We all know about the world's biggest tourist destinations, but the problem with the most popular places is that crowds can build up and make everything too busy and noisy to really enjoy, so it's no surprise that more and more people are looking for alternatives, and many of them are turning to Africa. In particular, South Africa is standing out as one of the best places to book a vacation these days. The biggest country in the southern part of Africa, South Africa is one of the continent's most popular tourism destinations. This diverse, vibrant country offers everything you could hope to find on a trip to Africa, including stunning cities, wild safaris, breathtaking scenery, and some world class beaches. And if you’re planning a South Africa vacation, Cape Town is the place to be. CDC information for travelers. Hours/availability may have changed.

1.Clifton Beach

Clifton Beach
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Technically, there are four different Clifton Beaches in total, but they're all connected and most people, both locals and tourists, refer to the whole area as 'Clifton Beach'. Even if you haven't yet visited the country for yourself, you've probably already caught several glimpses of Clifton Beach in photos of beaches of South Africa in ads or brochures. With startlingly white sands and magical blue waters, this beach is a traveler's paradise. Lots of people flock to Cape Town just to visit Clifton Beach, so crowds can definitely build up here, especially during the summer months of the Southern Hemisphere, but the crowds don't take anything away from the beauty of this beach.

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2.Camps Bay Beach

Camps Bay Beach
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The first thing you can't help noticing about Camps Bay Beach is the views. From executive villas to the distant mountains, the scenery at this Cape Town beach is enough to leave you standing and staring in awe, making Camps Bay Beach a fine spot to simply walk along the water's edge, feeling the waves washing over your feet as you admire the picture-perfect landscapes all around you. There's a real deluxe feel about this beach, with a lot of stylish young people and even the odd celebrity being spotted here from time to time. In short, it's one of the best beaches in Cape Town and an unmissable part of any South African vacation.

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3.Boulders Beach

Boulders Beach
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When people think of Africa, they think of wildlife. The continent is home to huge swathes of wilderness and countless species, including the African Penguin. If you want to catch a glimpse of these flightless furry friends for yourself, Boulders Beach is the place to be. It's a short distance outside Cape Town but definitely worth the detour as it's the only place in the world where you can really get up close to the penguins in their natural habitat. Several boardwalks can be found around the beach, allowing visitors to get some great views and make memories they'll never forget.

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This beach is a little distance outside of Cape Town, resulting in a calmer, quieter environment, and it's definitely worth the trip. You'll only spend about 20 minutes in the car getting to Bloubergstrand from downtown Cape Town, and you'll be rewarded for your efforts with a picturesque stretch of sand that has been ranked as one of the best beaches in all of Africa on multiple occasions. Ideal for water sports like kitesurfing, windsurfing, and more, Bloubergstrand is a wonderful location for thrill-seekers but is equally well-suited for families and couples.

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5.Muizenberg Beach

Muizenberg Beach
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If you're on the lookout for the best family beach in Cape Town, Muizenberg Beach is the one for you. Colorful, old-fashioned beach huts line the edge of the sand at this location, creating a cute aesthetic that kids will particularly appreciate. Muizenberg Beach has been popular with people young and old in Cape Town for many years now and continues to be a top spot to visit when the sun is shining and the temperatures are warm. This is also one of the safest beaches in the Cape Town area and offers lovely swimming conditions and plenty of convenient amenities.

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6.More Info

More Info
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The capital of South Africa's Western Cape province, Cape Town is one of the biggest and greatest cities of the African nation. It is the home of South Africa's parliament and is one of the country's three capital cities, along with Bloemfontein and Pretoria. It's also the oldest major city in the country, being established by Dutch colonists in the 17th century, meaning that Cape Town has a lot of history behind it and a lot of interesting sites to visit. The city is also known for its gorgeous natural landscapes, landmarks, and beaches. Clifton Beach is one of the most famous beaches in Cape Town, but there are several others for visitors and locals to enjoy.

Best Beaches in Cape Town

With a long and rugged coastline made up of both rocky and sandy areas, Cape Town's beaches have a lot of variety. Each beach seems to almost have its own personality, and some of them can get very busy with locals and tourists, while others tend to be more secluded and peaceful. Whatever kind of beach vibe you're looking for, you'll find it here. Read on to learn all about the best beaches in Cape Town.

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5 Best Cape Town Beaches

More Ideas: Table Mountain

The flat-topped Table Mountain overlooks Cape Town, South Africa and is a lush vista of local flora and fauna and offers abundant exploration opportunities for adventurous tourists. Visitors will find many hiking paths of various difficulties as well as rock climbing and spelunking opportunities in and around the unique sandstone formations.


The plateau was once the lower part of a valley and eventually eroded into the formation known today. The Table Mountain Sandstone Formation is what makes up this flat table, and it represents the remains of a much larger formation that long ago was capped by tillite, which is the soft sediment left by glacier movements. This softer layer eroded away, leaving the flat top. An environment rich in biodiversity, the Table Mountain has been inhabited as far back as 2000 years, with prehistoric tribes making their home and bringing livestock. It was then explored by the Portuguese navigator António de Saldanha in 1503 who was the first person with a recorded ascent and occupied by the British in 1796. A hundred years later, the local population had built dams along the Back Table's reservoirs to supply water for Cape Town. In 1989 the area was declared a national park, and throughout its history it has been the site of many wildfires. In 2011 Table Mountain was named one of the New7Wonders of Nature.

Permanent Attractions

For a full view of the local vistas, visitors can take the Table Mountain Cableway. Starting at Tafelberg Road at 302 meters above sea level and ascending over 700 meters, the upper station allows visitors to view the whole of Cape Town, Robben Island, Table Bay, and the Atlantic Seaboard. At the top station can be found curio shops, walking trails, and a restaurant.

Table Mountain will be well known for its walking and hiking trails. A steep climb, there are trails of many difficulties for locals and visitors to enjoy as they ascend and descend the natural wonder. A prominent and popular ascent is Platteklip Gorge, a trail with a par of 2.5 hours that can prove quite a challenge. There are longer routes still, including the Back Table, Skeleton Gorge, and Nursery Ravine. For a gradual trail, hikers might take The Bridle Path. Many more paths still can be found all around the mountain.

There are also jeep tracks perfect for mountain biking. Along the route heading to the Block House and Plum Pudding Hill are two such trails available for bike riding. For a greater challenge, rock climbing is a common pastime. Many climbing routes are available on cliffs, found below the upper cable station. Traditional climbing is the only form allowed, though commercial groups are available for abseiling services.

For nature-loving visitors, Table Mountain possesses an uncommonly rich biodiversity. Once named the Terra de Fume because of the frequency of historical fires, the locale boasts a beautiful ecosystem adapted to wildfire. Tourists venturing across the wilds of this World Heritage Site will see vegetation unique to the mountain range, including the native fynbos shrub family. Visitors will be able to see a variety of small creatures flourishing in the fynbos, including porcupines, snakes, tortoises, mongooses, and lizards. Eagles, kestrels, and buzzards may soar overhead.

Delving deeper into the ancient formation, visitors can find unique sandstone cave systems. While most caves are made in limestone, the Wynberg Caves, and other systems local to this area offer an uncommon formation for spelunkers to experience. Meanwhile, at the top of the mountain can be seen the world's only constellation named for a land formation: the Mensa. Seen below Orion in mid-July around midnight, this constellation was named by Nicolas de Lacaille, a French astronomer, in the mid-18th century.

Special Events

Caving meets, and socials are held by local groups monthly to explore the Wynberg Caves and other systems for tourists interested in seeing more of the underground. Upon request, the South African National Parks will arrange for provisions and luggage to be delivered to cottages and camps along the hiking trails. Local companies offer regular hiking tours, as well.

Dining and Shopping

Restaurants and curio shops are available at the top cable station. Outdoor recreation stores and bookshops are available for supplies, including maps, which are important for many of the hiking routes due to cold and hot weather conditions that can occur during hikes. Along the Hoerikwaggo Trails are tented camps and cottages with public ablution facilities, communal kitchens, and lounges, equipped for 12 persons.

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