A richly diverse and fascinatingly vibrant nation with so much history, life, culture, and tradition to uncover, India draws in millions of visitors each and every year. Many people head to India to sample the country's excellent cuisine, visit its temples and spiritual sights, explore its awe-inspiring natural spaces, and engage with the culture through participation in customs and traditions, and you can see and experience the best of what India has to offer in Kerala.

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An Indian state sitting out on the country's gorgeous Malabar Coast, Kerala features close to 600km of Arabian Sea shoreline. It's famous for being the home of some of the most beautiful beaches in Southeast Asia, as well as playing home to the Western Ghats mountain range, where grand tea, coffee, and spice plantations have been nourishing the country, and the world at large, for many years. It's a place where elephants, monkeys, and tigers can be seen too, and you can experience the very best of Kerala with WanderNow.

WanderNow - Travel Experiences in Kerala, India

WanderNow is a leading experiential travel company offering the finest travel experiences in Kerala, India. Specializing in one of India’s prettiest places, WanderNow aims to provide travelers with everything they need to have a magical trip and make the very best memories. Whether you’re heading to Kerala to live like a local, seek out wellness and enlightenment, enjoying a corporate getaway with colleagues, taking a private trip with friends and family, spending some time on a plantation, visiting the area's bountiful beaches, or something else entirely, WanderNow can provide it.

- Full Service - More than just a tour operator or travel agency, WanderNow is a full service travel company, tirelessly planning every aspect of your journey in order to create world class travel experiences that you'll never forget. The most exclusive, tailor-made trips and vacations in Kerala can only be found with WanderNow, as the company's team of travel-loving experts work to take care of absolutely everything, from accommodation and transfers to restaurants, activities, celebrations, and local guides too. In short, when you choose to travel with WanderNow, you can sit back, relax, and know that absolutely all of the little details have been taken care of on your behalf, ready to enjoy the trip of a lifetime.

- So Many Options - Kerala is a place where dreams come true. The area's backwaters, beaches, mountains, forests, nature reserves, villages, plantations, and more offer a veritable world of opportunities and experiences, all waiting to be discovered and enjoyed, and WanderNow helps you live out your own personal Kerala dreams, offering an extraordinary range of experiential trips from camping and farm stays to hill station visits, villages, treehouses, jungle expeditions, houseboat stays, plantation tours, private island getaways, and more. With WanderNow, the only limits are your imagination, as your personal travel advisors will help you plan out and arrange a trip to remember.

Examples of Experiential Trips to Kerala with WanderNow

As mentioned above, WanderNow is able to offer a quite astonishing number and variety of travel experiences in Kerala. Here are just a few examples:

- Chembra Valley, Vythiri - If you want to get away from it all, a trip to Chembra Valley, Vythiri, is the perfect option you can choose. You'll feel totally disconnected from all the pressures, stresses, and needless technologies of modern life, able to connect with nature like never before as your explore uncharted forests, hiking and adventuring like never before through thick, dense, wilderness. You'll enjoy tasty local food, cooked out in the open, living the life of a true explorer each and every day.

- Own A Private Island - Millions of people dream of spending just a single day on a private island or somehow owning their own island someday. You can live out that fantasy with the Own A Private Island trip from WanderNow. You'll get to enjoy the maximum privacy and intimacy, experiencing the unique pleasure of having all your own space, able to explore the island, dive into your own private space, feel free of noise and crowds, and meet the local wildlife, enjoying lots of organic food and delicious Kerala cuisine.

- Tales of Vembanad - A good option to choose if you're looking for a full, all-round experience of what Kerala and WanderNow can offer, the Tales of Vembanad experiential tour lets you spend time both on land and at sea. You'll take a Shikara cruise, exploring backwater islands, going clam picking, riding in a canoe, meeting native fishermen, and more out on the water, while visiting a local temple, taking a walk around the village, enjoying traditional food and customs, and even learning the local art of coconut leaf weaving. website