Known as “The Niagara of Pennsylvania”, Bushkill Falls is a park located in Bushkill, PA. It is mostly recognized for its large waterfalls and variety of trails. One of the best things to do in the Poconos, Bushkill Falls was officially recognized and founded by Charles E. Peters in 1904. Since it was founded, the Peters family has owned and operated Bushkill Falls.

1. Bushkill Falls Attractions

Bushkill Falls Attractions
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Aside from the various waterfalls and wildlife to see on your weekend getaway at Bushkill Falls, visitors are encouraged to explore the following attractions:

Pennsylvania Wildlife Exhibit is one of the first attractions visitors will come across upon entering Bushkill Falls. The Pennsylvania Wildlife Exhibit explores the variety of animals and horticulture that is located within the area. It’s important to note that while there are animals on display in this exhibit, none of those animals were intentionally killed with the intent to be displayed at this exhibit.

Native American Exhibit is showcased within a life-size longhouse. The artifacts within this exhibit display what life was really like for Native Americans in the area.

“Story of Bushkill Falls” Exhibit tells the detailed story of Charles E. Peters and his family, and how they came to own and operate Bushkill Falls.

Bushkill Falls Mining Company Maze is an interactive maze in which participants are required to find and pass four checkpoints. Ultimately, the goal of the maze is to find all the letters to spell “Gold” and escape the maze in an efficient and quick manner. After escaping the maze, participants with the quickest times will be entered in a monthly drawing with the possibility to win a variety of prizes.

Mining for Gemstones is an interactive attraction in which participants get the opportunity to pretend to be a gold miner. Each participant is given a mining rough, in which they have to sort through to find gems.

2. More Attractions

More Attractions
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Miniature Golf is fun for everyone, regardless of their age. Within the miniature golf course, participants can play each of the 18 holes that are designed with Bushkill Falls in mind.

Hiking Trails are a great way for visitors to explore every aspect of Bushkill Falls. Currently, there are four hiking trails at Bushkill Falls. These hiking trails are:

· Green Trail is approximately a 15 minute trail that is perfect for beginner hikers. Visitors will be able to see clear views to the Main Falls from this trail.

· Yellow Trail is a 45 minute trail that shows visitors views of the Main Falls, Laurel Glen, Lower Gorge Falls, and Upper Canyon.

· Blue Trail is a 1 hour and 15 minute trail that shows visitors crystal clear views of Pennell Falls.

· Red Trail is the hardest trail and takes approximately 2 hours to complete. The Red Trail shows visitors views of all eight waterfalls, especially Bridal Veil Falls.

For more information about the level of difficulty, estimated time, and distance of each of Bushkill Falls’ trails, head over to the park’s official website. It’s important to note that visitors should evaluate each of these factors, as well as their hiking experience and any potential environment or weather hazards prior to committing to hiking a trail.

3. Plan This Vacation

Plan This Vacation
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Since Bushkill Falls offers a variety of attractions and exhibits, there is a minimal amount of educational opportunities. Throughout the year, Bushkill Falls hosts Boy and Girl Scout programs, as well as specialized educational events. For more information, check out the park’s official events calendar.

Throughout the year, Bushkill Falls hosts a variety of public and private special events. Although Bushkill Falls is closed during the winter, they reopen in the spring. Currently, their reopening date has yet to be announced. Thus, Bushkill Falls has not released any information about any upcoming events. In order to obtain an updated list of special events, be sure to visit the park’s online calendar.

If you’re interested in hosting a private event at Bushkill Falls, you have the option of using their pavilion or their popular wedding ceremony venue, which is located at the end of the Falls’ Green Trail. It’s important to note that private events have strict guidelines and must be reserved a few weeks in advanced.

After spending a day exploring Bushkill Falls, don’t forget to stop by one of their gift shops! The four gift shops are the: Main Stand, Nature Nook, Trading Post, and Outfitters. Each gift shop has an array of souvenirs, such as apparel, hats, drinkware, books, and figurines.

It’s easy to get hungry while exploring Bushkill Falls. Visitors can stop by the Snack Bar, which offers a variety of beverages and sandwiches, or the Fudge Kitchen, which serves a combination of funnel cakes, fudge, and ice cream. Also, visitors can bring their own food and use Bushkill Falls’ picnic tables, grills, and pavilions.

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