Pelindaba Lavender Farm is one of the leading lavender plant growers, makers of lavender products, and lavender essential oils distillers. The beautiful farm, situated on San Juan Island, undertakes such activities according to the highest aesthetic and environmental standards. The flowers on the farm are cultivated in the business' own organically certified lavender fields and extract essential oils from the lavender flowers in the farm's on-site distillery.

A broad array of household, therapeutic, personal care, pet care, botanical, and culinary products are handcrafted on-site from the essential oils and flowers from the farm's lavender plants. The vertically integrated model of Pelindaba Lavender Farm's sustainable agriculture allows the business to preserve the land they use from further development, create opportunities for employment for other residents on the island, protect the land from pollution, and offer a naturally beautiful destination for both visitors and islanders alike.

The best time of the year to visit the Pelindaba Lavender Farm is from the month of July to August, when the lavender fields are at their "peak of purpleness." However, there is still plenty to do and see at the farm from May until October. It's recommended that guests visiting the lavender farm plan on spending a minimum of one to two hours exploring the grounds. Visitors can walk through the lavender fields; participate in a farm tour led by Stephen Robins, founder and owner of Pelindaba Lavender Farm, from the month of July until Labor Day, and browse through more than two hundred lavender products made on-site at the farm's Gatehouse Farm Store.

Guests can also explore more than fifty varieties of different lavender plants cultivated at the farm in the Demonstration Garden. These plants begin blooming in the beginning of May, with some lavender varieties still blooming in the month of October. A visit to the on-site Distillery, as well as Exhibits, offer visitors the chance to learn how the essential oil from lavender plants is distilled, as well as learn about the diverse and many uses of the lavender essential oil.

Guests can even create their own unique lavender crafts during the months of July and August at the Craft Workshop, or harvest their own bouquets of lavender in the farm's Cutting Field. The Nursery at Pelindaba Lavender Farm provides visitors with a chance to take a selection of lavender plants back home with them after their visit. If guests are in need of some refreshments, cookies, ice cream, iced tea, and lavender lemonade are available, or visitors can bring their own picnic lunch.

Pelindaba Lavender Farm is committed to the preservation of open-space farmland on the beautiful San Juan Island through its vertically integrated, sustainable agriculture model. The farm's goal is to protect the land from being developed further, as well as protect it from pollution and provide a place where others can enjoy the island's natural beauty. Pelindaba is also committed to only using its own organically grown lavender flowers to create all of its products. The business also distills its own essential oils themselves, following this same organic and local ethos.

45 Hawthorne Lane, Friday Harbor, Washington, Phone: 360-378-4248

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