Even in this age of modern technology, streaming services, and digital devices of all kinds, there’s still something so special and unique about one of the most traditional forms of art and entertainment: the theatre. Dating back to the days of ancient civilizations, the theatre has always been a popular way for people to spend their free time, with the excitement of live actors and the ambiance of a real stage adding so much value and intensity to any theatrical experience when compared to other art and entertainment formats.

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Another wonderful aspect of the theatre is how it can appeal to so many different people. Theatres put on shows of all kinds for every possible audience. There are tragedies, comedies, romances, and more, as well as family-friendly shows designed with little ones and younger people in mind. Taking children to the theatre is a wonderful way to spend time with them, as well as getting them interested in an art and entertainment form outside of screens and computers, and the Nashville Children's Theatre is one of the very best locations in America.

In fact, the Nashville Children's Theatre is the oldest continually operating children's theatre in all of America. It's part of the Theatre for Young Audiences and the ASSITEJ and has been ranked as one of the top five children's theatres in the country by none other than Time Magazine. Putting on all kinds of cute, fun, musical, historical, and fantastical shows for kids of all ages, the NCT is the place to be for family-friendly theatrical performances.

Visiting Nashville Children's Theatre

Nashville Children's Theatre is one of the most storied and successful children's theatre locations in the whole of America, offering a wonderful array of performances and activities all through the year. Here's all you need to know about visiting the Nashville Children's Theatre and enjoying the shows for yourself:

- Location - The Nashville Children's Theatre is located at The Martin Center, 25 Middleton Street, Nashville, TN 37210. It's on the Richard H. Fulton Campus between 2nd Ave and Hermitage.

- Contact - To get in touch with the Nashville Children's Theatre box office, you can call 615 252 4675 or email patronsales@nashvillect.org. To get in touch with the admin office, call 615 254 9103 or email info@nashvillect.org.

- Buying Tickets - Tickets can be bought over the phone by calling the box office or online. You can also buy tickets in person direct from the box office any time from 8.30am to 4pm on Tuesdays to Fridays each week. Sometimes, tickets may be available at the door of a show in the hour leading up to show time, but the levels of availability will vary from one performance to the next. Fans of the theatre can choose to purchase individual show tickets or membership passes.

- Memberships - Memberships for the Nashville Children's Theatre are available on a tiered structure, with different tiered memberships having unique prices and benefits. The Diamond Membership, for example, comes with a 20% discount on all NCT merchandise and exclusive pre-purchase options for select shows.

- Homeschool Days - Throughout the season, various Homeschool Days are held to invite all homeschoolers to attend and enjoy a live performance with their families. This is a great way for homeschooled kids and their parents to enjoy a fun day out at a super price, and all Homeschool Days conclude with post-show Q&A sessions and a range of fun activities too.

- The NCT Drama School - If you have a little one who would be interested not just in sitting in the audience and watching the performances, but actually getting up on stage and taking part themselves, signing up for summer camps, workshops, and drama classes at the NCT Drama School is a great thing to do. One of the best things for kids to do in Nashville, the Drama School offers camps and classes for kids aged anywhere from 4 to 18 and teaches children a range of amazing skills and abilities, as well as helping them form new friendships and perhaps even take their first steps on the path towards a future career in the theatre.

- Support - The Nashville Children's Theatre relies on the support from people around Nashville and beyond to keep on providing amazing live entertainment for little ones, older children, and their families, as well as putting on drama school classes and camps. If the NCT is going to continue being one of America's best children's theatres, it needs consistent support. Attending shows with your family is a great way to show your support, but you can also make donations at any time or set up a recurring monthly donation if you like, as well as making use of services like Amazon Smile to help the NCT even further. website