If you want to spend quality time with your loved ones or some time on your own to admire nature, the Bloedel Reserve is one of the best places to do this near Seattle. Its classic northwestern woodlands and gardens offer you the opportunity to interact with nature in a calm and quiet way. Visitors and those exploring this place have often referred to it as “forest therapy” as each step helps you to release your inner stress and banish negativity.

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Calm and peaceful trails along with huge well-maintained trees and plants create a positive environment. Here you can come and meet new people and explore the woods and greenery together. If you want to connect with yourself in a quiet and natural environment, you should definitely visit the Bloedel Reserve.

The Bloedel Reserve is a famous forest garden on Bainbridge Island, Washington State. Covering a total area of 150 acres, it has many beautiful spots where you can simply relax with your friends and family. The reserve is named after its founders, the Bloedel family. Prentice and Virginia Bloedel wanted to create an authentic Japanese garden, offering a place where people can get close to nature and relax at the same time. The Bloedels took the Japanese influence and gave it a western spin, and while Japanese gardens are famous for their traditional ornaments, the Bloedels gave theirs a different look.

The Bloedel Reserve honors both the conservation movement and Asian philosophy. It offers natural and beautifully landscaped lakes, woods, great lawns, a rhododendron garden, a moss garden, and a reflection garden. The lumber company that created this place hired famous landscape architects Thomas Church and Richards Haag as designers. The Bloedel Reserve also features a rock and sand Zen garden that used to be a pool. In fact, this was once the very same pool in which the great poet Theodore Roethke drowned in 1963.

It also features a French chateau-style home that is preserved to date, allowing you to explore the original and vintage furnishings. It was donated to the University of Washington in 1970 and has been run under a trust since 1985. The Bloedel Reserve has also been called “one of this country’s most original and ambitious gardens” by the New York Times. Moreover, the Journal of Japanese Gardening has named it one of the top ten Japanese gardens in the US.

The Bloedel Reserve has a wide range of gardens, from a beautiful moss garden with soft and rich grass, to a Japanese garden, to a bird marsh and guest house. It is claimed that this is the only garden where one can find almost all the shades of green. This actually might be true as Mr. Bloedel was color blind and paid more attention to shades and textures. You can discover many mesmerizing greens while taking long walks through these woods.

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7571 N.E. Dolphin Drive, Bainbridge Island, WA 98110, Phone: 206-842-7631