Madagascar, officially known as the Republic of Madagascar, sits off the eastern coast of mainland Africa, in the Indian Ocean. Renowned for its unique biodiversity, the island is home to many plants and animals that can't be found anywhere else in the world, making it a highly popular vacation destination with wildlife enthusiasts and nature lovers. There are many popular touristic spots all around Africa, but Madagascar is definitely one of the most special for a wide variety of reasons, and it also happens to be the home of some of Africa’s most highly rated beaches. CDC information for travelers. Hours/availability may have changed.


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Sainte-Marie is a little island just a short distance off the mainland coast in the northeastern part of the country. The beaches here are simply exquisite and have a lot of interesting stories to tell, once being the home of many a pirate. There's even a Pirate Cemetery here, complete with skull and crossbones symbols on the graves. In short, this is the perfect place to come and live out your childhood dreams of feeling just like Blackbeard or Long John Silver. The waters are crystal clear and calm, while the sands are soft and golden, and who knows? Maybe there's some buried treasure hidden away beneath the waves!

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2.Nosy Be

Nosy Be
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Nosy Be is the number one beach destination in all of Madagascar. This is one of the biggest islands of the country and is a big hit with every kind of beach-goer from the lazy sunbather to the active wildlife lover. You can spend hours stretched out on the sand, drifting off to sleep as the warm sun beats down on your skin, or scour the local jungle and look out among the waves for all kinds of animals. Whale watching is especially rewarding at this Madagascan beach in the summer months, but since Nosy Be is so popular and pretty, some big crowds can gather here. If you’d prefer a little peace and quiet, you may need to look elsewhere.

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Tsarabanjina is another of the little islands that can be found dotted around just off the shores of the main island of Madagascar. It's a dreamy little place of white sands and turquoise waters. In short, it's the sort of beach where magical memories are made and endless sunbathing sessions can be enjoyed. It's one of the prettiest beaches in all of Africa and has a soothing, romantic vibe that couples and solo travelers will fall in love with.

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Down on the southeastern shores of Madagascar sits Manafiafy, one of the island's lesser-known beaches. It's a surprise that this beach isn't more popular considering how beautiful it is, but its lack of popularity makes it a real haven for locals and in-the-know travelers who want to get away from the noise and crowds of some of the island's busier beaches. There's only one little hotel to be found on this beach, but lots of fun activities are organized in the area including scuba diving and whale-watching tours.

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5.Mitsio Islands

Mitsio Islands
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The Mitsio Islands have earned the nickname 'Maldives of Madagascar' due to their impressive beauty and lush vegetation. Some fascinating rock formations can be found on the beaches of the beautiful islands, which feature silky smooth sands and outstanding turquoise waters. If you'd like to extend your stay on these beaches, a few hotels can be found on the islands and there are some super hiking trails to follow.

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6.Anakao Beach

Anakao Beach
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Anakao is a sleepy little coastal village that also happens to be home to one of Madagascar's prettiest golden sand beaches. This is a simple, traditional beach with gentle waves and a long stretch of sand, ideal for picnics, beach games, making sandcastles with the kids, and splashing around in the water. Snorkeling can also be a great thing to do at this beach, with many forms of marine life being found out beneath the waves. Be sure to bring a camera along to preserve your magical memories forever and head into the nearby town for some fresh seafood treats if you happen to get hungry.

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7.More Info

More Info
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Madagascar, which is comprised of one main large island and many other smaller ones, has long been ranked as one of the best beach destinations in all of the African continent. Not only are the beaches beautiful here, but Madagascar also enjoys some wonderfully warm weather, with lots of sunshine and high temperatures witnessed all around the nation, providing the perfect conditions for locals and tourists to spend plenty of time outdoors, soaking up the local culture and enjoying the lush landscapes and stunning coastal spots of this magical African nation. If you’re planning a trip to Africa, Madagascar needs to be a part of your itinerary.

Best Beaches in Madagascar

Madagascar is an unparalleled vacation destination. The biodiversity and stunning natural landscapes of this island nation make it a truly unique place that every nature lover or travel enthusiast should visit at least once in their lifetime. Surrounded on all sides by the crystal clear waters of the Indian Ocean, Madagascar's beaches are a breathtaking sight to behold. Read on to learn the full details of the best Madagascan beaches, as well as some information on the sorts of activities you can enjoy at each location.

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6 Best Madagascar Beaches

  • Sainte-Marie, Photo: Ariane Citron/
  • Nosy Be, Photo: ArtushFoto/
  • Tsarabanjina, Photo: Pierre-Yves Babelon/
  • Manafiafy, Photo: Ammak/
  • Mitsio Islands, Photo: Pierre-Yves Babelon/
  • Anakao Beach, Photo: Simon Dannhauer/
  • More Info, Photo: pawopa3336/
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