The biggest city in all of Wisconsin and also one of the largest cities in the entire Midwest, Milwaukee is home to some magnificent architecture and vibrant culture. The city has a captivating history behind it, and is recognized for having a wide array of historic neighborhoods and landmarks all around.


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Lying along the shores of Lake Michigan, the second largest of the Great Lakes of North America, and also being home to three separate rivers (the Milwaukee, the Menomonee, and the Kinnickinnic), Milwaukee is a great place for water-based activities and kayaking has become one of the city’s most popular pastimes over the years. Things to Do in Milwaukee

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2.Best Kayaking Locations in Milwaukee

Best Kayaking Locations in Milwaukee
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Kayaking in Milwaukee isn’t just limited to Lake Michigan. Yes, the Great Lake is right by the city and provides some excellent kayaking opportunities up and down its enormous coastline, but Milwaukee is also blessed with several rivers and additional kayaking locations both within the city limits and beyond. Here are a few of the top kayaking spot you can enjoy on your next trip to Milwaukee.

· Lake Michigan

With a shoreline of 1,400 miles and a total surface area of over 22,000 square miles, Lake Michigan is one of the largest freshwater sources on planet Earth and an incredible natural marvel. Since the city of Milwaukee sits right on the banks of the famous lake, it's a super spot to do some kayaking and really feeling at one with nature.

· Milwaukee River

Running for over 100 miles, the Milwaukee River stretches through the state of Wisconsin and flows through the center of Milwaukee. Kayaks and fishing boats can be spotted on this river at all times of year and there's a nice mixture of calm and choppy waters to suit all kinds of kayakers, as well as lots of lovely parks along the banks.

· Menomonee River

One of Milwaukee's three rivers (the others being the Milwaukee and the Kinnickinnic), the Menomonee offers flat, welcoming waters for relaxing kayaking sessions and provides some truly unique views of the city skyline and various industrial areas, as well as an enjoyable route into Lake Michigan through the Milwaukee Harbor.

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3.Kayak Tours and Rentals in Milwaukee

Kayak Tours and Rentals in Milwaukee
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There are a few great kayaking companies to be found right in the middle of Milwaukee. These companies provide simple services like kayak rentals and outfitting, as well as guided kayaking tours of Lake Michigan and other waterways around the city. Here are some important details on a few of Milwaukee’s favorite kayaking companies.

1. Milwaukee Kayak Company - 318 S Water St, Milwaukee, WI 53204 (414 301-2240)

Founded quite recently in 2013, the Milwaukee Kayak Company was established in response to the ever-growing interest in kayaking around Milwaukee. A like-minded group of outdoor enthusiasts came together to start this company and convey their love and passion for kayaking and the city of Milwaukee to everyone. They offer rentals of single and tandem kayaks at great prices on a daily basis, as well as organizing guided tours around Milwaukee's waterways each and every week. If you’re looking for a friendly and welcoming outfit to take your kayaking to the next level in Milwaukee, this is the company to go with.

2. Brew City Kayak - 820 S Water St, Milwaukee, WI 53204 (414 939-5443)

Brew City Kayak is open to all kayakers and kayak enthusiasts, regardless of your ability or experience level. This friendly, professional company helps you see an even more beautiful side of Milwaukee from the comfort of a kayak, offering both kayak rentals and tours. Brew City Kayak runs full moon paddle, skyline tours, and private, personalized Milwaukee kayaking tours for very attractive fees. If you’re looking to enjoy some kayaking fun in the beautiful city of Milwaukee, this is an excellent company to help make your dreams come true.

3. Clear Water Outdoor - 407 N Water St, Milwaukee, WI 53202 (414 217-8202)

Located on the banks of the Milwaukee River, not far from the point where the Milwaukee meets up with the Menomonee River, Clear Water Outdoor offers great price kayak rentals. This company doesn't run guided tours, but the friendly staff know a lot about kayaking in Milwaukee and will be happy to point out some good routes to take and offer their own guidance and expertise. As for the kayak rentals, they're all priced very competitively, with both single and tandem kayaks available for renting, as well as paddleboards. Due to the location of this kayak rental store, it's a great place to start your Milwaukee kayaking session.

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