The state of Arizona is home to all kinds of natural wonders, including a number of geothermal wonders. A number of hot spring areas can be found throughout the state, providing travelers and locals alike with a memorable outdoor experience. The natural hot springs found in Arizona offer a soothing, healing soak in a state full of wellness retreats. Whether visitors want to marvel at the natural wonders or simply relax after a long, tiring day, the “Grand Canyon State” has many different hot springs to choose from.

1. Castle Hot Springs, Arizona

Castle Hot Springs, Arizona
© Castle Hot Springs

The Castle Hot Springs is a magical and lush oasis that can be found at the end of a dirt road in Castle Hot Springs, Arizona. Nestled within a secluded canyon, visitors will find an ideal environment to relax and unwind in an area where it feels like time has stopped and the worries of everyday life disappear.

The peaceful sounds and crisp desert air surround guests as they soak in hot springs that feature pure mineral waters flowing over rocks to fill the pool. These waters help rejuvenate the spirit, clear the mind, and relax muscles on your day trip. Browse our romantic weekend getaways in Arizona guide for more ideas.

5050 East Castle Hot Springs Rd, Castle Hot Springs, AZ 85342, Phone: 877-600-1137

2. El Dorado Hot Springs, Arizona

El Dorado Hot Springs, Arizona
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Located on Indian School Road in Tonopah, Arizona, the El Dorado Hot Springs are marked by a rather humble looking wooden sign that says “Hot Spring.” Once visitors make their way inside, they will pass a variety of historic artifacts and relics and be greeted by friendly staff.

Guests can choose to relax in the Sunset Pool, which provides stunning views of the Arizona sunset and is surrounded by a living bamboo hedge.

The El Dorado Hot Springs also includes the Corral Pool, which retains a rustic atmosphere, but features a touch of more modern living with a spacious soaking pool.

41225 Indian School Rd, Tonopah, AZ 85354, Phone: 623-386-5412

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3. Hot Springs in Arizona: Essence of Tranquility

Hot Springs in Arizona: Essence of Tranquility
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Essence of Tranquility is a hot springs area and rustic resort located in the Southeast region of Arizona, near the city of Safford. The facility features six different hot springs for guests to choose from, consisting of five private soaking tubs and one communal hot spring area.

The homey area also offers camping and casitas. Clothing is optional in the private hot spring pools, provided doors are closed, but is required in the open, shared public hot springs. Essence of Tranquility is one of the most accessible hot spring areas in the state, where visitors can drive right up to the resort.

6074 S Lebanon Loop Rd, Safford, AZ 85546, Phone: 928-428-9312

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4. Hot Well Dunes Hot Springs, Arizona

Hot Well Dunes Hot Springs, Arizona
© Hot Well Dunes Hot Springs

Considered a gem of the southern Arizona desert, the Hot Well Dunes Hot Springs is a dream hot springs area for off-road enthusiasts.

Located in the center of around two thousand acres of dunes and off-road trails, the primitive hot spring features two gated hot spring tubs for soaking with solar-powered pumps.

Access to these hot springs is dependent on road conditions, as guests will need to drive along a dirt road through land designated for off roading to reach them.

Getting its name from an artisan well, the temperature of the Hot Well Dunes Hot Springs varies with the seasons.

Safford, AZ 85546, Phone: 928-348-4400, (website link)

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5. Kaiser Hot Springs, Arizona

Kaiser Hot Springs, Arizona
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The Kaiser Hot Springs near Wikieup are a simple gravel-bottomed and rock-walled geotherm pool found in the Warm Springs Canyon along the Arizona desert’s beautiful Kaiser Canyon narrows.

The hike to the warm spring down the canyon is around 1.5 miles both ways, with a few small climbs but nothing too difficult.

The walls of the canyon fade into a wide sandy wash as hikers reach the hot springs.

While in the area, Burro Mine is worth visiting and located along the hike just after the Kaiser Hot Springs.

Visitors should be sure to bring extra water for the hike.

Wikieup, AZ 85360

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6. AZ Hot Springs: Verde River Hot Springs

AZ Hot Springs: Verde River Hot Springs
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The Verde River Hot Springs is an “off-the-grid,” unique hot springs area far from city life on a rough drift road.

hose who make the journey here will find two hot springs to soak in, one indoors and one outdoors.

The art gallery-filled square hot spring tub is approximately 102 degrees, while the deeper, outdoors pool-like tub near the river is around 99 degrees.

While the hot spring area is pet-friendly, dogs must be leashed. Road conditions to reach the Verde River Hot Springs is rather important, as the river can be high and freezing during the winter and spring seasons.

Camp Verde, AZ 86322

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7. Arizona (Ringbolt) Hot Springs

Arizona (Ringbolt) Hot Springs
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The Arizona Hot Springs, or also known as the Ringbolt Hot Springs, can be found within the Lake Mead National Recreation Area, just to the south from the Hoover Dam along the Colorado River.

Tucked away within a colorful canyon, the Arizona Hot Springs provide a gorgeous setting for a long, relaxing soak.

These hot springs can be reached by the approximately 5.8-mile round-trip Arizona Hot Springs Loop Trail or by boat via the river.

The loop trail is heavily trafficked and is considered to be a somewhat difficult trail that is also used for fishing, camping, and hiking.

Lake Mead National Recreation Area, AZ 86445

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8. Gold Strike Hot Springs

Gold Strike Hot Springs
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The Gold Strike Hot Springs are located near Boulder City, Nevada and are a great choice of hot springs for hiking enthusiasts as the most popular means of accessing the area is a hike starting from the Highway 93 trailhead. There is a parking area where visitors can park for free near the trailhead. The trail is around two miles each way and includes rope climbs that make the hike take a bit longer. Due to dangerously high temperatures during the summer months, the hot springs are typically closed every year from the month of May through the month of September.

Boulder City, NV 89005

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9. Hot Springs Near Me: Sheep Bridge Warm Spring

Hot Springs Near Me: Sheep Bridge Warm Spring
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The Sheep Bridge Warm Spring is a hidden gem of the hot springs in Arizona, hidden behind some reeds along the western side of Yavapai County’s Sheep Bridge. The hot spring pool is open to the public throughout the entire year, all day, for soaking. For any nature lovers, it’s also a good area for other outdoor activities as well. Stretching across the Verde River, the Sheep Bridge was built originally in the 1940’s as a way to help with moving sheep over the river. After being destroyed in the 1980’s, a replica was constructed that now allows hikers to cross the river.

Carefree, AZ 85377

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