We're living in a changing world. With rising levels of awareness of healthy eating and consciousness of the power of nature, more and more people are turning away from industrial, processed foods and seeking purer and more natural alternatives.

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The Earth really does provide us with all we need to live and prosper, so it’s only natural that so many people are waking up to the realization that they don’t need to eat processed foods with additives and strange ingredients they can’t even identify.

The ‘farm to table’ movement has seen a huge surge in popularity in recent years. Knowing where your food is coming from - how the fruits and veggies were grown and how the animals were raised - is a very significant factor for many people.

Not only that, but when you taste food that has been prepared naturally, with love, care, and the power of Mother Earth, you really can see and feel a huge difference compared to those industrial foods with chemical ingredients.

Girls Meets Dirt is one of the many brands that really symbolizes this movement and brings it to life. Specializing in home-made, small batch jams prepared from fruits grown in the stunning, pristine lands of Orcas Island, Girl Meets Dirt is definitely a brand to keep an eye on.

Girl Meets Dirt - San Juan Islands Fruit Preserves

After living in Manhattan and pursuing a busy Wall Street lifestyle for almost a decade, Girl Meets Dirt founder Audra Lawlor decided to try something completely different. She moved, with her family, to the San Juan Islands of Washington State, settling on Orcas Island.

Widely considered to be one of the most beautiful places in all of North America, Orcas Island offers stunning scenery, clean waters, pristine landscapes, and a real homely, community feel for both residents and visitors to enjoy.

It's a place where people can really connect with nature in many different ways, and it was the perfect place for Audra to launch her preserve-making business: Girl Meets Dirt. If you're looking to buy high quality jams and fruit preserves, this is the brand to choose, and here's all you need to know:

- Award-Winning - Girl Meets Dirt produces some of the finest heritage fruit preserves in the San Juan Islands, and this quality has been justly rewarded with official acknowledgement in the form of multiple awards. Girl Meets Dirt jams and fruit preserves have won Good Food Awards on multiple occasions for their immense quality and purity.

- Perfect Pairings - These preserves and jams are ideal partners for both sweet and savory options. They can sit perfectly on a cheeseboard, for example, matching wonderfully with a variety of hard and soft cheeses from around the world, but are also perfect additions to all kinds of recipes. Highly versatile, these ‘cutting preserves’ match up magically with many different dishes and can quickly become essential items in your kitchen.

- Cutting Preserves - The term 'cutting preserves' has become synonymous with Girl Meets Dirty. It essentially signifies the unique flavor and texture of these jams. When compared to many traditional jams and jellies, Girl Meets Dirt preserves are cooked for longer to really bring out the full flavors and colors of the fruit. The resulting preserves are flavorful and thick, almost needing to be cut through and then spread across some bread, cheese, crackers, or whatever else you can imagine.

- Pure and Natural - A big part of the Girl Meets Dirt philosophy is focusing on a pure and natural preserve preparation process. All of the ingredients you’ll find in these preserves are 100% natural, with the fruits themselves grown right from the soils of the San Juan Islands. While many jam-makers add in commercial pectic or other additives, Girl Meets Dirt only uses natural solutions and elements in its creations. You won't find any GMOs here, and the sugar used is both organic and Fair Trade.

- Perfect for Weddings and Special Events - Planning a wedding or a social event with lots of attendees, Girl Meets Dirt preserves can be an ideal item to serve at the reception. Matching magically with cheeses and other items, these preserves can come in mini formats and various flavors like Rhubarb Lavender, Shiro Plum, and Apple Caramel, so are perfect to be given as gifts for your guests as well.

Girl Meets Dirt preserves are truly out of this world. Grown in one of the most natural and beautiful places on Earth, the quality of the teroir really shines through in every mouthful. If you're interested in trying these amazing jams for yourself, there are a few different options available.

Girl Meets Dirt fans can sign up for the 'Jam Club', which proposes 3 jar jam deliveries every two months on a subscription plan. You can also buy individual pots, as well as other products like bitters and smallwares, online via the official Girl Meets Dirt site. Or you can Girl Meets Dirty products in various brick and mortar stores around the San Juan Islands and Washington State, as well as other locations in California, Oregon, and beyond. website