The MoPOP museum, at the Seattle Center, is an architectural design by Frank O. Gehry. The MoPOP stands out like a reflective piece of aluminum with its 280 – steel rims, and the 21,000 stainless steel shingles. A photograph taken by Brad Harvey depicts just how unique the building is, and the rock ‘n’ roll experience that he wanted to create reveals the wild and adventurous design he wanted to be seen. The building measures 140,000 square feet. The MoPOP brings the pop culture years under a microscope that all can see. It examines the culture of music, comics, art, politics, gaming revolutions and more. MoPOP Museum



The MoPOP museum actively employs on a seasonal basis. The ‘MoPOP Job Fair#2’ wants those who are in love with the pop culture. A current resume and winning attitude could see the right individual being interviewed for a working position. The MoPop – pops opportunities on ‘City of Music: Career Day’ which was established by the Seattle Music Commission. The age is from 16 – 24 years old, and partners with Office of Film +Music, One Reel and Office of Arts & Culture. The access to music industry professionals can be a step – around – the – corner, with experimental learning, networking, engaging workshops and the in’s - and - outs of the Seattle music industry. Arts administration, journalism, broadcasting and retail are just some of what is on offer. The ‘Pop conference’ discusses the music of the modern era and the politics of protest music. The truth is, music is shaped by politics, and the limitless industries, record labels – etc., have an idea of what message they want to get across.

The ‘Guitar Gunslinger: The Ultimate Guitar Showdown’ is acoustically designed to gather complex guitar chords into one room. The showdown takes 16 of the best and has them playing anything from modern jazz, funk, blues and rock ‘n’ roll. The gargantuan screen of the MoPOP cinema is impressive, and the ‘CAMPOUT CINEMA’ can have you watching anything from Indiana Jones to the Muppets. Things to Do in Seattle, WA: MoPOP Museum - Photo: MoPOP Museum

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»Exhibits & Programs

Exhibits & Programs

Some visitors may want to immerse themselves in the ‘Indie Game Revolution’ that produces game designers who are looking to change the course of history. The Indie market is not only growing in music but gaming too! And the stories of 40 independent coders, composers, developers and critics seek to help and educate – showcasing their creations for all to interact with. ‘Fantasy World of Myth’ is a fictional port of myth and wonder. The petting of a dragon, the wicked witches’ hat, a manuscript from Game of Thrones, weapons from LOTR and the ability to simply witness the inspiration of many props and costumes is dynamic. Science Fiction unlocks its calculus and celebrates legendary titles of Science Fiction. The ‘Science Fiction and Fantasy Hall of Fame’ are presently reveling in its 20th anniversary, and MoPop looks to adjust its roster of 108 inductees with additions like Terry Pratchett, Blade Runner, Douglas Adams and Star Trek. The Hall of Fame was founded in 1996 and is chosen by a panel of renowned editors, authors, publishers, film professionals and artists.

The ‘Star Trek: Exploring New Worlds’ is like a time – machine back into space with captain Kirk and his special team. There are over 100 props and artefacts that are taken from spin – offs, television series and films.

The more music based exhibitions are ones like the ‘Wild Blue Angel: Hendrix Abroad, 1966 – 1970’ and ‘Nirvana: Taking Punk to The Masses.’ Both intrinsically dedicated to the life and times of both rock legend and well-known band. There is the chance to see Hendrix’s passport, rare interview clips, a diary, and original artwork, artefacts and photographs. Nirvana offers the chance to see memorabilia and the changes they made to the underground scene in Seattle.


The artistic community flocks to the ‘Sound Off’ program that engages all levels of talent. Past winners have included Jason McCue, and strongly helped the careers of other artists who have participated. ‘Science Fiction + Fantasy Short Film Festival’ is a festival that looks to involve the new additions to the arts of science and fantasy. Global contributions are encouraged, and MoPOP wishes to pursue contributions to their program. There is also ‘Kindermusik,’ ‘Camps and Workshops’ for youths, and other programs that are predominantly based on the talent that MoPop wish to promote.

Back to: Seattle, WA Address: 325 5th Ave N, Seattle, WA 98109, Phone: 206-770-2700 Things to Do in Seattle, WA: MoPOP Museum - Photo: MoPOP Museum

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Things to Do in Seattle, WA: MoPOP Museum