The town of Mountain View, Arkansas is famous for preserving the traditional music and folkways of the state, with the Ozark Folk Center State Park as one of its main attractions.

Along with music, the town is offers antique shops, music stores, outdoor recreational activities, and numerous delicious dining options.

1. Blanchard Springs Recreation Area

Blanchard Springs Recreation Area
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Situated within the Ozark National Forest, the Blanchard Springs Recreation Area is a good place to start with any adventure in the Ozarks.

The scenic Ozark Mountains are well known for their clear streams, waterfalls, hidden caverns, and rolling hills.

The facilities of the recreation area are located near crystal clear streams and picturesque rock bluffs, and the various sites are shaded well by stately pine trees.

Mirror Lake offers excellent opportunities for trout fishing, and other recreational activities can be found here as well, such as swimming, hiking, and mountain biking.

The campgrounds on site provide various types of campsites.

1001 E Main St, Mountain View, AR 72560, Phone: 870-757-2211

2. Ozark Folk Center State Park

Ozark Folk Center State Park
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The Ozark Folk Center State Park in Arkansas is a one-of-a-kind park in the United States, and the only park dedicated to the culture, craft, and music of the Ozarks. Located in the world’s “Folk Music Capital,” the park provides visitors with a rare chance to watch several artisans at work, listen to music playing through the hills, and walk among herb gardens. The Ozark Folk Center is typically open beginning the middle of April until the middle of November, with features such as the Craft Village in which guests can see numerous artisans working to create things like baskets, iron work, pottery, and more.

1032 Park Ave, Mountain View, AR 72560, Phone: 870-269-3851

3. Loco Ropes, Mountain View, AR

Loco Ropes, Mountain View, AR
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Loco Ropes, located in the Ozark Folk Center State Park in Mountain View, offers a state-of-the-art experience in treetop adventure. Mountain View is has been named one of the country’s “50 Great Adventure Towns” by National Geographic Adventure Magazine, so it of course makes sense for the town ot have an adventurous treetop rope course. Loco Ropes features three different rope segments that together have a total of over thirty challenges designed to test the strength, agility, endurance, and nerve of those who dare to take them on. The treetop park provides fun for the entire family.

1025A Park Ave, Mountain View, AR 72560, Phone: 888-669-6717

4. OK Trading Post

OK Trading Post
© OK Trading Post

The OK Trading Post of Mountain View offers a unique outdoor experience for anyone who loves the great outdoors and animals. The site provides horseback rides along scenic mountain trails for nearly any sized group and any occasion, as well as overnight camping trips. Trail rides include scenic views of the Ozarks and natural forest. Guests will travel through the scenic forest and along a creek while viewing overlooks with amazing views. There is also a gift shop and a petting zoo at the OK Trading Post. The petting zoo includes goats, sheeps, donkeys, rabbits, deer, and more.

11595 Hwy 14, Mountain View, AR 72560, Phone: 870-585-2217

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5. Stone County Museum

Stone County Museum
© Stone County Museum

The Stone County Museum in Mountain View, Arkansas is open to the public from the middle of April until the end of the month of October. Volunteers typically have the museum open from one until four in the afternoon on Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays. It’s usually advised that visitors coming visiting the museum from out-of-town should call in advance to make sure there will be a volunteer present to assist them. The museum is owned and operated by the Stone County Historical Society, an organization that aims to preserve the history of the people who settled the north-central area of Arkansas.

206 School Ave, Mountain View, AR 72560

6. Peace Pole

Peace Pole
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The Peace Pole of Mountain View was designed and made to be reflective of the wishes of those who live in the Ozarks. They with that the phrase of “May Peace Prevail on Earth” will one day become a reality. The pole itself, stone seating, and the paving were all made by stone quarried from the Stone County area. Nearly every bit of work that went into building the Peace Pol was done by citizens of Stone County. The languages used in the landmark to display the phrase “May Peace Prevail On Earth ” were selected to reflect the region’s early inhabitants.

1112 W Main St, Mountain View, AR 72560

7. Syllamo Mountain Bike Trail, Mtn View, AR

Syllamo Mountain Bike Trail, Mtn View, AR
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The Syllamo Mountain Bike Trail is a network of interconnecting trail loops that provide enthusiasts of mountain biking with approximately fifty miles of mountain bike trail, with much of the trail being single-track. The different loops can be reached from four trailheads in the area, along with the Blanchard Springs Recreation Area. Three of the trailheads can be accessed from Green Mountain Road, while the fourth trailhead is located along AR Highway 5 North. Difficulty along several sections of the trail have various levels of difficulty, ranging from beginner to extreme, during which beginners are recommended to walk their bike.

8. Jack's Fishing Resort, Mountain View, AR

Jack's Fishing Resort, Mountain View, AR
© Jack's Fishing Resort

At Jack’s Fishing Resort, the owners, Mary and Jack, offer many different amenities for visitors to enjoy at their resort. Guests can spend their stay visiting the many attractions in the area, rafting down the river, or fishing for trout. In the evenings, visitors can have a delicious meal at Jojo’s Catfish Wharf before they call it a night in their spacious guest room, several of which offer river views from the screened porch. All guest rooms feature cable television, as well as kitchenettes upon request. Jack’s Fishing Resort also includes an RV park with bathhouse, and a Bar-B-Que Pavilion.

212 Hayden Heights, Mountain View, AR 72560, Phone: 870-585-2121

9. Tommy's Famous, Mtn View, AR

Tommy's Famous, Mtn View, AR
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Tommy’s Famous in Mountain View, Arkansas serves a large menu that includes baby-back ribs, barbecue, calzones, and pizzas. The “Tommy’s Dry Tavern” dining room provides a candelit setting and a bluesy atmosphere. Customers can have a seat at the bar and enjoy one of the area’s best selections of imported and domestic non-alcoholic beer. The bar also boasts a wide view of the restaurant’s kitchen, where they can watch pizza dough flying in the air. All of the food is fresh and prepared from scratch. Tommy’s Famous has been a family owned and operated restaurant in the community since 1991.

205 Famous Pl, Mountain View, AR 72560, Phone: 870-269-3278

10. Anglers Restaurant

Anglers Restaurant
© Anglers Restaurant

The Anglers White River Resort Restaurant, as the name suggests, is located at the Anglers White River Resort in Mountain View, Arkansas. The restaurant provides nearly everything visitors may look for in a great dining experience. The Anglers Restaurant consists of a spacious dining room and a dining patio overlooking the scenic White River, strives to make guests feel right at home through delicious food, exception service, views of the river, and the ideal stop to take in the local culture. Menu items include steak, seafood, pasta, chicken, burgers, sandwiches, and more. Anglers is situated around ten minutes from the town square.

5 AR-9, Mountain View, AR 72560, Phone: 870-585-2226

11. Ozark-St. Francis National Forest, Mtn View, AR

Ozark-St. Francis National Forest, Mtn View, AR
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If you’re looking for a place to just soak up as much of nature’s beauty as possible in Mountain View, look no further than the Ozark – St. Francis National Forest. Though two separate forests, the Ozark – St. Francis National Forest are often referred to as one or spoken of together as they are both managed by the Henry R. Koen Forest Services. The Ozark Forest covers over one million areas with portions stretching to the Matney Mountain in the northwest and the southern Ouachita Mountains. Established in 1908 by way of a presidential proclamation, the Ozark Forest is home to over 500 species of woody plants and trees on its own. Meanwhile, the St. Francis National Forest features 20,946 acres of land in the Lee and Phillips Counties and was established in 1960. It is equally beautiful and is a great place for camping and other nature activities as both parks are home to several multi-use trails.

605 W. Main Street, Russellville, Arkansas 72801, Phone: 479-964-7200

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