Visitors and locals alike can come aboard the Tall Ship Red Witch in Kenosha, Wisconsin from the middle of the month of May until the beginning of the month of October. The community of Kenosha has shown a great amount of support for the wooden tall ship. The Red Witch is docked at the South Seawall of Kenosha Harbor, near 5th Avenue and 54th Street, only steps away from Kenosha’s downtown area, the Metra stations, parks, and museums.

A cruise aboard the Tall Ship Red Witch is a great way to see the beautiful Kenosha harbor. A sailing trip aboard the Tall Ship Red Witch provides passengers with a more hands-on experience than many ships. Guests can assist in raising the sails if they wish, or they can choose to just sit back, relax, and take in the skyline, sea, and wind from the ship’s very spacious deck.

A sailing trip on the wooden ship is also unique venue for a private event, with room for a maximum of forty-nine passengers aboard the tall ship. The Red Witch is one of the hard to come by authentic, wooden, sailing schooners of the country that was used as a commercial vessel at one time. Windy days are ideal for any sail of a tall ship. This offers guests a one-of-a-kind sailing experience, whether it’s aboard the ship for a public cruise around the harbor, or a special event.

The Tall Ship Red Witch makes for an excellent space for business meetings for either staff or clients, as well as weddings, receptions, family reunions, or really any party. A sailing experience aboard the wooden tall ship is great for people of all ages, and works well for outings during summer camps, school outings, and other gatherings.

Wooden sailing schooners such as the Tall Ship Red Witch were prominent in America’s Great Lakes during a time one hundred years ago. A schooner is a type of sailboat, such as the Red Witch. The ship features two masts, with the mast at the rear being taller. The sails of the ship are, like what you’ll see with most sailboats, fore-and-aft rigged. This is what makes the Tall Ship Red Witch a schooner, and the design she is based on was drawn up by John Alden, a famous naval architect.

The Tall Ship Red Witch got its name from Wake of the Red Witch, a story of the sea by Garland Roark. In 1986, the hull of the wooden tall ship was laid in Bayou la Batre in Alabama by Nathaniel Zirlott, which was done specifically for charter travel of passengers. The Red Witch is based on design #716 by John Alden, and features the same design as the schooner Keewatin. The ship’s spacious salon contains of the film from 1949 that stars Gail Russell and John Wayne. Red Witch’s deep and dramatic red hull was built from mahogany wood placed over frames made from oak. The ship also features cabin tops made of cypress, and a deck built with Florida Juniper.

Kenosha Harbor South Seawall, Kenosha, Wisconsin, Phone: 312-469-0233

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