Choosing a vacation destination is a huge decision that should never be taken lightly. Many people simply stick to the same old places, but the trouble with major touristic destinations is that they can often get crowded and noisy, with the tourism industry actually ruining the beauty and charm of many locations all around the world. With that in mind, many modern travelers are increasingly searching for different, lesser-known destinations and new ways to engage with other cultures and spend their precious free time. Heading off the beaten path is a great way to make magical memories and have unique experiences you'll never forget, and the countries of Asia are filled with mystery and wonder just waiting to be enjoyed. CDC information for travelers. Hours/availability may have changed.


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When you first visit Laomei, you might think you've landed on another planet. The landscapes here are simply astonishing and totally unique, with impressive volcanic rock formations and long algae-covered trenches. The best time to visit is in late spring or early summer, but this beach can be a beautiful sight to check out at almost any time of year.

Laomei is definitely one of the best beaches in Taiwan to visit if you want to make some unforgettable memories and take some special photos to share with the folks back home. There's a mysterious, romantic atmosphere in the air at this beach that will really appeal to couples, and there are some nice scenic trails to follow, as well as an old fashioned light house to check out.

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2.Baisha Bay

Baisha Bay
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Located up on the northern coast of Taiwan, Baisha Bay is conveniently located for anyway staying in Taiwan's biggest city: New Taipei. There's a lot to do in the local city and Baisha Bay is one of the area's top tourist attractions, offering gentle waters and comfortable golden sands that stretch out for over half a mile.

The bay is formed in a crescent moon shape which helps to keep the waters nice and calm, ideal for kids to paddle or splash around. Other popular activities at this Taiwan beach include sunbathing, making sand sculptures, and trying out a few different water sports. There are lots of local amenities too including restrooms, showers, shops, and eateries just a short walk from the beach.

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Previously a private beach but now fully open to the public, Dawan looks more like the sort of beach you'd expect to find in the Caribbean Sea than on an Asian island. The sands here are exceptionally soft and white, and the waters shimmer and glimmer on sunny days. On a beach as pretty as this, you'll never want to leave, and even though Dawan is one of the most gorgeous beaches in all of Taiwan, it never gets too crowded or noisy here.

To really make the most of your visit and access most of the beach's amenities, you'll need to be a guest at the local deluxe resort, but you can still have a lot of fun here even if you happen to be staying somewhere else. Just remember to pack some sunscreen or rent some beach equipment to make your own shade as this is a very large open beach without many naturally shady spots to cool off.

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Highly popular with people of all ages, Fulong is split up into both private and public areas, but it's easy enough to tell the difference and the public spaces are more than big enough to cope with the large crowds that sometimes gather here. If you do want to use the private areas, you'll simply have to pay a little extra, and it's worth the fee given that the private spaces of this Taiwan beach have additional amenities like public showers and spacious changing areas.

This beach is simply idyllic, with soft golden sands and beautiful blue waters all around. It also has the unique distinction of hosting a fascinating 'Sand Sculpture Festival' each year. Lots of people come to Fulong to be a part of the festival and admire the incredible sculptures, many of which are made in the shape and style of global landmarks. Obviously, Fulong beach gets busiest during the sculpture season, but it's quite quiet throughout the rest of the year.

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5.More Info

More Info
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Taiwan is a key example. Located in eastern Asia near China, Japan, and the Philippines, this Asian state is home to all kinds of unique man-made and natural attractions. There's a lot to see all around Taiwan, from modern buildings like the Taipei 101 tower to historical museums and locations like the National Revolutionary Martyrs' Shrine and Guningou War Museum. Locations like Taroko National Park and Chingshui Cliff demonstrate the natural beauty of Taiwan, but some of the state's prettiest places are found down by the coast, making Taiwan an excellent beach vacation destination in Asia.

Best Beaches in Taiwan

Taiwan is often overlooked when people are looking for great beach destinations in Asia, but there's a lot to love about this island state. Large parts of Taiwan's coastline are completely untouched by the tourism industry, offering peaceful and pristine environments for visitors of all ages and backgrounds to enjoy. There are lots of lovely coastal villages to be found around Taiwan and a nice mixture of pebbly and sandy beaches. If you’re planning a trip to Taiwan, read on to learn all about the island’s best beaches.

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4 Best Taiwan Beaches

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