Ever since it was built as a private residence in the 1920s, the University Club of Phoenix has always maintained an air of elegance about it. Keeping its vintage vibes after being converted into what it is today, the University Club blends seamlessly into the district around it while still able to render first class service to the thousands of guests that have set gone through its doors in the past 50 years.

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Aiming to provide only the best to its guests, the club has exceeded expectations to everyone who has visited, whether it is in the main dining room or the garden. Much of its success is thanks to its dedicated personnel who have all been trained to provide their guests with nothing but hospitality in its best form, going to great lengths to ensure that all their clients are satisfied.

The venues themselves boast much elegance and charm, mixing beauty with convenience as it facilitates all kinds of private functions great and small. The club opens itself to all kinds of events, may it be small formal events or grand celebrations.

Wedding Venue

One thing that University Club of Phoenix offers is its picturesque garden which has been considered the ideal location for a wedding ceremony by many. They also have a reception hall that can accommodate as much as 200 guests. Meanwhile, the clubhouse itself can be converted into a space that can accommodate 150 more guests if the need arises. With the many versatile venues that the club has to offer, it is highly recommended that guests personally visit the area and see for themselves why it has been named as among Downtown Phoenix’s Best Wedding Venues.

Below are some of the important policies that interested parties must know when reserving a venue with the University Club of Phoenix:

Pricing: The use venues themselves are actually not subject to a fee. Instead, the establishment requires a minimum purchase for food and beverages, the actual amount of which would vary depending on the time, day, and season in which the wedding is set.

Menus: Wedding menus in the University Club of Phoenix have always been known for their innovation and freshness. Clients are free to select the preset menu from one of their wedding packages or create a custom set for their event. It’s also important that any dietary restrictions for the guests are made known to the Club so that alternatives can be given. Finally, all food and drinks have to come from the Club.


After confirming your dates, it’s important to make a deposit of $1,500 so that it’s booked with your event only. The total number of guests for the event must then be finalized at least three days prior the actual event and at least 75% of the total payment due must have been paid by then.

Due to city ordinances, all music must be turned off by 10:00 PM. Bands that have more than four pieces are also not allowed by city ordinance.

For more information on the packages and reservations, feel free to contact me at (602) 254-5408 or visit the University Club Phoenix’s official website.


University Club Phoenix, 39 E. Monte Vista Road, Phoenix, Arizona, 85004, Phone: 602-254-5408

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