France is home to a large variety of incredible beaches, due to its idyllic location and miles of coastline along the English Channel, Atlantic Ocean, and Mediterranean Sea. There’s little doubt that travelers will find a great beach along the French Riviera, but the Bay of Biscay, and the shores of Normandy are not to be overlooked.

1. Plage des Grands Sables

Plage des Grands Sables
© Pascale Gueret/

Plage des Grands Sables is a convex beach that is situated between the lush headlands of La Croix and Spernec on the Isle of Groix, France. This spectacular beach is Europe’s only convex beach, a big part of its claim to fame. The beach’s fine, soft sand ranges in color from bright white to dark red. The beach is supervised by lifeguards and is equipped with restrooms, drinking fountains, first aid stations, and water sports equipment rentals. Located within the shimmering Bay of Biscay, Plage des Grands Sables offers the perfect jumping off point for visitors to enjoy scenic sailing adventures.

Rtes Les Grands Sables, Groix, France, Phone: +33-2-97-84-78-00

2. Plage du Racou

Plage du Racou

Plage du Racou is a beautiful, beige sand beach that is located in the charming town of Argeles-sur-Mer, on France’s Mediterranean coast. There are numerous small silted houses along the beach, separated by lush-green, colorful pathways. As visitors take the pathways to the beach, they’ll walk by a plethora of paddles, kayaks, and other nautical equipment out front of the beach houses. There’s plenty of space on the beach for visitors to find a peaceful spot and relax, or enjoy activities such as beach volleyball, Frisbee, and Bocce Ball. Should beach-goers work up an appetite, there are plenty of oyster bars, tapas bars, and seafood restaurants nearby.

Le Racou, Argeles-sur-Mer, France, Phone: +33-4-68-81-00-16

3. Plage de Surtainville

Plage de Surtainville
© Barbarette/

Plage de Surtainville is a wide, sandy beach that is located in Beaumont-Hague, a commune in northwest France. The beach provides an idyllic haven for a variety of shore and water activities, such as paddleboarding, fishing, swimming, sand-ball, soccer, rugby, and much more. Plage de Surtainville is home to one of the best surf spots on France’s west coast, with the breakers being perfect for the beginner all the way up to the experienced surfer. The beach’s tidal zone is expansive enough for speed sailing and sand yachting all year round. During the summer, there is a lifeguard on duty during certain times.

1 Place de la Madeleine, Beaumont-Hague, France, Phone: +33-2-33-52-74-94

4. Serignan Beach

Serignan Beach
© Anja Ergler/

Serignan Beach is a sprawling, sandy beach that is located in Serignan, a commune in southeast France, on the country’s Mediterranean coast. The beach features many natural sand dunes, some of which can reach heights of up to nearly 27 feet. The beach is idyllic, offering a paradise for relaxation and sunbatheing. There are a number of beach activities for visitors to enjoy, such as horseback riding, shore-cast fishing, and beach volleyball. Visitors will also have the opportunity to partake in a variety of fun water sports that include kitesurfing, windsurfing, and parasailing. Sunset walks along the soft sand beach are the perfect way to end the day.

Serignan, France, Phone: +33-4-67-32-15-99

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5. Le Touquet-Paris-Plage

Le Touquet-Paris-Plage
© manovankohr/

Le Touquet-Paris-Plage is a beach that is centrally located in the seaside town of Le Touquet, France. Locals and visitors flock to this beach in droves to sunbathe under the sun, enjoy a refreshing swim, and partake in a plethora of water activities. The beach is equipped with two patios that are situated below the parking lots, volleyball courts, restrooms, showers, and a promenade. Le Touquet-Paris-Plage is also home to three vibrant beach clubs with multiple bars and beach attendants available for beach-goers. Visitors will have the opportunity to enjoy everything from guided bike and horseback tours to romantic sunset strolls along the pristine, sandy beaches.

Boulevard de la Plage, Le Touquet, France, Phone: +33-3-21-05-33-51

6. Best Beaches in France: Plage du Pin Sec

Best Beaches in France: Plage du Pin Sec
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Plage du Pin Sec is a long, beige sand beach that is located along the Bay of Biscay, in southwest France. The non-urbanization of the land around the beach is a major reason why the beach has been able to retain much of its natural beauty. The beach features many rolling sand dunes, providing its visitors with wonderfully-scenic backdrops when framed against the North Atlantic. This is a popular spot amongst local surfers, as the wave size and consistency is some of the best in France. During the warm summer, beach-goers can enjoy numerous fun and exciting water activities under the watchful eye of local lifeguards.

2 Pins de Calais, Naujac-sur-Mer, France, Phone: +33-6-68-60-65-13

7. Plage Beau Rivage

Plage Beau Rivage
© Marc/

Plage Beau Rivage is a wide public beach that is located in southeast France, along the country’s Mediterranean coast. Plage Beau Rivage offers less of a dramatic drop-off in water depth when compared to other local beaches. This gradual depth change makes this beach the perfect for location for many water activities, such as snorkeling, swimming, scuba diving, flyboarding, parasailing, and much more. The beach also features restrooms and showers that are open for public use. Should beach-goers work-up an appetite, the Beau Rivage Private Beach Restaurant is an excellent choice; equipped with numerous umbrellas and sun loungers, and specializing in French/Mediterranean cuisine.

107 Quai des Etats Unis, Nice, France, Phone: +33-4-92-00-46-80

8. Castel Plage

Castel Plage
© guillaume06560/

Castel Plage is a scenic public beach that features a private beach restaurant, located in the city of Nice, in southeast France. The beach is situated along France’s Mediterranean coast, offering warm, crystal clear waters and sunny skies. Castel Plage is a beach that is long and wide, it is also home to numerous large stones. The calmer waters in front of the beach are ideal for a snorkeling, or a relaxing swim. Castel Plage Private Beach Restaurant is among the oldest establishments still remaining in Nice; it’s an excellent place to grab a bite to eat while soaking in the breathtaking scenery of the beach and its surroundings.

8 Quai des Etats Unis, Nice, France, Phone: +33-4-93-85-22-66

9. Best Beaches in France: Coco Beach

Best Beaches in France: Coco Beach
© aerogondo/

Coco Beach is a scenic public beach that provides a wonderfully-tranquil haven amid giant rock slabs and carved-out rocks. The beach is nestled within the charming city of Nice, in southeast France, along the nation’s Mediterranean coast. Coco Beach’s rocks were leveled out to provide its visitors with a comfortable area to sunbathe. During the summer months the beach keeps a lifeguard on duty. The closest bus stop for Coco Beach is just a few minutes’ walk from the beach, at the intersection of Theodore de Banville and Jean Lorrain. There aren’t many dining options within close proximity to the beach, so it’s advisable to bring a picnic for a more convenient and relaxing experience.

2 Avenue Jean Lorrain, Nice, France, Phone: +33-4-96-89-39-26

10. Forum Beach

Forum Beach
© Stanislav Komogorov/

Forum Beach is a public beach that is situated between Neptune and Voilier beaches in Nice, France. Nestled at the base of Avenue Gambetta, the beach is easily accessible from the northern part of the city, and tends to be very popular during the summer months. The beach offers a couple of public facilities, such as restrooms and showers. Forum Beach is also equipped with a first-aid station and lifeguards, giving beach-goers the peace-of-mind to plunge right into the waters. There are several options nearby for dining, including Hi Beach restaurant, the two café-restaurants across the street – Le Cocodile and Les Jardins du Capitol, and Pinocchio – a charming café one block east from the beach.

49 Promenade des Anglais, Nice, France, Phone: +4-92-17-54-42

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11. Neptune Plage

Neptune Plage
© simona/

Neptune Plage is a public beach that features the private Neptune Plage restaurant in the city of Nice, France. Travelers will find this small, narrow beach situated between the neighboring Blue and Spity beaches. Much of the beach’s space is occupied by Glisse Evasion, a watersports and parasailing center. The beach lacks public facilities, however beach-goers can find them at the private Neptune Plage restaurant, if they decide to dine there. There’s also Forum Beach just a few blocks down the road, equipped with public showers and restrooms. On a warm summer day, Neptune Plage is perfect for relaxing under the sun, and enjoying calm swims through the beautiful Mediterranean waters.

Promenade des Anglais, Nice, France, Phone: +33-4-93-87-16-60

12. Beaches in France: Opera Plage

Beaches in France: Opera Plage
© Melissa/

Opera Plage is a wonderful beach that go its name from the nearby Nice Opera House, between Ponchettes and Beau Rivage beaches in Nice, France. Opera Plage features an expansive public beach, as well as the private Opera Plage beach-restaurant. Beach-goers may hear the sounds of many boats passing by during their time at the beach, especially once the nautical activities of Nikaia Glisse kick into gear. Visitors will have the opportunity to enjoy wakeboarding, waterskiing, kayaking, and parasailing. There’s a portable restroom here duing the summer, otherwise visitors can head one block west to Beau Rivage beach for public showers and restrooms.

30 Quai des Etats Unis, Nice, France, Phone: +33-4-93-62-31-52

13. Pampelonne Plage

Pampelonne Plage
© photosainttropez/

Pampelonne Plage is the longest, most famous, and most popular beach in Ramatuelle, near Saint-Tropez, France. The crown jewel of this charming coastal town, Pampelonne Beach stretches nearly five kilometers in length. Its fine, white sand acts as a barrier between the scrub-covered dunes and the shimmering waters of the Mediterranean Sea. The beach is equipped with showers and restrooms near the Patch, Tamaris, and Barraques access points. Kaupo at the Patch entrance, Team Water Sports at the Barraques entrance, and Sun Force at the Tamaris entrance, are all places where beach-goers can rent jet skis, kayaks, and other water sports equipment. The beach is also equipped with several private beach clubs that offer food and drinks.

Route des Plages, Saint-Tropez, France, Phone: +33-4-94-97-36-78

14. Plage de la Cote des Basques

Plage de la Cote des Basques
© PARDOUX Pascal/

Plage de la Cote des Basques is a magnificent beach that is located in southwest France, in the charming coastal city of Biarritz. The beach has long been the idyllic playground for surfers, as well as the wealthy. Movie stars, celebrities, and crowned heads come and go, yet the city of Biarritz remains resolutely Basque. This sprawling, beautiful stretch of sand is backed by rugged and unkempt cliffs. Aside from sunbatheing, the biggest attraction at the beach is the waves, drawing in surfers from all around the world. Should surfers or sunbatheers work up an appetite, there are a variety of restaurants and cafés on Boulevard Prince-de-Galles – one of the roads leading to the beach.

Boulevard Prince-de-Galles, Biarritz, France, Phone: +33-5-59-22-37-00

15. Best Beaches in France: Plage de Chatelaillon

Best Beaches in France: Plage de Chatelaillon
© altitudedrone/

Plage de Chatelaillon is a sprawling, family-friendly beach resort that is located within the Charente-Maritime, in southwest France. This two-and-a-half-kilometer-long beach is backed by a pedestrian walkway, with a road up above, accessed by a set of stairs. The beach is largely sheltered by the Ile d’Oleron to its south, and the Ile de Re to its north. Plage de Chatelaillon is flanked by a variety of cafés and restaurants, so beach-goers won’t have to travel far for a quick drink or bite to eat. There are plenty of water activities available for visitors to enjoy, such as kite surfing, windsurfing, kayaking, swimming, and parasailing.

5 Avenue de Strasbourg, Chatelaillon-Plage, France, Phone: +33-5-46-56-26-97

16. Plage de Marinieres

Plage de Marinieres
© galam/

Plage de Marinieres is a long stretch of soft sand beach that is located in southeast France, in the lovely coastal commune of Villefranche-sur-Mer. The beach curves around the shimmering waters of the bay for approximately one kilometer. On the right side of the beach sits the old and charming town of Villefranche-sur-Mer, to the left, a wooded hill. Towering cliffs rise up in the background, completing this stunning setting. The beach is equipped with restrooms and showers, and also has lifeguards on duty during the summer months. On the street above the beach, visitors will find numerous snack bars where they can grab a drink and bite to eat.

Promenade des Marinieres, Villefranche-sur-Mer, France, Phone: +33-4-93-62-99-50

17. Beaches in France: Mala Plage

Beaches in France: Mala Plage
© Aurlie/

Mala Plage is one of the finest and most beautiful beaches on the Riviera. It is located within the coastal commune of Cap-d’Ail, France. Mala Plage offers a magnificent stretch of pebbles and white sand, surrounded by steeply rising cliffs and emerald waters. The beach is idyllically situated on France’s southeast coast, overlooking the Mediterranean Sea. Mala Plage features two excellent private beach restaurants for visitors to choose from, Cap Resort and Eden Plage. The restaurants provide a number of services, such as massages, fitness classes, taxi boat shuttles, as well as umbrella and lounge chair rentals. Beach-goers will enjoy breathtaking views over the translucent, rippling water as they sunbathe and laze the day away.

Plage de la Mala, Cap-d’Ail, France, Phone: +33-6-63-48-04-70

18. Plage de la Garoupe

Plage de la Garoupe
© Monet/

Plage de la Garoupe is a stunning, white sand beach that is situated on a peninsula in southeast France. The beach is located in the resort town of Antibes, between Nice and Cannes, on the French Riviera. Most of the peninsula is heavily indented and rocky, leaving Plage de la Groupe as really the only logical option for an idyllic beach setting. This pristine beach features three well-equipped private restaurants that offer lounge chairs, tables, and umbrellas just feet from the water’s edge. Visitors will have the opportunity to relax and sunbathee on the beach, take in breathtaking scenery, and enjoy refreshing swims in the shimmering Mediterranean.

Chemin de la Garoupe, Antibes, France, Phone: +33-4-93-61-33-74

19. Paloma Plage

Paloma Plage
© lukaszimilena/

Paloma Plage has long been recognized as one of the French Riviera’s most beautiful beaches. This magnificent beach is situated on a peninsula in southeast France within the waterfront commune of Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat. Located along the beautiful Scaletta Cove, the beach faces east, offering gorgeous views of the steep cliffs rising out of the bay. The beach is only about 150 meters in length, and is mostly composed of small pebbles, gravel, and sand that are all fairly easy on visitors’ feet. The beach is equipped with public restrooms and showers, and has a lifeguard on duty during high season. Visitors will have the chance to enjoy jet skiing, water skiing, and a plethora of other fun water activities.

1 Chemin de Saint-Hospice, Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat, France, Phone: +33-4-93-01-64-71

20. Best Beaches in France: Plague du Buse

Best Beaches in France: Plague du Buse
© creativefamily/

The setting at Plague du Buse is stunning, where the littoral stretches west, and the Cap Martin rises out of the east. The beach is made up mostly of pebbles, but there are also stretches of sand and gravel. The train station is conveniently located just a short walk from the beach; the road is far enough from the beach to offer plenty of peace and quiet. One of the highlights at Plage du Buse would be the delightful beach restaurant – Le Cabanon. Here beach-goers can grab sandwiches, tasty salads, and soft drinks. The beach is equipped with public showers, but there is no lifeguard on duty.

Avenue le Corbusier, Roquebrune-Cap-Martin, France, Phone: +33-4-93-28-95-56

21. Beaches in France: Bray-Dunes

Beaches in France: Bray-Dunes
© Jens Deppner/

Bray-Dunes beach is a bustling public beach that is located in the very northwest part of France, along the English Channel. The beach is one of the most frequented and animated beaches within Bray-Dunes – a French commune and seaside resort area. This expansive sand beach is bordered by a pedestrian promenade that is lined with businesses, a few shops, and charming cafés that sell delicious ice cream. The beach gets very busy during the summer months; it is handicap accessible, equipped with a seasonal lifeguard, and features a lovely children’s play area. Visitors will appreciate the free parking, public showers, and plethora of nearby restaurants.

Digue de Mer, Bray-Dunes, France, Phone: +33-3-28-26-61-09

22. Plage des Salins

Plage des Salins
© sebra/

Whenever Pampelonne Beach becomes too hectic of a scene, travelers should consider Plage des Salins, a sandy paradise that is located in Saint-Tropez, France. Plage de Salins is one of Saint-Tropez’s finest beaches, bisected by a winding creek that leads to an inland marsh, and surrounded by lush pines. This 600-meter-long beach features soft, white sand, grass-covered dunes, and beautiful turquoise waters. Visitors can relax and sunbathe on the beach, enjoying the tranquility of the crashing waves and squawking seagulls, while taking in marvelous views of the breathtaking scenery that surrounds. There are showers and a first-aid station available for public use, as well as a seasonal lifeguard on duty.

Route des Salins, Saint-Tropez, France, Phone: +33-4-94-97-15-66

23. Plage Zamenhoff

Plage Zamenhoff
© weedezign/

Situated at the eastern side of La Croisette, near Port Canto, travelers will find Plage Zamenhoff, one of the two city-managed beaches in Cannes, France. The beach is equipped with plenty of umbrellas, chairs, and lockers for visitors to rent at a much lower rate when compared to private beaches. This pristine beach offers its visitors magnificent views over the Bay of Cannes, as well as the Ile Sainte-Marguerite – a beautiful island just a half-mile off shore from France’s mainland. Beach-goers can spend their day enjoying peaceful swims, sunbatheing, and enjoying a plethora of fun activities within the beautiful blue Mediterranean waters.

34 Boulevard de la Croisette, Cannes, France, Phone: +33-4-97-06-40-00

24. Best Beaches in France: Trestraou Beach

Best Beaches in France: Trestraou Beach
© KarlGroße/

Trestraou Beach is a soft, beige sand beach that stretches nearly 1.4 kilometers in length, located in Perros-Guirec, France – a lovely on commune on France’s central/west coast. There is no shortage of fun and exciting water activities for visitors to enjoy, such as surfing, kayaking, stand-up paddleboarding, sailing, windsurfing, kite surfing, and so much more. The beach is also equipped with a sailing center, casino, sensational restaurants, and a children’s club. Another major draw for Trestraou Beach are the magnificent views over the Sept-Isles – a collection of seven beautiful islands just off of the coastline. Beach amenities include restrooms, first aid posts, drinking fountains, and showers.

Bd Joseph le Bihan, Perros-Guirec, France, Phone: +33-2-96-23-21-15

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