Located in Seattle, Washington, the Pike Place Market is one of Seattle’s most beloved neighborhood markets. It features a wide variety of vibrant street vendors comprised of artists, craftspeople, farmers, local businesses, and resident artisans. Visitors are sure to experience a diverse and dynamic community of historical buildings and a market that is sure to have something for everyone.

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The Pike Place Market was built in 1907 for a few various reasons, namely to preserve nine acres of the historic downtown district of Seattle, to support local artisans and farmers, as well as to provide a safety net and a variety of services to low-income and disabled individuals in the community.

Besides contributing a fabulous place to showcase the works of local artisans, the Pike Place Market also serves the local senior center, food bank, clinic, and child care facilities. The Market Foundation, founded in 1982, also provides housing and other various services to the low-income and homeless members of the Seattle community.

Visitors to the Pike Place Market are sure to find something delicious to eat or drink and maybe even an item that they can’t leave home without. But while there, they can feel amazing about their purchases knowing the proceeds will benefit a resident of the area, the Market Foundation and the surrounding Seattle community.

Explore the Market

Farmers Market: The farmers market was founded in the fall of 1907 and its purpose was to provide the citizens of Seattle with access to the local farmers and producers in the area. The market was successful and therefore a tradition was born. Local Washington farmers are always at the Pike Place Market selling their fresh goods all year round. This market also aims to promote local farming efforts and sustainable business models.

Crafts Market: The crafts market at the Pike Place Market was started in the 1960s and is proud to currently house more than 200 craftspeople from Seattle and its surrounding region. Visitors are sure to discover fresh, new, local crafts at one of the most diverse craft markets in the United States. This portion of the market is located on the Western side on Main and North Arcade.

Highstalls: This portion of the market presents a wide variety of fresh and local produce including fruits, herbs, vegetables, and many seasonal favorites. Local farmers are sure to delight visitors with their colorful and intricate highstalls filled with high quality, local food.

Fish Markets: This portion of the market features a wide variety of fresh, local fish, meat, and dairy. Knowledgeable, local farmers, fisherman, and butchers are there to tell visitors anything and everything they care to know about their products, including cooking tips. Everything from fresh milk, eggs, crabs, beef, and fish can be found in this portion of the market.

Specialty Foods: This portion of the market is sure to delight visitors who are interested in finding rare or international food and goods. A world of flavor awaits! Spices, grains, teas, curies, pastas, and much more awaits hungry visitors with a taste for the international. Countries like Bavaria, Spain, France, Mexico, India, Africa and many others are proudly represented in this market.

Collectibles: This part of the market is for those visitors who want to spend the day shopping for local specialty items. There are all kinds of unique gifts and products including records, trinkets, furniture, décor, and much more.

Dining: There is no shortage of places to eat at the market. There are plenty of bakeries, cafes, restaurants, bars, theaters, delis, international cuisine, and much more. From casual dining to award-winning fine dining, there is something for everyone. All the restaurants also boast loal produce!

Rachel the Piggybank: This iconic 550-pound bronze piggybank statue has been a foundational element of the Pike Place Market since 1986. Visitors are welcome to donate any spare money they might have to Rachel; all proceeds go to supporting local social services.

Buskers: A wide variety of local street performers make frequent appearances at the Pike Place Market year-round. Visitors should keep their eyes and ears peeled for these talented market residents.

Upcoming Events

There is always something exciting happening at the Pike Place Market. Visitors are invited to check out the Market calendar to see what fun, tasty, or entertaining events are coming up during their visit to Seattle’s favorite market.

Additional Information:

Pike Place Market, 1st Ave and Pike St., Seattle, WA 98101, Phone: 206-682-7453

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