For billions of people all over the globe, chocolate ranks right up there as one of the very best culinary creations mankind ever invented. Coming in so many styles and forms, delicious in so many situations, and highly versatile for use in lots of different recipes too, chocolate can make us smile in a million different ways.

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However, when you actually look into how a lot of the chocolate we see on store shelves is made, the process is not only fascinating, but quite disconcerting. A lot of cocoa is grown and cultivated in Africa by workers who aren’t paid decent wages or given the capacity to support their families and communities.

Not only that, but many big chocolate companies cut corners and make compromises that harm the planet, all in the pursuit of profits. Nowadays, with more and more people paying attention to what they eat and where the foods they buy actually come from, we’re seeing greater demand for chocolate made in better ways, and Theo Chocolate is a fine example.

Theo Chocolate - Organic, Fair Trade Chocolate

Headquartered in the Seattle neighborhood of Fremont at 3400 Phinney Ave. N., Theo Chocolate is a chocolate company with a difference. Focused on sustainability, organic ingredients, and giving back to the workers and communities who make this chocolate possible, Theo Chocolate is setting an honorable example for other brands to start following. Read on for a brief rundown of what Theo Chocolate is and what sets this company apart from the rest:

- A Different Approach - While so many big chocolate brands are focused on profits at all costs, Theo Chocolate was founded on the belief that quality chocolate could be made in a better way, with benefits and just rewards for everyone involved in the process. Committed to being and working differently from those big brands, Theo Chocolate actually runs its own bean to bar factory, so it sources its ingredients from all over the world, with the cocoa coming from the Democratic Republic of Congo and other ingredients coming from locations around Asia and South America, and then uses those ingredients in its own factory to make delicious chocolate.

- Fair Trade - In order to ensure that all workers, including the farmers and communities growing and cultivating the cocoa beans that make Theo Chocolate products, are cared for and given the wages and respect they deserve, Theo Chocolate lives up to the standards of Fair Trade. This system helps to ensure that workers are given decent wages for the work they do, earning enough money to not only support themselves and their families, but also to aspire to even greater things in the future, working their way up to other positions and helping their local communities thrive and prosper. In short, when you buy Theo Chocolate, you’re purchasing a product that has been made in a way that really respects the workforce.

- Delicious and Varied - Of course, the true value of a chocolate bar needs to be determined not just by how it is made, but how it tastes. In the case of Theo Chocolate, these products are simply delicious, and they're available in a huge range of flavors and varieties too. In using carefully sourced, organic ingredients from sustainable farms and locations around the world, and then making the chocolate with its own in-house systems and process, Theo Chocolate is able to adhere to the strictest standards of quality control. From the classic 85% dark chocolate bars to the alternate flavors like salted almond and raspberry, the nut butter cups, the caramels, and more, Theo Chocolate products are always a treat for the tastebuds.

- Events and Tours - Fully committed to both transparency and education, Theo Chocolate also runs various factory tours and special chocolate events and workshops in Seattle. All available at great prices, the workshops can include everything from truffle-making classes to advanced ganache techniques, and these classes run all through the year. The tours also let you enjoy a behind-the-scenes look at the Theo Chocolate factory, getting inside access and an up-close view of how these amazing chocolate bars and treats are made. Friendly guides lead the way in each tour and class, educating and entertaining visitors about the chocolate-making process.

Theo Chocolate really isn’t quite like any other chocolate brand. Not only is this company committed to sustainable methods and respectful work practices, but it’s also passionate about the power of chocolate.

Theo Chocolate was founded on the belief that chocolate has a way of connecting and bringing people together. From the bean farmers in Africa to the consumers in the United States, Theo Chocolate aims to strengthen and celebrate this connection through the creation of truly delicious chocolate products.

Theo Chocolate products can be purchased online or via the Seattle store. website