Mountain Rail Adventures of Durbin and Greenbrier Valley Railroad is fun for both young and old alike. The journey offers an often much needed escape from the hustle of everyday life, providing guests with an opportunity to sit back and relax by doing nothing by taking in the view of the area's natural beauty. There are a variety of rail adventure options, designed to fit all kinds of itineraries and budgets, and offering something for anyone. The train ride is just the first stop during a weekend of discover and exploration that combines adventure with relaxation, stunning WV scenery with cultures, and contemporary arts with history.

A choice of nine different trains is available from the month of April until December with Mountain Rail Adventures. Guests are easily able to customize their rail journey through a mix and match of train rides, creating the idea vacation in West Virginia, particularly for extended or overnight vacations. For those who can't seem to choose just one trip, customizable overnight packages in Cass and Elkins are available that offer a combination of two rail journeys with one ticket.

Families both small and large will enjoy the Cass Scenic Railroad journey, starting at the historic logging town of Cass. The two-hour train ride aboard the wonderfully restored twentieth century Shay locomotive is Mountain Rail Adventures' most popular option. The picturesque and historic trains transport guests through the dynamic countryside of West Virginia to Whittaker Station, an example of the logging industry in Appalachian featuring an unmatched view of the Cass Scenic Railroad State Park. Guests can choose to add on an additional two hours to travel further to Bald Knob's peak, high in the Allegheny Mountains.

The New Tygart Flyer offers spectacular views of mountains, dense forests, and curving tunnels in a relaxing, climate-controlled environment. After leaving Elkins, the train crosses over the Cheat River and bridges before stopping at Cheat's High Falls so passengers can take in the sounds and sights of the 150 feet tall waterfall within the hills of West Virginia. The Cheat Mountain Salamander transports guests to Spruce, a historic town only accessible by train, while the Durbin Rocket features the one of only three working Climax locomotives in the world. There is also The Polar Express™, a dinner train, and others.

Guests may wonder where exactly they should start their journey with Mountain Rail Adventures. It's easier to decide where to start a rail adventures if visitors know what they would like to do and see. Elkins, a gem of West Virginia, is one of the most popular choices.

This mountain town if one of the state's most vibrant communities. Once a town focused around the rail industry, Elkins is now an important arts center of the state. The town is also home to music, museums, dining, and heritage crafts among much more. An overnight stay at one of the top-rated accommodations in Elkins can be the perfect end to a full day of adventure. Mountain Rail Adventures is able to create customized packages to meet location preferences and mobility needs.

315 Railroad Avenue, Elkins, West Virginia, website, Phone: 304-636-9477

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