
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Perhaps the best beach on the Canadian shore of Lake Erie, OH, Crystal Beach is a south-facing beach and was named after the crystal waters of the lake itself.

The area was once a huge tourist attraction, being home to the famous Crystal Beach Amusement Park, which ran for over a century before closing in the late 1980s.

The park has since been replaced by an elite gated community, the Crystal Beach Tennis and Yacht Club, and the area is also home to a spa, yoga studio, and various upscale eateries.

It's a great place to spend a day and the beach benefits from gentle slopes into the water and cool breezes that are very welcome on sunny summer days.

3. Lake Erie Beaches: Geneva State Park

Lake Erie Beaches: Geneva State Park
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This is only a small beach, stretching out for just a few hundred feet in total, but it's one of Lake Erie's true little gems.

Geneva State Park Beach is equipped with a marina, hiking trails, a picnic area, and even a campsite. Lifeguards are also employed at this location, which is a very popular Lake Erie swimming spot.

Crowds can gather here in summer, so this isn't the best beach for people who want privacy, but it's definitely one of the top spots to enjoy the waters and views of Lake Erie.

4. Lake Erie Beaches: Edgewater Park Beach

Lake Erie Beaches: Edgewater Park Beach
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For Cleveland residents and visitors, it's hard to find any better beach than Edgefront Park Beach.

Easily reached from the downtown districts of the city, this beach offers a full park experience, with benches, picnic tables, play areas, and incredible views of the city skyline that blends slowly into the natural scenery of Lake Erie itself.

Since this is one of the main Lake Erie beaches for Cleveland, it can get quite busy at certain times of year, especially during the summer and on special occasions like the 4th of July, but it's quite a spacious area with a lot of room to cope with big crowds.

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5. Lake Erie Beaches: Presque Isle State Park

Lake Erie Beaches: Presque Isle State Park
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Covering around 3,200 acres, Presque Isle is Pennsylvania's only real stretch of shore along Lake Erie and is a highly popular recreation location for the state and surrounding area. 'Presque Isle' is a French term which translates to 'Almost Island' due to the fact that this particular patch of land is very close to being an island but is still connected to the mainland by a slim stretch of land. Presque Isle is open throughout the day and is a popular area for all kinds of outdoor activities like swimming, fishing, hiking, and boating. The beach stretches out all around Presque Isle, offering a lot of space to cater to large numbers of guests. You'll have a good chance of seeing some wildlife here and various special events are sometimes organized at Presque Isle too.

6. Beaches Near Me: Cedar Point

Beaches Near Me: Cedar Point
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Cedar Point is more known for its rollercoasters and attractions than its beach, but the 'Roller Coaster Capital of the World' also has a lovely lakeside location with soft sands and gentle waters. It's only a short step away from the noise and excitement of the rides, but offers a nice relaxing spot that is distinctly separate from the park itself. Plenty of great amenities can be found right nearby, including restaurants and hotels, so Cedar Point is an excellent Lake Erie beach to check out if you’re in the area for a few days.

7. Headlands Beach State Park

Headlands Beach State Park
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Located near Cleveland, Headlands Beach is undoubtedly one of the best beaches along the shores of Lake Erie. The mile-long sandy beach offers ideal conditions for relaxing, soaking up the sun, swimming and picnicking. The beach is free to visit and amenities like changing rooms, rest rooms and concession areas have been provided for your convenience. At the east end of the beach there is a fishing area where you could be lucky enough to land a variety of fish. The State Park which surrounds the beach area is very rich in endemic plant species which you can admire as you explore one of the hiking trails.

9601 Headlands Rd, Mentor, OH 44060, 440 466 8400

8. Closest beach to me: East Harbor State Park

Closest beach to me: East Harbor State Park
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As the name suggests, East Harbor State Park is located towards the eastern end of Lake Erie, where it is a much-loved outdoor recreation area. The park offers a great 1.5mile stretch of sandy beach (with concessions) as well as a multitude of opportunities for water sports, boating and fishing. The beach and surrounding park are perfect for a day visit but there is also a campground for those who would like to linger a bit longer and explore the bird-filled wetlands and the 7-mile system of hiking trails. The East Harbor Beach is very popular in summer and attracts thousands of avid sun seekers.

1169 N. Buck Rd, Lakeside Marblehead, OH 43440, 419 734 4424

9. Beach Near Me: Long Point Provincial Park

Beach Near Me: Long Point Provincial Park
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Long Point Provincial Park is open from early May to late October each year, offering a wide range of fun outdoor activities for the whole family to enjoy. The park is the 4th oldest provincial park in Ontario and was established more than 100 years ago. One of the most prominent draw cards for visitors is the 1.5mile stretch of sandy beach where children can build castles and everyone can enjoy the sunshine and the swimming. Facilities include a serviced campground for tents and RV’s, a boat launch, dog park, children’s playground and other essentials like showers and restrooms. Activities include swimming, paddling, boating, fishing, hiking and biking.

350 Erie Blvd, Port Rowan, ON N0E 1M0, Canada, 519 586 2133

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10. Lake Erie Beaches: Rock Point Provincial Park

Lake Erie Beaches: Rock Point Provincial Park
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From May to October each year the Rock Point Provincial Park near Dunnville Ontario offers visitors a wonderful outdoor recreational facility. The park has a 1km stretch of beach with a rocky area comprised of the exposed fossils of a prehistoric coral reef, which is great fun to explore. There is a serviced camp ground for tent campers and RV enthusiasts, a park store, picnic shelters, children’s playground and a 2km hiking trail. Park activities include swimming, boating, fishing, cycling, hiking, hunting and wildlife watching. If you visit in fall you may be lucky enough to observe the amazing Monarch butterfly migration.

215 Niece Rd, Dunnville, ON N1A 2X5, Canada, 905 774 6642

11. Turkey Point Provincial Park

Turkey Point Provincial Park
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Open from early May through October each year, the Turkey Point Provincial Park invites visitors to come and spend a pleasant day out enjoying the beach and all the other recreational activities. The beach benefits from shady overhanging trees and the water is ideal for young children, offering shallow buoyed swimming and paddling. The other park facilities include a serviced campground for tents and RV’s, a dog beach and pet exercise area, picnic shelters, children’s playground and showers. There are 3 hiking trails to explore on foot or by bike and other activities include fishing, boating and paddling and kite boarding.

194 Turkey Point Rd, Turkey Point, ON N0E 1T0, Canada, 519 426 3239

12. More Info About Lake Erie Beaches:

More Info About Lake Erie Beaches:
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North America is home to some incredible lakes, but none are quite as special as the five Great Lakes. A true natural wonder, the Great Lakes of North America are mostly found stretching across the Canada-United States border in the mid-eastern region of the continent. Of these lakes, Lake Erie is the fourth biggest. Bordered by Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and New York, as well as the Canadian province of Ontario, Lake Erie has around 799 miles of shoreline in total, with an additional 72 miles when including the lake's various islands.

This means that Lake Erie is home to a lot of excellent beaches, especially in the state of Ohio. Lake Erie beaches provide astounding views of the lake itself and surrounding scenery, and each one is perfectly unique, with its own advantages and features. Some of Lake Erie's beaches are relatively untouched, offering pure beach-going experiences that eco-tourism enthusiasts will undoubtedly adore, while others feature various amenities like restrooms, concessions, equipment rentals, play area, and organized activities like kayaking and paddle boarding.

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