The Field Museum in Chicago, Illinois strives to inspire curiosity about the planet, society, history, and the future through award winning exhibitions such as dinosaurs and mummies, and educational programming.


The Field Museum was inspired by the World’s Columbian Exposition that was held in the City of Chicago in 1893. Professor F.W. Putman published an article calling for the formation of a museum in the Chicago Tribune newspaper. A committee was formed in 1891 and purchases began. The Columbian Historical Association was founded the next year. By 1893, The Columbian Museum of Chicago applied for incorporation with 65 backers and 15 trustees and was granted a charter in 1893.

Exhibits began accumulating quickly and in the fall of 1893, Mr. Marshall Field donated one million dollars to the establishment of a permanent building for the museum which would be called The Field Museum of Natural History in 1905. Construction on the Field Museum began in 1914 in Grant Park with exhibits being moved in several years later in 1920. The Field Museum opened to the public on May 2, 1921. Today, the Field Museum has been voted as the best museum in the United States with popular exhibits on Dinosaurs, Egypt, gems, and other areas of natural history.


The Field Museum offers several permanent exhibits that are included in general admission as well as special exhibitions that are sometimes included in general admission and others that have an additional ticket price. Special exhibitions and ticketing information can be found in detail on the Field Museum websites.

SUE the T-Rex- Visitors can get up close to the largest T-Rex to be discovered measuring 40 feet long and 13 feet tall with 58 teeth. SUE’s original skull is found on the balcony exhibit.

Inside Ancient Egypt- Explore an ancient Egyptian tomb with 2 rooms from 5,000-year-old Unis-Ankh, an Egyptian Prince.

Evolving Planet- Journey through the last 4 billion years of the earth’s history from single celled organisms through dinosaurs and human evolution.

Restoring Earth- An exhibit that focuses on conservation and biodiversity. Featuring the forests of Peru, South America, this exhibit also showcases ways to restore the native habitats of Chicago.

The Crown Family Play Lab- The perfect place for young visitors to have hands on exploration and play time while learning about natural history.

The Ancient Americas- Journey back to the time of the Aztecs while exploring an 800-year-old pueblo and learning about the capital of the Empire, Tenochtitlan.

Grainger Hall of Gems- Rare gems and jewels are displayed in this exhibit that also educates on the process of how these gems are produced in the earth and lab created as well.

The Tsavo Lions- The infamous man-eating lions from Africa reportedly killed 135 people in 1898 and were shot by Lt.Col. John Henry.

Gidwitz Hall of Birds- Reopened in 2012, this exhibit is one of the most impressive collections of birds on the planet.

Hall of Jades- Over 450 jade artifacts adorn these halls that celebrate the history and culture of China.

McDonald’s Fossil Prep Lab- Visitors can watch as museum staff work on fossils in the laboratory, including dinosaur bones.

DNA Discovery Center- Learn about the complexities of DNA and how life on the planet has evolved. Visit the laboratory where scientists work to analyze DNA and add to the Tree of Life.

Pawnee Earth Lodge- This full-size replica of a Pawnee earth lodge offers an immersive experience into Native American culture and history.

Maori Meeting House- Built in 1881, this Maori Meeting house is one of only three located outside of New Zealand.

Africa- This permanent exhibit explores all facets of the culture of Africa from wildlife to holiday celebrations, art, and slavery.

Project Hyena Diorama- Built in 2015, this habitat diorama in located in the Hall of Asian Mammals and features hyenas that were collected in 1896.

Grainger Science Hub-Open from 10am to 3pm daily, the science hub allows visitors to talk to scientists and get a close look at artifacts in the collections.

Meteorites- Visitors learn what a meteorite is and where they come from in this exhibit that brings outer space to earth.

Regenstein Halls of the Pacific- The Field Museum is renowned for its extensive Pacific Islands collection that was updated in 2016.

Educational Opportunities

The Field Museum welcomes educators and school groups for field trips and provides outreach to the community through offering classes and workshops, daily events, lectures, science residencies, camps, and volunteer programs for youth. Detailed information on the various programs offered by the Field Museum with dates and registration fees can be found on the Field Museum website.

1400 S. Lake Shore Drive, Chicago, Illinois, 60605, website, Phone: 312-922-9410

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