At Charleston Capitol Market's outdoor market, farmers from throughout West Virginia arrive each day with an abundance of seasonal products for the garden and home. The Spring season brings trees, shrubs, and flowers, while fresh vegetables and fruits appear at the market during the summer. Guests can shop for cornstalks, gourds, and pumpkins in the fall. The winter and holiday season brings Christmas trees, garlands, swags, and wreaths. A collection of specialty shops occupy the indoor market, with a selection of options for lunch, tasty treats, samplings of specialties of West Virginia, literary delights, and more. The Capitol Market of Charleston 's goal is to promote and provide a place for vendors to sell products from specialty retailers, growers, and farmers of West Virginia.

During the late 1800's, the Michigan and Kanawha Railroad constructed a rail yard on Charleston's Smith Street. For many decades, the rail yard flourished with commerce significant to the city of Charleston's growth. Unfortunately, the rail yard eventually fell into disrepair, and in the late 1900's, a new vision for the street came to life. This vision featured both a renewal of the commerce that was once vital to the city, as well the creation of a place that would serve as an anchor for the residents of Charleston.

Thus, the Charleston Capitol Market was born in 1997 as a community social hub, a leading destination for shopping, and a tourist attraction. Now, over one hundred years since the construction of the rail yard, this city market stands. The rail yard's old transfer dock is now the home to an outdoor market that is open throughout the entire year. The market also features an eclectic variety of indoor shops including shops selling produce, meat, fresh fish, chocolates, wines, and books. It's also home to one of the most popular restaurants in Charleston and West Virginia Foods & Things.

Traditions at the Charleston Capitol Market are as varied as the community: daily business lunches, weekend excursions with the family, Saturday morning coffee, after-work shopping, and much more. Planning for spring gardens, shopping for fresh produce in summer, picking pumpkins in the fall, and shopping for Christmas trees are all parts of the experience of the market. In addition to these, the Charleston Capitol Market also possesses its own traditions. Throughout the years, the market has helped to raise thousands for multiple charities and organizations.

Through making improvements to the market every year, the Charleston Capitol Market is able to remain as a central part of the many traditions that the residents of Charleston hold dear. The market is now an old friend to the city and its people, anchoring the city and providing a place for people to share the best they have to offer with each other, as well as with visitors. The market is basically the city's main street. It's a daily meeting space at which friends greet each other, a gathering place for both locals and visitors alike, a place for residents to build each other up, and place for locals to bring guests from out-of-town to show off the city.

800 Smith Street, Charleston, West Virginia, Phone: 304-344-1905

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