We all have our views on what life is, what it all means, and how best to spend the time we have on this Earth. For many people, a dream life is one filled with amazing experiences and magical memories.

We all want to lead a life that we can feel proud of, enjoying ourselves as often as possible and making our dreams come true, pursuing our ambitions and feeling like the stars of our own personal stories.

When we look back on our lives in the future, the moments that really stand out aren’t the boring days sitting behind a desk or all those moments watching TV at home; the moments that we remember the most are the special ones, the unique experiences, the adventures, the times we pushed ourselves to the limit, and the occasions when we got to feel a truly one of a kind rush of adrenaline and excitement..

Often, many of us fail to live out our dreams. We picture ourselves doing amazing things like diving down in the oceans to get face-to-face with sharks or soaring through the skies in a fighter jet, but those kinds of experiences seem reserved for the rich and famous, only ever really appearing in our imaginations or on TV. With Incredible Adventures, however, those kinds of experiences can truly go from dream to reality.

Incredible Adventures

Founded way back in 1993, Incredible Adventures is an amazing company that really lives up to its name by offering the finest and most intense extreme adventure experiences for anyone wishing to push themselves to the limit and bring their fantasies to life. The company started off by providing flights in MiG-29 Russian fighter jets back in the early 90s and has grown and evolved over the years, now offering an extraordinary range of extreme adventures you’ll never forget.

- The Best Adventures - With decades of experience at organizing intense, extreme adventures, Incredible Adventures is one of the most trusted and reliable names in the industry. When you’re considering heading off on an extreme adventure like driving a tank, taking on a covert ops training session, or flying a fighter jet, you need to know you're working with people you can trust. Incredible Adventures has established itself as one of the biggest go-to names in this unique sector of adventure travle.

- Intense Experiences - Incredible Adventures excels at providing the sorts of experiences you’d normally only expect to see in a blockbuster action movie or video game. Just some of the experiences offered by this extreme travel company include high speed sports car driving, zero gravity flights, cage diving with sharks, piloting jet fighters and warbirds, and even breaking the sound barrier in state of the art aircraft. These are the sorts of experiences that really make people feel alive, providing the sorts of intense feelings and thrilling adrenaline rushes that other activities simply can’t offer.

- Custom and Corporate Adventures - As well as offering a huge range of extreme adventures and experiences, Incredible Adventures also lets you customize your experience. If you're planning something with a private club or group, or even getting ready for a team-building exercise for your corporation or business, Incredible Adventures can make it happen. Anyone interested can call up the Custom Adventure Team at 800 644 7382 and start planning out a tailor-made adventure, perfect for everything from corporate incentives to bachelorette parties.

- Safety and Professionalism - Of course, if you’re setting off into the sky in a fighter jet or dropping down beneath the waves to get up close and personal with a hungry shark, you need to know that your safety is being fully taken into account. Fortunately, Incredible Adventures has an absolutely flawless record in this regard. Safety and professionalism are two of the core tenets of this company, with the teams working tirelessly to provide the strictest standards of safety and security for every participant in every activity, never letting those standards slip and always ensuring that you and your fellow adventurers are always safe and looked after.

With over two decades of experience to look back on and teams operating in both the United States and Russia, Incredible Adventures can easily become your go-to source for all kinds of intense, dramatic experiences. We only get one life to live and time can fly by very quickly, so it’s vital to make the most of the opportunities we have and live out our dreams whenever possible. Incredible Adventures gives you the tools, professional guidance, and resources to bring your fantasies to life in all the right ways so be sure to call 800 644 7382. website