The Taliesin Preservation is in Spring Green, Wyoming. Visitors to the Taliesin get to marvel at the beauty of Frank Lloyd Wright’s home, enjoy nature’s panorama, and follow the arc of Wright’s imaginative vision. The Taliesin is the name that has been given to Frank Lloyd Wright’s home and the eight-hundred-acre architectural estate which encompasses buildings from every decade of Wright’s career.


Taliesin was the man’s main residence from 1911 to 1959. It served as his lab for innovation and architectural plans.

In 1886, Wright had spent three semesters as a student in engineering at the University of Wisconsin in Madison. The nineteen-year-old went to Chicago to pursue and architectural career. Once there he worked at J. Lyman Silsbee’ s firm for a year and then joined the Adler and Sullivan firm in 1889. He spent four and half years working directly with Louis Sullivan.

In 1932 Frank and his wife Olgivanna Lloyd Wright established the Taliesin Fellowship, which was a community that focused on providing training in architecture with a “learn by doing” approach. The training emphasized appreciation for all art and permitted students to design and then work on the structures of the Taliesin estate.

The architectural genius of Wright has become timeless. Over one third of his buildings are on the National Register of Historic Places and twenty-four of them are National Historic Landmarks. Taliesin was dubbed a National Historic Landmark in 1976.


The Taliesin offers several different tours of its grounds.

Frank Lloyd Wright Visitor Center: Gateway to Taliesin- Tours of the estate begin and end at the Visitor Center. The Center boasts a bridge-like design that spans two hills along the Wisconsin River. It was originally drafted by Wright as the “Riverview Terrace” that would serve as a restaurant specializing in fine dining for both locals and tourists.

Tours- Taliesin offers numerous tours of the Taliesin estate that are created for interest level.

· Hillside Studio and Theater Tour- This tour give visitors a private glimpse into sixty years of the life of Wright who is considered America’s greatest architect. This tour showcases the Assembly Hall, Hillside Drafting Studio, Romeo and Juliet Windmill Tower, and the Hillside Theater.

· House Tour- This tour takes visitors through the room of Taliesin that Wright dreamed and then constructed. It includes a tour of the Living Room, Loggia, Bedrooms, Wright’s Personal Studio, Landscaped Gardens, Wright’s Innovative Fixtures, Asian Art and Collected artifacts, and the courtyards and terraces. The courtyards and gardens offer visitors a breathtaking view of the valley that Wright’s ancestors settled.

· Highlights Tour- This tour allows visitors to experience two of the significant, yet vastly different buildings that Wright built and designed: Hillside and Taliesin. The tour offers an overview of Hillside’s Assembly Hall, Fellowship Dining Room, the Hillside Drafting Studio, and the Hillside Theater. After touring Hillside visitors are driven over to Taliesin and allowed to enjoy Wright’s Personal Studio, The Living Room, Wright’s Guest Bedroom, Wright’s Bedroom, Mrs. Wright’s Bedroom, and the restored Loggia and Loggia Terrace.

· Estate Tour- This tour shuttles visitors to Taliesin campus to participate in a four-hour hike that wanders through the Driftless country hills. This tour allows visitors to explore Hillside, hike by the Romeo and Juliet Windmill tower, take in a close-up viewing of Tan-y-Deri, and walk by the Midway Barns. A break is given halfway through the tour on the terrace with refreshments, after which visitors tour the inside and outside of Taliesin.

· Twilight at Taliesin- This tour takes place in the early evening and offers a two-hour relaxed tour through Taliesin. Visitors can experience the gardens and courtyards in the twilight of early evening. Once the guided portion of the tour is over, visitors can wander through the house on their own while partaking in hors d’oeuvres and drinks. The landscaped grounds, The Birdwalk, and Wright’s home are some of the highlights of this tour.

Educational Opportunities

The Taliesin offers several programs for educational purposes to both children and adults.

Artistic Programs- Various artistic programs are offered throughout the year to enhance the knowledge gained by visiting the Taliesin about Wright and his architectural visions.

Musical Programs- Taliesin offers musical programs throughout the year.

Architecture Camp for Kids- These camps are designed to teach the basics of architecture and build on it through the camps that come after.

Field Trips­- The Taliesin offers several different options for teachers to use when planning field trips, from tours to a completely immersive experience that takes the entire day.


The Taliesin offers casual dining at the Riverview Terrace Café.


The Taliesin Bookstore offers a variety of items including publications on architecture and Frank Lloyd Wright.

5607 County Road C, Spring Green, WI 53588, Phone: 608-588-7900

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