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The Unity Museum in Seattle, Washington brings together the collectiveness of the Baha’i Faith that looks to unite the humankind as one. The Baha’i core principles harbor around the unity of God, religion and humanity. The priceless artefacts and information they offer on Washington and Seattle are historical and full of material that informs many of its wondrous knowledge. The importance of a community feeling can be felt by the layout of the museum, although, the museum resembles a community uniting through a perspective that seeks to include all those who wish to understand the history and tenets of the Baha’i, and who look for answers to certain social questions. Peace is the answer to The Unity Museum, and is non-profit. The Unity Museum

»The Baha’i Faith

The Baha’i Faith

The museum seeks to clarify its beliefs through a set of rigorous ideologies that are written out in accordance with the will of God. The Baha’u’llah’s Revelation sets out to confirm to its followers that the true meaning of our lives is to attain God’s presence in everything we do for one another. They also believe in the separation from the body that continues its journey to God once we pass on from this Earth. A few topics that the Baha’i faith covers are character and conduct, devotion, generous giving and the human soul. The ‘Writings of Baha’u’llah’ simplifies the origins of the faith, the guide to his operation, and the appointment of Abdul’l-Baha as the main interpreter to his word. The Unity Museum believes that people should be taught the connections between the American ideals and the Baha’i ideals. The devotional meetings that they hold are a unity through prayer, with no individual having a special role. Thousands of followers around the world take to their devotional meetings and gather in prayer and communion inside suburban and urban neighborhoods, villages and hamlets. Photo: The Unity Museum

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»Plan your Visit

Plan your Visit


The events that take place happen weekly and involve conversations on ‘what could be improved in our daily lives, community and neighborhood.’ The events that take place have been met with positivity from those who have visited and no absolutely nothing about the museum. The steps that are taken to ensure all is welcome are a top priority to the curators and overseers of the museum. The workshops, crafts, musical concerts, changing exhibits and student lounge thrust the Baha’i experience into a more entertaining and interactive proposal for those who come over from around the world. It helps to regulate interest and attendance.

Past events at The Unity Museum have propped up controversial questions that spark debate and close examination. Dr.Lameh Fananapazir asked about ‘Islam’ as a guest speaker, and has written a book called, ‘Islam at the Crossroads.’ Dr Lameh spoke on a two – date period and drew an amicable crowd. 15 students from North Carolina shared in the special presence of this retired cardiologist and the docent youth that were available. ‘Earl Redman’ is also a notable figure who has passed through the museum’s door with book titles under his name that reflects ‘The Life of Shoghi Effendi’ and ‘Abdu’l – Baha’s visit in 1912 to the West. Earl has visited numerous countries; meeting with audiences and guiding them with his experiences on spirituality and the moving moments that changed his life. On the musical side, The Unity Museum had the likes of ‘Gustaff Besungu’, who is a songwriter – singer and performer that fuses the mixtures of rhythms that are deemed traditional by those who hear him play. Gustaff is said to be from a heredity line of drum – players from Cameroon. Another singer to pass through The Unity Museum is an Australian singer and songwriter called Tom Francis. Tom was considered a famous talent that had toured the US; attracting large numbers to see him play.

‘The Annual WA State Museum Association Conference’ lead 200 state museum directors and curators (in Tacoma) to what is now known as the ‘Museum Alley.’ Their discussions usually fall under diversity, funding and story – telling as they look too deliberate.


The Unity Museum looks to get people involved with numerous volunteering opportunities: working with high school kids, middle school and college students, becoming a tour guide, being a voluntary artist, and working from home to help develop the website are ways in which people ably participate.

Back to: Seattle, Washington Address: The Unity Museum, 4341 1/2 University Way NE # 210, Seattle, WA 98105, Phone: 206-390-9982 Photo: The Unity Museum

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