Le Panier is a French bakery that is owned and operated by Kristi Drake and her business partner Thierry Mougin. The bakery is a Seattle classic that is swarmed by both tourists and Seattleites. The place has a record of serving up to 1,300 customers in a single day, on Christmas Eve. Le Panier has been recognized as one of the best bakeries in Seattle, and a visit to the Pike Place Market is incomplete without paying a visit to Le Panier.

The bustling bakery is popular for its delicious croissants, brioche, sablés, meringues, pastries, tasty fresh bread, and feuilletés, a type of puff pastry that is filled with savory fillings. The bakery's apricots, raspberries, and other fruit-filled croissants are a sweet way to taste summer even in the middle of winter. The Le Panier assortments are so popular and sought after that selected Delta flights have included the bakery's products in their first-class menus.

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Operating Hours

Le Panier is open throughout the week, Monday through Saturday from 7:00am to 6:00pm and on Sundays from 7:00am to 5:00pm.


· Viennoiserie - croissant au beurre, pain au chocolat, à l'abricot, amandine, à la framboise, chocolatine, roulé noix, brioche, roulé raisins, brioche framboise, roulé cannelle, and croissant aux fruits

· Patisseries - macaron, éclair chocolat, friand, éclair café, éclairs, éclair vanille, sablé, petit sablé, Napoléon, palmier, petit palmier, chouquettes, tartelette citron, meringue, petite meringue, and seasonal Josephine, and Joan of Arc

· Tartes & Cakes - tarte aux Marion, tarte aux abricots, tarte aux pêches, clafoutis aux pommes, d'Orsay, and seasonal like tarte à la rhubarbe, clafoutis aux cerises, and tarte belle-Hélène; all tartes and cakes available in both slices and 9 inches whole

· Lunch Menu - jambon fromage, Normandie, dinde, à la Suisse, roast beef, épinard, jambon beurre, Provençale, Toulonaise, champignons, Lyonnais, dauphinoise, crudités, broccoli available during fall/winter, pâté de campagne, asperges available during spring/summer, brie, jambon mornay, and au jardin

· Pains Classiques - baguette, a larger baguette called the Parisien, demi baguette, wreath-shaped couronne made to order, ficelle, miche – a round loaf – and epis available in a stalk of 6 rolls

· Pains Speciaux - pain de campagne, pain au levain, petite campagne / petit paysan, tresse, pain aux graines, brioche Nantaise, and seasonal pain complet

Resident French Bakers

Le Panier's resident French bakers produce handcrafted goodies freshly every day. The bakery offers a list of over 75 different pastries and breads that are commonly found at a boulangerie or patisserie in Paris; from fresh-baked bread to macarons, every item is made in the French style. The bakery's bestsellers are their baguettes, pain au chocolate, and plain croissants. The pain au chocolate and plain croissants are made fresh twice a day at 7:00am and then again at 9:30am.

Bakery Events

Le Panier‘s most recently participated in the Market Foundation's Arcade Lights fundraiser event to support the Market Foundation. The bakery also organized a Macaron Day 2017 to support Agros International.


Le Panier Very French Bakery, 1902 Pike Place, Seattle, Washington 98101, website, Phone: 206-441-3669

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