Located in Maricopa County, Phoenix is the state capital of Arizona and is also the state's biggest city. It's the fifth biggest city in America and is the largest state capital in the entire United States, being home to over 1.6 million people. Located in the 'Valley of the Sun', Phoenix has close links with several other surrounding Arizona cities. Examples include Glendale, Mesa, Chandler, Gilbert, Scottsdale, and Tempe. All of these cities are located within the Phoenix Metropolitan Area and are just short distances away from central Phoenix. Therefore, if you’re looking to get to Phoenix from Tempe or another nearby city, the journey shouldn’t take too long.

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Where is Tempe in Relation to Phoenix?

Tempe is also located in Maricopa County, just like Phoenix. Around 185,000 people are estimated to live in Tempe, which covers an area of over 40 square miles in total. Tempe is classed as an 'inner suburb' of Phoenix, due to its proximity to the state capital. It is located between the downtown districts of Phoenix and the remainder of the East Valley. Tempe is located to the east of Phoenix, about 10 miles from the 'Central City' and Encanto Village' districts.

Tempe is located just to the south of Phoenix Zoo and only a short distance southeast from Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport. While the majority of Phoenix is located on the northern side of the Salt River, the majority of Tempe is situated on the southern side of the Salt River. In relation to other local cities, Tempe is south of Scottsdale, west of Mesa, and northwest of areas like Gilbert and Chandler, as well as the Phoenix-Mesa Gateway Airport.

Getting from Tempe to Phoenix

Due to the proximity of Tempe and Phoenix, it's very easy to travel between these two cities, with various forms of public transportation operating in the area to make the journey even simpler. Read on to learn how you can travel from Tempe to Phoenix, and vice versa.

Getting from Tempe to Phoenix by Car

If you have a car or a rented vehicle, it's very easy to get from Tempe to Phoenix. The journey's distance and duration will depend on where exactly in each city you happen to be traveling to. If you're in the northern part of Tempe and traveling to the southern part of Phoenix, for example, the journey will be substantially shorter than if you are trying to get from the south of Tempe to the north of Phoenix.

At its shortest point, the journey can take less than ten minutes, while it might take up to half an hour if you're traveling a longer distance. Most of the area is laid out in a grid system, so getting around is very easy. Most journeys from Tempe to Phoenix will involve crossing over one of the bridges on the Salt River, following either the I-10 or the AZ-143. If you choose to follow the I-10, you can continue following it into the eastern part of Phoenix, or continue onto the I-17 to reach destinations in the western part of the city.

Getting from Tempe to Phoenix by Taxi

A taxi is a quick and easy option for people who need to get to Phoenix from Tempe. Various taxi companies operate in and around the Tempe area including Yellow Cab Arizona, Great Value Taxi Cab, and VIP Taxi. All of these taxis, as well as independent drivers using services like Uber, will be able to pick you up from any location in Tempe and take you over to any street or location in Phoenix. The journey will take between 10 and 30 minutes and can cost from around $15 to as high as $40 depending on where exactly you're going.

Getting from Tempe to Phoenix by Bus

Many different bus routes operate in and around the Phoenix area through Valley Metro. You can consult the Valley Metro site to learn more about each route and calculate the right itinerary for your journey, as each route has specific stops and there are many different lines linking the various parts of the city. You may have to chance buses once or twice to get where you need to be, resulting in a longer journey than if you traveled by car or taxi, but the prices are generally low, making bus a cheap way to get from Tempe to Phoenix.

Getting from Tempe to Phoenix by Rail

The Valley Metro Rail system is one of the best ways to get around the Phoenix area and has multiple stops in Tempe, linking the two cities together. The Valley Metro Rail system is very easy to use and you can hop on and off at the various stops as you please. For Tempe, some of the main Valley Metro Rail stops are Veterans Way, Mill Ave, University Dr, and Dorsey. From there, you can travel on the rail system over the Salt River and into Phoenix. The rail system stops off right by Phoenix International Airport, if you're looking to get to the airport from Tempe, and then heads into the inner city, stopping at places like 12th St, Jefferson, McDowell for the Phoenix art Museum, Encanto for the Heard Museum, and Osborn for the Park Central Mall.