The Boston Tea Party was one of the most notable events in American history and changed the course of society for the better. And although numerous history books detail the events of the Boston Tea Party, nothing is quite like experiencing them first hand. Naturally, there exist no time machines for us to go back to that era and experience our ancestor’s struggle for freedom, but there is a good alternative. The Boston Tea Party Ships and Museum in Boston has taken the idea of a living museum to a whole new level. Visitors to the museum can become a part of American culture that can otherwise only be visited in history textbooks. The Boston Tea Party Ships and Museum is unlike any other museum and offers its patrons a once-in-a-lifetime experience. It doesn't intend for people to simply come around and stare at valuable artifacts to learn about past events, but rather aims to make people part of the exhibits themselves to enable them to get a better understanding of these important events.


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When it comes to the programs on offer at the museum, the list goes on and on and is guaranteed to keep people occupied and excited throughout the day. The Boston Tea Party Ships and Museum is one of the best history teaching tools when it comes to imparting education to people and is regularly used to teach school kids about the various events that led to Independence and the formation of the American constitution.

Located in Boston, the museum is a complete package, including live actors and almost indistinguishable replicas of some of the ships that were part of the event. The Boston Tea Party Ships and Museum strives to make the entire experience as accurate as possible, giving visitors an all-around amazing experience.

As the only live museum of its kind, the Boston Tea Party Ships and Museum is perfect for anyone looking to delve into history and have an all-around unique and intricately choreographed experience, with its excellent accuracy in recreating the events of that fateful day.

The Boston Tea Party Ships and Museum also houses two replica ships of the took part in the event, the Eleanor and the Beaver, and visitors are encouraged to join the crew on board and enjoy a true time travel experience. The museum also features an award-winning show that offers visitors a fascinating and multi-sensory experience.

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2.Plan your Visit

Plan your Visit
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The Boston Tea Party Ships and Museum is an ideal location to spend a day engrossed in some of the most memorable moments of American history. The entire program has a fixed schedule and visitors are requested to abide by it so that they can experience the complete package. There are a number of tours and programs that visit the ships as well as numerous other interesting attractions. Visitors can enjoy a cup of tea at Abigail’s tea room and terrace, which serves a variety of hot and cold teas and ciders or lemonade and baked goods as well as some alcoholic beverages.

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306 Congress St, Boston, MA 0221, Phone: 617-338-1773

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Best Things to Do in Boston: The Boston Tea Party Ships and Museum

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