Located between the cities of Dodgeville and Spring Green, Wisconsin, the House on the Rock is a tourist attraction that opened in 1960. The house itself is a feat of architecture and design, placed as it is at the top of Deer Shelter Rock, which itself stands 60 feet atop the nearby forest. A truly remarkable achievement, it features several breathtaking aspects from varied and distinct inspiration and architectural designs.

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Whilst its infamy doesn’t reach far out of the Midwest, the House on the Rock is said to draw more visitors every year than any other spot in Wisconsin. It’s an eccentric and single-minded vision that carries on in the vein of its original builder, Alex Jordan Jr.

The project has now grown far beyond just the House on the Rock. It now also includes many buildings that contain eclectic, exotic, and whimsical exhibits and displays. The attraction remains open all year round, but offers differing experiences based on the time of year.

Year-round draws include first and foremost the Infinity Room, which extends an unsupported length of 218 feet and soars 156 feet above the valley floor below. The room has over 3,000 windows and offers an unsurpassed view of the surrounding scenery.

The world’s largest carousel finds its home here and it’s a truly astounding feature. With over 269 handcrafted animals, 20,000 lights, and 182 chandeliers, the indoor creation is beautifully designed and frankly a magical view to behold.

As mentioned, the house has an ever-revolving roster of attractions and features. Visits of particular interest include The Dark Side, which is the Halloween event, as well as a Christmas celebration. The entire venue is decorated and themed during these times and visitors can either choose to pay for single ticket admission or purchase a package that includes a stay at the resort as well as the tour. All year round there are also spa packages on offer, which include an extended getaway.

The House on the Rock Inn is a truly unique option for guests who choose to stay overnight. Guests can stay in the standard room, upgrade to a larger one, or even stay in the specialty room, which includes a whirlpool. The indoor and outdoor pools provide a relaxing swim and the kids will enjoy playing in the 45-foot submarine.

If you are looking for a getaway with an eccentric, eclectic, and electric range of diverse attractions and architectural marvels, the surrounding village of similarly themed shops, streets, houses, and curiosities are of equal interest and you can make a real trip of your visit. It retains the charm and steadfast determination to create something truly unique, the dream of its original builder.

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