The Perez Art Museum Miami is located in downtown Miami, Florida. This art museum is home to an extensive display of influential art that fits right in with Miami’s art scene. The Perez Art Museum Miami was originally dubbed the Miami Art Museum. The Miami Art Museum was founded in 1984 as the Center for the Fine Arts.


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This institution provided the general community with a small art collection and educational opportunities that related to art. In 1994, the Center for the Fine Arts was transformed into a private institution with an expansive permanent collection. When the Center for the Fine Arts changed its mission and initiatives in 1994, the name was changed to the Miami Art Museum. Jorge M. Perez was influential in planning and creating the perfect site for the Miami Art Museum that in 2013, when the museum opened in its new location that overlooked Biscayne Bay, the name was changed to the current Perez Art Museum.

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2.Special Attractions

Special Attractions
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While the Perez Art Museum Miami has an array of permanent attractions, the bulk of their art collections lies within traveling exhibits. This is mainly due to the Perez Art Museum Miami’s mission to provide the community with updated at from new and upcoming influential artists. Like any other museum, it’s best to check the museum’s website for an updated list of the special attractions.

Matthew Ronay: When Two Are in One is a sculptural exhibit that features a variety of free-standing and wall-based structures that are made out of wood, fabric, and clay. This exhibit features art forms that are based on American folk at foundations. This exhibit will be available until January 15, 2017.

Carlos Motta: Histories for the Future features work from Carlos Motta that explores the dynamics of social oppression and the relation to contemporary art forms. Some of the highlights of this exhibit include Towards a Homoerotic Historiography, Naufragios, and Nefandus. This exhibit will be displayed until January 15, 2017.

Susan Hiller: Lost and Found features work from Susan Hiller, an influential artist that includes multimedia representations of the integration of science, art, and history. This exhibit explores the psychological aspects of different events, such as war. Visitors can explore this museum until June 4, 2017.

Julio Le Parc: Form into Action features the kinetic art of Julio Le Parc. This is the only comprehensive art exhibit of Julio Le Parc that is currently in the United States. Parc’s influence for this exhibit can from ideas of how artists try to demystify art, and break down barriers between big corporations and everyday human lives. Form into Action is displayed at the Perez Art Museum Miami until March 19, 2017.

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3.Educational Opportunities

Educational Opportunities
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Aside from their extensive art collection, the Perez Art Musuem Miami prides itself on their extensive educational opportunities. Their educational programs range from activities geared towards school children to programs for adults and art professionals. The Perez Art Museum Miami offers an array of specialized guided towards that cater to schools and general visitors. Participants have the option of including add-ons with their specialized guided tour, so they can see behind the scene aspects or even take a workshop led by a museum official.

Family events include activities that involve story time, art history classes, and workshops that teach families how to create certain types of art. One of the highlighted educational program for families is the Perez Art Museum Miami Free Second Saturdays. Every second Saturday of each month, admission into the Perez Art Museum Miami is free for everybody. After spending a day exploring the Perez Art Museum Miami, visitors have the option to create certain types of art alongside museum officials and influential artists.

There are also an array of educational opportunities for teenagers at the Perez Art Museum Miami. Teenagers have the opportunity of attending after school classes, or joining the Perez Art Museum Miami Teen Arts Council. The Perez Art Museum Miami Teen Arts Council encourages sophomores, juniors, and seniors in high school to explore the creative arts and engage with the art world. This is the perfect educational opportunity for teenagers who want to learn more about art, or are considering a career in art.

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1103 Biscayne Blvd, Miami, FL 33132, Phone: 305-375-3000

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