Visitors to the Dahl Auto Museum in Wisconsin can take a walk through the automotive past as they explore the museum’s showroom. Guests can immerse themselves in the automotive industry’s rich history as they view automobiles dating back to over a century ago. Any car enthusiast will enjoy exploring the history of the automobile, the most widely used form of transportation in the country.

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The Dahl Auto Museum is a celebration of the role the Dahl family has played as automotive dealers for five generations over a time period of more than one hundred years. The museum also highlights the history of the automotive industry through the perspective of the Ford Motor Company. An extensive collection of Ford automobiles dating back to the year 1911 up through present day are on display in the museum. These classic automobiles have been carefully restored back to their former glory.

Dahl Automotive in La Crosse is the country’s ninth oldest family-owned Ford dealership. The rich history of the Dahl family is a legacy in progress in itself as they continue growing alongside the industry of automotives. The family takes a great amount of pride in their involvement in the local community of La Crosse. The Dahl Auto Museum was in fact created specifically to give something back and to share the historical automotive treasures with the La Crosse community.

The Dahl Auto Museum includes an educational component for the benefit of civic groups and school groups. The museum also partners with the La Crosse Historical Society to hold special events, such as its annual “Remember When” event during which guests share tales of the past and dress in historical attire. One of the most popular attractions in the Dahl Museum is its Starlite Drive-In. The Drive-In is a tribute to the old La Crosse drive-in theater of the past, which once existed from 1949 until 1978 on Highway 33. The museum’s theater shows classic, old films and represents the spirit of a time where drive-in theaters were popular.

There are numerous historical Ford automobiles on display in the Dahl Auto Museum’s Showroom. One of the oldest models in the Showroom created by Ford Motors is the 1911 Ford Model T Roadster. All of the Model T’s features tops, brass headlamps, and windshields. They also included brass kerosene tail lights and side lamps.

The 1919 Ford Model TT, or Ton Truck, was the result of seeing the Model T being transformed into a truck for many years. After a while, Henry Ford decided he wanted in on the action. The Model TT, based on the original Model T car, rated at an entire ton with a heavier frame. A speed of no more than fifteen miles per hours was recommended with the Ton Truck.

The 1955 Ford Thunderbird was designed by Ford to compete with the Corvette of Chevrolet. The T-Bird featured a larger and more powerful V8 engine compared to Chevrolet’s Corvette. Also on display at the Dahl Auto Museum is a 1969 Ford Mustang Cobra JET.

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