Best Vegetarian Restaurants in San Francisco
Photo: Anastasia Izofatova/Fotolia

The term vegetarian used to once conjure images of tasteless tofu bean sprouts and curd - enough to make even the toughest foodie turn pale at the thought. Nowadays, vegetarianism has developed an almost cult-like status, drawing even meat-eaters into its ever-growing fold and producing innovative and creative culinary trends. Embracing the vegetarian lifestyle in a city like San Francisco is easy when there are plenty of phenomenal veggie restaurants and eateries to choose from – here are some of them.

»Nourish Cafe

Nourish Cafe

Nourish Café is a light-filled, welcoming café that aims to “help you eat healthier and feel fantastic through a natural, plant-based diet.” The eatery does this through their extensive organic menu of freshly prepared salads, hearty sandwiches, and super smoothies with a fresh spin, as well as favorites such as acai bowls, avocado toast, and yam and cheese sandwiches made with creamy nut cheese. Nourish Café has two locations in the Richmond District and Nob Hill and is open for breakfast and lunch, seven days a week. The café also offers catering services for special occasions.

189 6th Avenue, San Francisco, CA 94118, website, Phone: 415-571-8780 Photo: Nourish Cafe

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»The Plant - Cafe Organic

The Plant - Cafe Organic

The Plant Café Organic is a modern chain café that serves organic veggie burgers, fresh juices and super smoothies, and other healthy vegetarian and vegan staples. The almost entirely vegetarian menu features plenty of delicious veggie options, from freshly prepared salads and homemade soups to shiitake spring rolls and a spicy Korean BBQ bowl. You’ll also find some fish and chicken options as well. Featured entrées range from spice roasted carrots in yogurt with almonds, cauliflower couscous with salt and olive oil, and a quinoa bowl of sautéed seasonal vegetables in ginger miso sauce. The Plant Café Organic has several branches throughout the city and is open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Pier 3, The Embarcadero Rd #108, San Francisco, CA 94111, website, Phone: 415-984-0437 Photo: The Plant - Cafe Organic

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»The Flying Falafel

The Flying Falafel

The Flying Falafel is a casual, colorful counter-serve eatery that offers falafel sandwiches and other homemade Mediterranean fare. All food is made from scratch with fresh, seasonal and locally sourced ingredients, and there are also gluten-free, soy-free, and other healthy options. The menu features a variety of lunchtime eats such as falafel balls, pocket sandwiches of freshly baked pita bread filled veggies, and a choice of sesame or spicy falafel balls, falafel frisbees, dolma rice wraps with flavored rice and grape leaves, and decadent desserts such as cinnamon baklava, banana milkshakes, gourmet vegan cheesecake. The Flying Falafel is open every day for breakfast, lunch, and early dinner.

1051 Market St, San Francisco, CA 94103, website, Phone: 415-964-1003 Photo: The Flying Falafel

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»Urban Picnic

Urban Picnic

Urban Picnic is a casual, Californian-Asian eatery with an eco-friendly philosophy that serves Vietnamese-inspired vegan and vegetarian fare. They also offer fresh fruit juices, super smoothies, and other drinks. Using fresh, locally sourced ingredients to prepare every dish from scratch, Urban Picnic offers a comprehensive and creative menu of 100% organic cuisine, ranging from appetizers, salads, soups, and sides to hearty entrées and mouthwatering desserts. Favorites on the menu include the kale and quinoa salad, cage-free chicken pho with organic lemongrass broth and brown rice noodles, a lemongrass chicken banh mi sandwich, and freshly squeezed and cold-pressed juices. Urban Picnic is open for breakfast and lunch from Monday through Saturday and closed on Sundays.

125 Kearny St, San Francisco, CA 94108, website, Phone: 415-433-1233 Photo: Urban Picnic

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»Ananda Fuara

Ananda Fuara

Established and owned by Indian spiritual guru Sri Chinmoy, Ananda Fuara is a mid-Market vegetarian spot on Market Street that delivers both a culinary and spiritual punch. This celebrated vegetarian and vegan eatery is a cult classic that not only offers excellent vegan fare but also boasts plenty of enlightened reading material, photos, and information for followers of the master. Some of the delightful dishes include a “neatloaf” made with eggs, grains, tofu, ricotta cheese, and spices, a Portobello wrap with roasted red bell peppers, fresh baby spinach and mozzarella cheese in a yellow chipotle tortilla, and a variety of freshly prepared salads. Ananda Fuara is open for brunch, lunch, and early dinner from Tuesday through Sunday and closed on Mondays.

1298 Market Street, San Francisco, CA 94102, website, Phone: 415-621-1994 Photo: Ananda Fuara

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»Bio Cafe

Bio Cafe

Bio Café is a French crêperie and café on O’Farrell Street that serves healthy organic fare such as salads, sandwiches, crepes and more with a variety of both vegan and vegetarian options. Signature dishes at this charming eatery include a Tuscan kale sandwich with wild mushrooms, vegan pea puree soup, green beans egg cheese sandwich and whole wheat peanut butter muffins. The café also serves a variety of fresh juices, healthy super smoothies, and other beverages to accompany the delicious cuisine. Bio Café is open for breakfast, lunch, and early dinner every day of the week.

75 O Farrell St, San Francisco, CA 94108, website, Phone: 415-362-0255 Photo: karepa/Fotolia

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Eatsa is an innovative new fast-food chain that is almost entirely automated to function like a vending machine for freshly-prepared quinoa bowls. Customers order their food at an iPad kiosk, after which their meal is prepared fresh and placed in one of a wall of glass cubbies by kitchen staff who make the food behind the wall. When the food is ready and in the cubby, the door to that cubicle will then light up with the name of the customer who ordered the bowl, allowing for zero human interaction between clients and workers. The menu at Eatsa consists of a variety of quinoa bowls with toppings like portobello mushrooms, guacamole, edamame, corn, salsa, cheese, egg, onions pears, nuts, roasted potatoes, tomatoes, spaghetti squash, and more. Customers create their own quinoa bowls from the ingredients. They can also order from the set menu, which features dishes like warm lemon-herb toasted quinoa with guacamole, salsa, and pinto beans. Eatsa has two locations in San Francisco and is open for breakfast and lunch every day of the week.

121 Spear Street / 1 California Street, San Francisco, CA 94108, website Photo: Eatsa

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»Enjoy Vegetarian Restaurant

Enjoy Vegetarian Restaurant

The family owned and operated Enjoy Vegetarian Restaurant is an award-winning dining spot where “vegetarian meets Chinese” with a diverse and flavorful menu of delicious vegan fare that draws inspiration from Buddhism. Created with high-quality, healthy, and environmentally-friendly ingredients, the menu offers an array of dishes with a fresh spin on traditional Chinese and kosher favorites such as soy bean sheets, homemade bean curd rolls, fried taro cake, eggplant and string beans with black bean sauce, and fried tofu with brown sauce and pea sprouts. Enjoy Vegetarian Restaurant has two locations in Sa Francisco and is open for lunch and dinner, seven days a week.

Chinatown San Francisco: 839 Kearny Street, San Francisco, CA 94108, website, Phone: 415-685-4807

Sunset San Francisco: 754 Kirkham Street, San Francisco, CA 94108, website, Phone: 415-682-0826 Photo: Enjoy Vegetarian Restaurant

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»Golden Era

Golden Era

Golden Era is a clean, bright vegan eatery with banquette seating and dining booths on Golden Gate Avenue that serves Asian-fusion vegetarian and vegan fare. The popular spot offers an extensive menu with of Aulacese, Chinese, Indian, and Thai cuisines, including eggless, fried golden rolls, spicy sweet & sour soup, noodles bowls and plates, clay pots of veggies and curries, papaya salad, and the spicy Mongolian delight. A variety of smoothies accompanies the cuisine, including an avocado smoothie that could be a meal all by itself. Golden Era is open seven days a week for lunch and dinner.

395 Golden Gate Ave, San Francisco, CA 94102, website, Phone: 415-487-8687 Photo: Golden Era

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»Gracias Madre

Gracias Madre

Mexican food meet vegetarian in this friendly and vibrant restaurant on Mission Street. Boasting cantina-style communal tables and a pleasant ambiance, Gracias Madre offers an outstanding menu of 100% organic, plant-based Mexican dishes. The entirely vegan menu features dishes such as Antojitos (street food–inspired starter snacks) like sweet potato and caramelized onion quesadillas stuffed with cashew cheese and chunky pumpkin-seed salsa and grilled potato-masa gordita topped with salsa verde and cashew cream. These are followed by mains of heirloom masa tamale stuffed with seasonal veggies and prickly pear cactus known as nopales topped with cashew cheese and Pico de gallo, and served with black beans, rice, and handmade tortillas. Don’t miss the mouthwatering flan for dessert. Gracias Madre is open for lunch and dinner, seven days a week.

2211 Mission St, San Francisco, CA 94110, website, Phone: 415-683-1346 Photo: Gracias Madre

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»Greens Restaurant

Greens Restaurant

Greens Restaurant is a farm-to-table pioneer that has been serving delicious vegan and vegetarian fare for more than 30 years. Run by Chef Annie Somerville, the highly acclaimed restaurant continues to produce a wildly inventive and flavorful seasonal menu that draws in even the hardiest carnivores. Here, you’ll find dishes such as coconut risotto cakes in red curry, warm cauliflower salad with crisp capers and pine nuts, and wild mushroom and caramelized onion gratin with Fromage blanc custard. Boasting a beautiful waterfront setting in historic Fort Mason with the Golden Gate Bridge as a backdrop, Greens is a popular special-occasion dinner destination but also serves lazy brunches with mouthwatering delights such as spiced carrot cake pancakes and perfectly poached Merguez eggs with vegetable ragout. Greens Restaurant is open for weekend brunch, lunch, and dinner, seven days a week and only for dinner on Monday nights.

Landmark Building A, Fort Mason Center, 2 Marina Blvd, San Francisco CA 94123, website, Phone: 415-771-6222 Photo: Greens Restaurant

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»Indochine Vegan

Indochine Vegan

Indochine Vegan is a casual, neighborhood café with a relaxed vibe that serves a variety of Korean-inspired vegan and vegetarian fare. The eatery serves an extensive menu of appetizers, entrées, salads, soups, sides, and desserts, as well as sushi, nigiri, rice and noodle plates, and some western style dishes. Signature dishes include sizzling teriyaki vegan “chicken” with soy textured protein, organic tofu, carrot, mushroom, and broccoli sautéed in teriyaki sauce, orange sesame bites, and spicy cha-cha of crumbed and wok-fried yam “shrimp” with bell pepper, celery, and chili spices. Beverages range from smoothies and Thai ice tea to jasmine green tea and Vietnamese coffee. Indochine Vegan is open for dinner Monday through Friday and lunch and dinner on the weekends.

508 Valencia Street, San Francisco, CA 94110, website, Phone: 415-701-0700 Photo: Indochine Vegan

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Judahlicious is a casual café specializing in locally sourced organic coffee, super smoothies, and fresh juices along with raw and vegan snacks and small plates. Established in 2004, the restaurant uses only the highest quality locally sourced and seasonal ingredients to prepare their dishes and smoothies fresh every day. The food menu features a variety of raw and vegan fare such as acai bowls, waffles, and pancakes, house salads, wraps, tacos, and homemade chili. Signature dishes include the “1/2 Nekked Burrito,” a raw flax tortilla filled with beans, rice veggies, and avocado, and the Exodus, a fragrant and flavorful rice dish of basmati rice tossed with marinated kale, coconut oil, sprouts, vegetables, and hemp seed. Judahlicious is open seven days a week for breakfast and lunch.

3906 Judah St, San Francisco, CA 94122, website, Phone: 415-665-8423 Photo: Judahlicious

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Mixt is a chain of vegan and vegetarian restaurants that offer freshly prepared, 100% organic cuisine and drinks. Boasting eight locations around the city, Mixt serves smart, healthy, on-the-go food made from locally sourced seasonal and environmentally sustainable ingredients. Meticulously crafted and always served fresh, signature dishes include hand-tossed seasonal spring salads, homemade soups, sandwiches, and acai and grain bowls such as the spring bowl with grilled asparagus, citrus ricotta, coriander roasted rainbow carrots, fresh English peas, sugar snap peas, and lemon herb vinaigrette. Mixt is open every day of the week for breakfast and lunch and sometimes dinner, depending on the location.

100 California Street, (Corner of California & Davis), San Francisco, CA 94111, website Photo: Mixt

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»New Eritrea Restaurant & Bar

New Eritrea Restaurant & Bar

The New Eritrea Restaurant & Bar take diners on a journey into East Africa with delicious Eritrean and Ethiopian cuisine and beverages in a relaxed, inviting atmosphere. Guests sit at the restaurant’s long bar and eat Eritrean-style with their hands. All entrées are served with Injera (Ethiopian flat bread) and fresh salad and include dishes such as Tumtumo with puréed lentil beans onions, herbs and authentic Eritrean spices, Hamli of collard green and spinach simmered in traditional Eritrean spices, and Alicha, with puréed chickpeas with onions, garlic, and spices. New Eritrea Restaurant & Bar is open for dinner from Monday through Sunday.

907 Irving St, San Francisco, CA 94122, website, Phone: 415-681-1288 Photo: New Eritrea Restaurant & Bar

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»Pena Pachamama

Pena Pachamama

Peña Pachamama is a Bolivian restaurant serving South American-inspired fare with a variety of vegan and vegetarian choices, as well as a menu of raw-living organic cuisine accompanied by Latin dance shows and other entertainment. The menu features dishes made with locally sourced, organic produce and ingredients such as extra virgin olive and raw-coconut oils and includes a variety of tapas, hearty entrées, and decadent desserts. The delicious cuisine is accompanied by an excellent selection of Bolivian and Peruvian beer, local and international wines, specialty cocktails, and a deceivingly fruity Sangria. Peña Pachamama is open for lunch and dinner from Wednesday through Saturday and only for dinner on Tuesday nights.

1630 Powell St, San Francisco, CA 94133, website, Phone: 415-646-0018 Photo: Pena Pachamama

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»Seed and Salt

Seed and Salt

Seed + Salt offers health conscious and flavorful food with a menu of gluten-free, sugar-free, and trans-fats-free fare that is guaranteed to satisfy. Boasting a quaint, café-style setting in which diners can enjoy breakfast and lunch, Seed + Salt has a creative menu that features dishes such as a taco salad with walnut chorizo, a beet burger on a gluten-free bun served with sweet potato fries and salad, and coconut ceviche with baked yam chips. Signature salads include the Greek Falafel salad with quinoa falafel, mixed greens, cucumber, tomatoes, red cabbage, and a lemon tahini dressing and the Taco Salad with walnut chorizo, black beans, cashew crema, Pico do Gallo, toasted pepitas, and sprouted corn tortilla with a delicious avocado lime dressing. Seed + Salt is open for lunch and dinner, seven days a week.

2240 Chestnut Street, San Francisco, CA 94123, website, Phone: 415-872-917 Photo: Seed and Salt

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»Shangri-La Vegetarian Restaurant

Shangri-La Vegetarian Restaurant

Following in the macrobiotic footsteps of celebrity Gwyneth Paltrow, Shangri-La Vegetarian Restaurant is an organic, vegan restaurant that serves macrobiotic food based on the ancient Taoist diet. Situated in Oakland, the quaint and cozy eatery features a menu of brown rice, lentils, squash, and tofu-centric dishes, ranging from sautéed black mushrooms and asparagus, a combination vegetable clay pot, curried vegetables missed with tofu, and pie pa tofu ball with broccoli. Diners can choose from several set menus or make their own combinations of vegan and vegetarian plates, including a range of herbal dishes. Shangri-La Vegetarian Restaurant is open for lunch and dinner, seven days a week.

2026 Irving Street, San Francisco, CA 9412, website, Phone: 415-731-2548 Photo: Minerva Studio/Fotolia

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»Thai Idea Vegetarian

Thai Idea Vegetarian

Thai Idea Vegetarian is a bright, inviting restaurant that offers an all-vegetarian menu with vegan options and a range of fresh juices and smoothies. Exhibiting a serene and comfortable space with dark wood finishes and plush pillows, Thai Idea Vegetarian’s menu features both favorites and new twists on old classics such as veggie crab cakes, Som Tum papaya salad, roasted veggie duck curry, and a hearty and mouthwatering pumpkin curry. Thai Idea Vegetarian has two locations in San Francisco and is open for lunch and dinner, seven days a week.

710 Polk St, San Francisco, CA 94109, website, Phone: 415-440-8344 Photo: Thai Idea Vegetarian

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»The Lucky Creation Vegetarian Restaurant

The Lucky Creation Vegetarian Restaurant

The Lucky Creation Vegetarian Restaurant is a small restaurant in the heart of Chinatown that serves inventive vegetarian cuisine with a variety of vegan and “mock meat” options. The menu features a variety of classic Asian-inspired fare such as fried rice, dim sum, spring rolls, wonton soup, and fried oysters, as well as innovative entrées like clay pots of braised eggplant, vegetables, bean cakes, and cabbage. Signature dishes include fried honeydew walnuts and taro cake with a sweet and sour sauce, sautéed black mushrooms & bean curd rolls, stuffed eggplant, and bean cake with a black bean sauce. The Lucky Creation Vegetarian Restaurant is open for lunch and dinner every day of the week except Wednesday.

854 Washington St, San Francisco, CA 94108, website, Phone: 415-989-0818 Photo: pixgo/Fotolia

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»Udupi Palace

Udupi Palace

Boasting two locations in San Francisco, Udupi Palace is a must for lovers of Indian food. The entirely meat-free menu features vegetarian and vegan options of South Indian food accompanied by out-of-this-world chutneys and homemade naan bread. The restaurant is renowned for its delicious dosas and uttapams – chewy pancakes and rice-lentil crêpes stuffed masala-spiced potatoes and spinach or peas, paneer cheese, and house-made coconut chutney. Fiery curries are also on the menu and make sure to wash them down with soothing sweet drinks like a traditional mango lassi. Udupi Palace is open for lunch and dinner, seven days a week.

3242 Scott Street and 1007 Valencia Street, San Francisco, CA 94111, website Photo: vasilygureev/Fotolia

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»Urban Fish

Urban Fish

Urban Fish is a simple, rustic-chic café and pescatarian establishment that serves fresh local seafood and a variety of vegetarian and vegan cuisine. Located in the heart of the Mission District and owned by brothers, Irfan and Metin Yalçin, Urban Fish specializes in seitan, vegan, and gluten-free dishes packed with complex flavors and reflecting the vibrancy of the surrounding neighborhood. Prepared with locally sourced and homegrown products and ingredients, signature dishes include a raw kale & pear salad with toasted almonds, vegan ricotta, and a zesty citrus vinaigrette, a chipotle, seitan, black bean, and habanero salsa taco and a gluten-free black rice pasta lasagna with seasonal vegetables, ricotta, and parmesan cheese. Urban Fish is open seven days a week for lunch and dinner with brunch offered on Sundays.

2193 Mission St, San Francisco, CA 94110, website, Phone: 415-863-4744 Photo: Urban Fish

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Part of the popular Singaporean burger chain, VeganBurg is a well-styled counter-serve café that serves vegan burgers and other plant-based New Age cuisine. Based in Haight Street and open for lunch and dinner seven days a week, VeganBurg redefines food pop culture and America’s favorite comfort food with its 100% plant based menu. Boasting a fresh industrial safari-themed interior design, VeganBurg invites diners to try their out-of-this-world burgers made with gluten-free, fiber-fueled buns, fresh farm greens, GMO-free burger patties, and homemade gourmet sauce. Signature burgers on the menu included the Mustang Relish with a crispy patty topped, pickles, red onions, and lots of mustard on a wholemeal bun and served with a side of seaweed fries.

1466 Haight St, San Francisco, CA 94117, website, Phone: 415-548-8000 Photo: VeganBurg

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23 Best Vegetarian Restaurants in San Francisco