Snowshoe is a community in Pocahontas County, West Virginia, developed around the Snowshoe Mountain ski resort. It is located in the Allegheny Mountains between the high mountain ridges of Cheat and Back Allegheny Mountains, at the head of the Shavers Fork of the Cheat River. The Village of Snowshoe, one of the local commercial areas, is located at the summit of the mountain. It offers everything from the latest snowboard and ski equipment and outerwear to intricate hand carved West Virginia wood products and gifts. WV Market offers WV artisans’ artworks such as pottery, glassware and jewelry, a range of WV books, soaps, lotions, craft beers and gourmet foods. About 480,000 visitors come to the area each year, to ski and snow tube in the winter or golf and hike in the summer. Certain attractions may be temporarily closed or require advance reservations. Some restaurants are currently offering pickup only. Hours/availability may have changed.

1.Snowshoe Mountain

Snowshoe Mountain
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Snowshoe Mountain is a ski resort in the eastern United States, in the village of Snowshoe, West Virginia, in a valley between Cheat and Back Allegheny mountains, at the head of the Shavers Fork of the Cheat River. The highpoint is Thorny Flat, at 4,848 feet. The resort has 244 acres of skiable terrain. The mountain is part the Allegheny Mountains, which are a part of the massive Appalachian Mountain Range. The Village at Snowshoe is located at the summit of the mountain. Snowshoe Resort is best known for its winter activities, but when the snow melts it has a range of mountain biking trails, a world-class golf course designed by Gary Player, areas equipped for wedding and conventions and terrain for various summer outdoor activities. Every year the resort hosts a Grand National Cross Country Racing. .

10 Snowshoe Dr, Snowshoe, WV 26209, Phone: 877-441-4386

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2.Snowshoe Mountain Tubing Park, Snowshoe, West Virginia

Snowshoe Mountain Tubing Park, Snowshoe, West Virginia
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The Snow Tubing at Snowshoe Mountain Resort is one of many mountain activities that guests at the resort can enjoy. The Snowtubing park is six stories high, and it has eight lanes. Only one person is allowed per tube, but tubes can be linked so that groups of friends can go down the lane together. The Snowtubing park is located in the Silver Creek area of the resort. Only kids four years old or older and at least 36? tall are allowed at the tubing park. There are shuttles that take guests from the resort to the tubing park at different times. Once at the bottom of the tube, a Handle Tow lift brings guests back up to the top so they can go again.

10 Snowshoe Dr, Snowshoe, WV 26209, Phone: 877-441-4386

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3.Autumn Breeze Stables, Snowshoe, West Virginia

Autumn Breeze Stables, Snowshoe, West Virginia
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Autumn Breeze Stables at Snowshoe Mountain Resort offers Western style guided trail riding in the West Virginia Mountains. They offer rides that last one to four hours, for riders of all ages and riding experiences, in all seasons. There are also half-hour rides around the lake for children eight years old or younger, buggy rides, overnight trips with rustic camping in the Cheat Mountain, and open sleigh rides in the snow. When riding off the beaten path, riders get to cross streams, go up and down hills, ride along old log roads , through wetlands and forest trails, enjoy spectacular mountain top views, encounter or spot deer, bear, coyote, turkey and more.

Snowshoe, WV 26209, Phone: 304-572-2262

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3 Best Things to Do in Snowshoe, West Virginia

More Ideas in WV: Lost World Caverns

The Lost World Caverns are located on the outskirts of Lewisburg, West Virginia. The caverns consist of one mile of interconnected passages at depths of up to 245 feet below ground. Walking tours of the caves take guests into the main 1,000-foot long chamber. At 300-feet wide and 120-feet high, the chamber offers a wealth of geological formations and waterfalls, including stalactite and stalagmite formations, many of which are named.

Famous formations include the Bridal Veil, a sparkling column of white calcite. The Snowy Chandelier is presumed to be largest stalactite in the United States at over 30 tons. The War Club is a 28-foot tall stalagmite made famous in 1971 when Bob Addis sat on top of it for close to 16 days, garnering himself a spot in the Guinness Book of World Records.

Wild Cave Tours take guests on an adventure beyond the Walking Tour to the more undeveloped parts of the cavern. The 4-hour tours offer over 1-mile of climbs and squeezes through tight passageways with names such as The Birth Canal, the Drain and the Squeeze Box. All equipment such as headlamps, kneepads, helmets and gloves are provided, including a light snack. Showers and hot lunches are available for those who complete the Wild Cave Tours, as they end with a muddy surprise. Guests on the Wild Cave Tour follow sterilization procedures to prevent the spread of white nose syndrome, a disease that is increasingly affecting the Appalachian bat population. The cave drains via a network of springs into the Greenbrier River in Fort Spring, nearly ten miles away.

A 3,000 square foot museum and gift shop is located on site. The museum is home to West Virginia’s largest collection of fossils and dinosaur replicas. Replica fossils, geodes and minerals are available for purchase.

History: The Lost World Caverns were discovered in 1942 by the Virginia Polytechnic Institute. Originally known as the Grapevine Cave, they had been known for years to farmers in the region who used the cave’s single vertical entrance to dispose of deceased cattle and trash. Surveys of the caves in the 1960’s established their geography and mapped their underground passages. In 1967, the remains of a pre-historic cave bear were found in one of the underground caverns.

The caves were opened for tourism in the 1970’s after the trash was cleared out and a new, cement tunnel entrance was dug out, allowing for visitors to easily walk in. The caverns were registered as a National Natural Landmark in 1973. Renovations in the 1980’s added more wooden walkways and a gift shop. Updates were made to the cave’s lighting, which was causing overgrowth of algae in the damp environment.

In 1992, the site gained fame as the alleged home of Bat Boy, a tabloid-driven large-eyed wild boy who was raised by bats in a cave and survived by eating insects. The Bat Boy legend gained national fame and led to a Broadway musical. The caverns have been privately owned by Steve Silverberg since 1999.

Ongoing Programs and Education: In addition to the 45-minute walking tour or the 4-hour Wild Cave Tour, self-guided cave tours are available for guests who stay on the trail through the main cavern. Visitors are given explanatory brochures to take with them on the one half mile loop. Temperatures within the cave stay at a consistent 52 degrees, regardless of the weather.

Los World Caverns offers special 45-minute group tours for school groups. The tour takes students through the main cavern and spends extra time explaining how the caves were formed, how stalagmites and stalactites are formed, and what type of life has been found in the caves. Environmental groups, especially the Greenbrier River Watershed Association, have been encouraging the educational cave tours, which demonstrate the relationship between surface water and ground water. Because the caves are surrounded by farmland on all sides, they are uniquely positioned to demonstrate the effects of groundwater runoff from farmed lands.

What’s Nearby: Lewisburg, West Virginia is a historic town with a nationally recognized arts and commercial district offering fine art galleries, restaurants and cafes. The town was named to National Geographic’s list of America’s Top Ten Communities. A number of Civil War battles were fought in and around Lewisburg, leading to its designation as a National Historic District. Lewisburg has also become an epicenter for outdoor recreation. Several outfitters offer whitewater rafting within the Gauley River National Recreation Area, as well as canoe trips, zip lining and horseback riding.

907 Lost World Rd, Lewisburg, WV 24901, Phone: 304-645-6677

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More Ideas in WV: Mothman Museum

The Mothman Museum located in Point Pleasant, West Virginia contains the largest collection of memorabilia and props from the movie "The Mothman Prophecies." The town of Point Pleasant is the very site of where the Mothman encounters and sightings actually occurred. Visitors to the museum can read a variety of rare documents from the eyewitnesses of the Mothman themselves, sharing their stories of what they're experience was like on the night of November 15 in 1966.

Visitors have the chance to see rare photographs and press clippings of the disaster of the Silver Bridge. The museum displays information about the various historical figureheads of the famous Mothman legacy, such as the Mallete and Scarberry eyewitnesses, Mary Hyre, and John Keel. There is plenty for guests to see and discover at the Mothman Museum to help them research the legacy and uncover the truth of the event for themselves. The museum is the only place where visitors can view a showcase of the props actually used while filming of Sony Pictures' Mothman Prophecies in the world.

All of this and more is displayed for visitors to discover during their time at the Mothman Museum. Rare historical archives about the Mothman, as well as the mysterious occurrences that happed in 1966 and 1967 in Point Pleasant, are displayed throughout the museums several exhibits. Original video footage and press clippings of the Mothman articles, UFO activity, and the disaster at the Silver Bridge are all on display. The museum's Merchandise Store is full of various Mothman souvenirs, such as hoodies, shirts, bags, buttons, stickers, novelties, and even a Mothman Energy drink.

Showcased handwritten reports by the police from the accounts of the original eyewitnesses of the Mothman document what these people had experienced. Also within the many exhibits at the Mothman Museum are the collection of props used in the filming of the Mothman Prophecies. Lifelike replicas and costumes on display serve as perfect photo opportunities. The museum, situated next to the town of Point Pleasant's Mothman Statue, also features exhibits on the Men In Black, the Silver Bridge, Mary Hyre, John Keel, and the "Search for the Mothman" Documentary.

The Mothman Museum of Point Pleasant is the only place where the original police depositions of the happenings of the fateful night on the Silver Bridge can be seen in the world. These depositions were written by the eyewitnesses of the event themselves, and explain what they experienced. Visitors can discover what or who the Mothman was. It's up to them to decide whether it was a winged demon, an alien, or something else. Guests will find numerous Mothman photo opportunities at the museum, including two life-like replicas of the creature.

The museum is home to some of the most vintage and rare archives in the world that document the events of 1966 and 1967 that took place in Point Pleasant. One specific exhibit focuses on the experiences of John Keel, author of the Mothman Prophecies and paranormal investigator. For his case study, Keel chose to focus investigation on the town of Point Pleasant.

400 Main Street, Point Pleasant, West Virginia, Phone: 304-812-5211

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More Ideas in WV: Grand Vue Park

Grand Vue Park's goal is to provide guests with a clean and safe natural environment in a courteous and friendly manner. Its mission is also to offer entertaining and educational fun and recreation for friends and families, as well to provide comfortable lodging. The park features numerous amenities, including an aquatic center, zipline canopy tour, twelve miles of trails for a variety of uses, zipline ride, playgrounds, ten geocaches, Land Navigation Course, amphitheater, gift shop, concessions, playgounds, and bird feeder stations. There's also an executive Par-3 golf course, family disc golf course, championship disc golf course, and a miniature golf course.

Mountain biking fans can enjoy twenty-one miles of newly renovated hilly terrain trails throughout Grand Vue Park, which also feature scenic stops along the paths. Mountain bike trails are marked with a blaze system of orange diamonds that contain a reflective border to assist bicyclists during night rides. Riders typically start at the park's main office on the double track leading to the Mountain Bike Trailhead.

Some areas of the bike course are technical, suited more towards riders of an intermediate or advanced level. A four-mile biking and hiking double track is offered for riders who are novices or beginners, with more beginner trails planned for the near future. The park also provides a schedule for trail walks, group mountain bike rides, races, and other events.

On Wednesday evenings and Saturday mornings, guests can participate in scheduled group rides at Grand Vue Park. These rides, while technically group rides, are self-guided and meet near the main office at the Trail Center. The Trailhead Grille offers some great food and drinks that guests can enjoy after their ride. Guided hiking tours along the mountain biking trails in Grand Vue Park are also offered to guests. Scenic views of both the park and the surrounding area can be found along the trails. The distance of the hike is based on the desired pace of participants. Each hike last about two hours and includes a set of binoculars.

Constructed in 2007, the playground was added to Grand Vue Park to provide children of ages two to twelve with a safe and fun environment in which to play. The area includes benches, a small shelter for picnics, and a restroom. Fans of golf can enjoy the park with a choice of three different golf experiences. The park has quickly turned into a destination for those wanting an array of fun challenges and activities.

Within Grand Vue Park are two options for a zipline canopy tour, designed to offer visitors a chance to see that area from a different perspective. The Full Tour is a three-hour tour featuring eight dual ziplines that range from 310 to 1,500 feet through the park's trees. The canopy tour also contains the park's Zip Line Ride and three suspension bridges. The Half Tour is an hour shorter and includes the first four zip lines of the Full Canopy Tour, which range from 310 feet to 937 feet. This tour also features two suspension bridges, and the Zip Line Ride, a dual zip line of 2,100 feet.

250 Trail Drive, Moundsville, West Virginia, Phone: 304-845-9810

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